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years, until within a month of his death. Besides this connected view of his Christian course, he wrote, in 1815 and 1821, a short account of his ancestry and early life, in which he abridged his Journal up to the date of his license to preach the Gospel. With this narrative the work begins. In hope that God may own it as a means of promoting the cause of Zion and the salvation of souls, the Compiler now lays down his pen, as he assumed it, with a trembling heart and hand.

New-Hartford, May 1, 1828.


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Revival of religion among his people in 1798 and 1799.---Letter, in

which he gives some account of the work ;--its commencement

rapidity and power--false hopes renounced-critical moment

-awful impressiveness of the scene-means of increasing the

work-sovereignty of God-plain truths of Scripture useful and

welcome-conversion of infidels.--Second letter, containing the

confessions of several converted infidels-general effects on soci-

ety and fruits of the work.-Mr. Hallock's labors.--His texts.-

Feelings.-An anecdote.--Address to persons on receiving them

into the church.



Mr. Hallock is requested by the Missionary Society of Connecti-

cut to perform a tour of preaching in Vermont.-Complies with

the request.-His motto, on leaving home.--Trials on the way.

-Favorable reception.–Visits an old friend.—Universalists.

Letter to his wife.-Miscellaneous extracts.--Return to Con-

necticut.-General view of his labors.-Closing remarks. . 150


Letter to a Christian friend. --Strong desire for the conversion of

his children.-Course of parochial visits.—Tours of preaching.

-New-year reflections.- Revival of religion in 1805.-Anec-

dote-test of genuine conversion.--Letter to his brother.-Gene-

ral visit through his Society, with lay-brethren.—Two letters to a

Christian friend.-Birthday reflections.



Miscellaneous extracts from his Journal.-Second mission to Ver-

mont.-Letter to his elder son at College.---Raging sickness

among his people.-Letter to his brother.—To a son.--New-

Year reflections.-Letter to a son.-Generosity of his people.

-Death of a sister.—His elder son is graduated.--Special

prayer and fasting.--Trial in his son's choice of a profession.--

Letter to him.—Letter to his parents.—To a son. ---Joy at the

prosperity of others. Tour of preaching.-Letters to friends.-

Joy in the divine government.



Revival among his people, in 1812 and 1813.—Letters to his elder

son.-His younger son, with a number of his parishioners,

ordered to New-London, to assist in defending the coast from

an invading enemy.--Sickness and death of his only daughter.-

Subsequent scene of domestic distress--his younger son's sick-

ness—his prayer--Mrs. Hallock's sickness-his own sickness.-

Kindness of his people.


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