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Question as to what is one amendment

Submission at general or special elections
Separate ballots . . .

Printing on ballot in full or by title

Popular vote required to adopt amendments

Ballot devices to force electors to vote on amendments

Party endorsement of amendments . . . .
Time when amendment becomes effective

Legislative ratification in Mississippi and South Carolina
Erroneous and contradictory amendments

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Initiative and referendum

Judicial attitude toward referendum laws.

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Limits of legislative power to propose amendments.
Constitutional commissions .

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V. The Working of the Constitutional Referendum . .

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Judicial control of the amending process.

Whether amendment adopted a judicial question.
Doctrine of liberal construction . . .

Amendments fundamentally affecting organization of gov-

ernment . . .

Attitude of federal courts

Mandamus and injunction

Control over form of procedure, not over substance of pro-

posal. . . .

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