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Sec. 261. Aliens seeking entry into the United States.
Sec. 262. Registration of aliens in the United States.
Sec. 263. Provisions governing registration of special groups.
Sec. 264. Forms and procedure.
Sec. 265. Notices of change of address.
Sec. 266. Penalties.

Sec. 271. Prevention of unauthorized landing of aliens.
Sec. 272. Bringing in aliens subject to exclusion on a health-related ground.
Sec. 273. Unlawful bringing of aliens into United States.
Sec. 274. Bringing in and harboring certain aliens.
Sec. 274A. Unlawful employment of aliens.
Sec. 274B. Unfair immigration-related employment practices.
Sec. 274C. Penalties for document fraud.
Sec. 275. Entry of alien at improper time or place; misrepresentation and

concealment of facts.
Sec. 276. Reentry of deported alien.
Sec. 277. Aiding or assisting certain aliens to enter the United States.
Sec. 278. Importation of alien for immoral purpose.
Sec. 279. Jurisdiction of district courts.
Sec. 280. Collection of penalties and expenses.

CHAPTER 9-MISCELLANEOUS Sec. 281. Nonimmigrant visa fees. Sec. 282. Printing of reentry permits and blank forms of manifests and crew lists. Sec. 283. Travel expenses and expense of transporting remains of immigration

officers and employees who die outside of the United States. Sec. 284. Members of the Armed Forces. Sec. 285. Disposal of privileges at immigrant stations. Sec. 286. Disposition of moneys collected under the provisions of this title. Sec. 287. Powers of immigration officers and employees. Sec. 288. Local jurisdiction over immigrant stations. Sec. 289. American Indians born in Canada. Sec. 290. Central file; information from other departments and agencies. Sec. 291. Burden of proof. Sec. 292. Right to counsel. Sec. 293. Deposit of and interest on cash received to secure immigration bonds.


Sec. 301. Nationals and citizens at birth.
Sec. 302. Persons born in Puerto Rico.
Sec. 303. Persons born in the Canal Zone.
Sec. 304. Persons born in Alaska.
Sec. 305. Persons born in Hawaii.
Sec. 306. Persons living in and born in the Virgin Islands.
Sec. 307. Persons living in and born in Guam.
Sec. 308. Nationals but not citizens at birth.
Sec. 309. Children born out of wedlock.

CHAPTER 2-NATIONALITY THROUGH NATURALIZATION Sec. 310. Naturalization authority. Sec. 311. Eligibility for naturalization. Sec. 312. Requirements as to understanding the English language, history,

principles and form of government of the United States. Sec. 313. Prohibition upon the naturalization of persons opposed to government or

law, or who favor totalitarian forms of government. Sec. 314. Ineligibility to naturalization of deserters from the Armed Forces of the

United States. Sec. 315. Alien relieved from training and service in the Armed Forces of the

United States because of alienage barred from citizenship.

Sec. 316. Requirements as to residence, good moral character, attachment to the

principles of the Constitution, and favorable disposition to the United

Sec. 317. Temporary absence of persons performing religious duties.
Sec. 318. Prerequisites to naturalization-burden of proof.
Sec. 319. Married persons and employees of certain nonprofit organizations.
Sec. 320. Children born outside of United States of one alien and one citizen

Sec. 321. Children born outside of United States of alien parent.
Sec. 322. Child born outside of United States; naturalization on application of

citizen parent; requirements and exemptions. [Sec. 323. Repealed.] Sec. 324. Former citizens regaining United States citizenship. Sec. 325. Nationals but not citizens of the United States; residence within outlying

possessions. Sec. 326. Resident Philippine citizens excepted from certain requirements. Sec. 327. Former United States citizens losing citizenship by entering the armed

forces of foreign countries during World War II. Sec. 328. Naturalization through service in the Armed Forces of the United States. Sec. 329. Naturalization through active-duty service in the Armed Forces during

World War I, World War II, the Korean hostilities, the Vietnam hostil

ities, or in other periods of military hostilities. Sec. 329A. Posthumous citizenship through death while on active-duty service in the

armed forces during World War I, World War II, the Korean hostilities,

the Vietnam hostilities, or in other periods of military hostilities.
Sec. 330. Constructive residence through service on certain United States vessels.
Sec. 331. Alien enemies; naturalization under specified conditions and procedure.
Sec. 332. Procedural and administrative provisions; executive functions.
Sec. 333. Photographs.
Sec. 334. Application for naturalization; declaration of intention.
Sec. 335. Investigation of applicants; examination of applications.
Sec. 336. Hearings on denials of applications for naturalization.
Sec. 337. Oath of renunciation and allegiance.
Sec. 338. Certificate of naturalization; contents.
Sec. 339. Functions and duties of clerks and records of declarations of intention

and applications for naturalization.
Sec. 340. Revocation of naturalization.
Sec. 341. Certificates of citizenship or U.S. non-citizen national status; procedure.
Sec. 342. Cancellation of certificates not to affect citizenship status.
Sec. 343. Documents and copies issued by the Attorney General.
Sec. 344. Fiscal provisions.
[Sec. 345. Repealed]
Sec. 346. Publication and distribution of citizenship textbooks from naturalization

Sec. 347. Compilation of naturalization statistics and payment for equipment.
[Sec. 348. Repealed]

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Sec. 349. Loss of nationality by native-born or naturalized citizen.
[Sec. 350._Repealed.]
Sec. 351. Restrictions on expatriation.
[Sec. 352. Repealed.]
Sec. 353. Repealed.]
Sec. 354. Repealed.
[Sec. 355. Repealed.]
Sec. 356. Nationality lost solely from performance of acts or fulfillment of

Sec. 357. Application of treaties; exceptions.

Sec. 358. Certificate of diplomatic or consular officer as to loss of American

Sec. 359. Certificate of nationality for a person not a naturalized citizen for use in

proceedings of a foreign state. Sec. 360. Judicial proceedings for declaration of United States nationality in event

of denial of rights and privileges as national.



[Sec. 401. Repealed.]
Sec. 402. Amendments to other laws.
Sec. 403. Laws repealed.
Sec. 404. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 405. Savings clauses.
Sec. 406. Separability.
Sec. 407. Effective date.


Sec. 411. Office of Refugee Resettlement.
Sec. 412. Authorization for programs for domestic resettlement of and assistance

to refugees.
Sec. 413. Congressional reports.
Sec. 414. Authorization of appropriations.

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