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" Twixt right and wrong ; for pleasure and revenge Have ears more deaf than adders to the voice Of any true decision. "
The Plays and Poems of Shakespeare,: According to the Improved Text of ... - Pagina 53
de William Shakespeare - 1844
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George Ian Duthie - 2005 - 206 pagini
...Hector continues to asperse the ideals of Troilus and Paris. "The reasons you allege," he declares, do more conduce To the hot passion of distemper'd...make up a free determination 'Twixt right and wrong. (II, ii, 168-71) Again we have the conception of disordered personality — passion overthrowing reason....
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Lectures - Shakespeare

Robert G. Ingersoll - 2007 - 516 pagini
...and caverns of the brain. He knew the weakness of the will, the sophistry of desire — and " That pleasure and revenge have ears more deaf than adders to the voice of any true decision." He knew that the soul lives in an invisible world — that flesh is but a mask, and that "There is...
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