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1. Foreign Assistance and Arms Export Acts

a The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended (Public Law 87-


Part I

Chapt 1- Policy; Development Assistance Authorizations

Section 101-General Policy

Section 102-Development Assistance Policy

Section 103 - Agriculture, Rural Development, and Nutri-


Section 103A-Agricultural Research

Section 104- Population and Health

Section 104A-Assistance to Combat HIV/AIDS

Section 104B-Assistance to Combat Tuberculosis

Section 104C-Assistance to Combat Malaria

Section 105– Education and Human Resources Develop-


Section 106–Energy, Private Voluntary Organizations, and

Selected Development Activities

Section 107 – Appropriate Technology

Section 109– Transfer of Funds

Section 110-Cost-Sharing and Funding Limits

Section 111-Development and Use of Cooperatives

Section 113– Integrating Women Into National Economies

Section 116-Human Rights

Section 117–Environment and Natural Resources

Section 118-Tropical Forests

Section 119-Endangered Species

Section 120-Sahel Development Program-Planning

Section 122-General Authorities

Section 123–Private and Voluntary Organizations and Co-

operatives in Overseas Development

Section 124– Relatively Least Developed Countries

Section 125- Project and Program Evaluation

Section 126-Development and Illicit Narcotics Production

Section 127- Accelerated Loan Repayments

Section 128– Targeted Assistance

Section 129- Program to Provide Technical Assistance to

Foreign Governments and Foreign Central Banks of De-

veloping or Transitional Countries

Section 130- Assistance for Victims of Torture

Section 133- Programs to Encourage Good Governance

Section 134-Assistance to Foreign Countries to Meet Min-

imum Standards for the Elimination of Trafficking

Chapter 2-Other Programs .....

Title I - Multilateral and Regional Development Programs

Section 206- Regional Development in Africa

Section 209– Multilateral and Regional Programs

Title II - American Schools and Hospitals Abroad; Prototype

Desalting Plant

Section 214-American Schools and Hospitals Abroad

Section 219-Prototype Desalting Plant

Title III – Housing and Other Credit Guaranty Programs

Section 221 - Housing Guaranties

Section 222-Authorization

Section 222A-Agricultural and Productive Credit and Self-

Help Community Development Programs

Section 223-General Provisions

Section 224— Trade Credit Insurance Program for Central


Section 225–Trade Credit Insurance Program for Poland

Section 226–Loan Guarantees to Israel Program

Title IV-Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Section 231-Creation, Purpose and Policy

Section 231A- Additional Requirements

Section 232–Capital of the Corporation

Section 233—Organization and Management

Section 234- Investment Insurance and Other Programs

Section 234A-Enhancing Private Political Risk Insurance


Section 235

– Issuing Authority, Direct Investment Author-

ity and Reserves

Section 236-Income and Revenues

Section 237-General Provisions Relating to Insurance

Guaranty, and Financing Program

Section 238-Definitions

Section 239-General Provisions and Powers

Section 240-Small Business Development

Section 240A-Reports to the Congress

Section 240B-Prohibition on Noncompetitive Awarding of

Insurance Contracts on OPIC Supported Exports

Title V-Disadvantaged Children in Asia

Section 241 --Assistance to Certain Disadvantaged Children

in Asia

Title VI - Microenterprise Development Assistance

Subtitle A-Grant Assistance

Section 251-Findings and Policy

Section 252-Authorization; Implementation; Targeted As-


Section 253-Monitoring System

Section 254- Development and Certification of Poverty

Measurement Methods; Application of Methods

Section 255- Additional Authorities

Subtitle B-Credit Assistance

Section 256 – Microenterprise Development Credits

Subtitle C-United States Microfinance Loan Facility

Section 257 – United States Microfinance Loan Facility

Subtitle D-Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 258– Report

Section 259-Definitions

Title IX – Utilization of Democratic Institutions in Development

Section 281–Utilization of Democratic Institutions in Devel-


Title XII - Famine Prevention and Freedom From Hunger

Section 296 – General Provisions

Section 297- General Authority

Section 298– Board for International Food and Agricultural


Section 299-Authorization

Section 300- Annual Report

Chapter 3–International Organizations and Programs

Section 301-General Authority

Section 302-Authorization

Section 303– Indus Basin Development

Section 305 - Integration of Women

Section 306- Reports on International Organizations

Section 307– Withholding of United States Proportionate

Share for Certain Programs of International Organiza-


Chapter 5-Contingencies



Section 451-Contingencies

Chapter 6–Central America Democracy, Peace, and Develop-

ment Initiative

Section 461-Statement of Policy

Section 462-Conditions on Furnishing Assistance

Section 463–Peace Process in Central America

Section 464-Economic Assistance Coordination

Section 465- Authorization for Fiscal Years 1988 and 1989

Section 466– Definitions-

Chapter 7-Debt-For-Nature Exchanges

Section 461-Definition

Section 462-Assistance for Commercial Debt Exchanges

Section 463–Eligible Projects

Section 464-Eligible Countries

Section 465– Terms and Conditions

Section 466-Pilot Program for Sub-Saharan Africa

Chapter 8- International Narcotics Control

Section 481-Policy, General Authorities, Coordination, For-

eign Police Actions, Definitions, and Other Provisions

Section 482-Authorization

Section 483–Prohibition on Use of Foreign Assistance for

Reimbursements for Drug Crop Eradications

Section 484— Requirements Relating to Aircraft and Other


Section 485– Records of Aircraft Use

Section 486- Reallocation of Funds Withheld from Coun-

tries Which Fail to Take Adequate Steps to Halt Ilicit

Drug Production or Trafficking

Section 487-Prohibition on Assistance to Drug Traffickers

Section 488-Limitations on Acquisition of Real Property

and Construction of Facilities

Section 489– Reporting Requirements

Section 490-Annual Certification Procedures

Chapter 9- International Disaster Assistance

Section 491 - Policy and General Authority

Section 492-Authorization .......

Section 493– Disaster Assistance-Coordination

Section 494- Disaster Relief Assistance

Section 495-Cyprus Relief and Rehabilitation

Section 495B-Italy Relief and Rehabilitation

Section 495C-Lebanon Relief and Rehabilitation

Section 495D-Romanian Relief and Rehabilitation

Section 495E-Turkey Relief, Rehabilitation, and Recon-


Section 495F-African Rehabilitation and Resettlement

Section 495G-Special Caribbean Hurricane Relief Assist-


Section 495H-Cambodian Disaster Relief Assistance

Section 4951 - Assistance for Displaced Persons in Central


Section 495J –Lebanon Emergency Relief, Rehabilitation,

and Reconstruction Assistance

Section 495K-African Famine Assistance

Chapter 10-Development Fund for Africa

Section 496-Long-Term Development Assistance for Sub-

Saharan Africa

Section 497 - Authorizations of Appropriations for the Devel-

opment Fund for Africa

Chapter 11-Support for the Economic and Democratic Develop-

ment of the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union

Section 498- Assistance for the Independent States

Section 498A-Criteria for Assistance to Governments of the

Independent States

Section 498B-Authorities Relating to Assistance and Other


Section 498C-Authorization of Appropriations



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