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REV. D. A. PERRIN...M. A., D. D.

Copyright 1921 by Daniel A. Perrin.


This booklet containing the genealogy of the Perrin family, from one Thomas Perrin I, who lived in Hebron, Conn., 1721, is respectfully dedicacated by the Compiler and Author Rev. D. A. Perrin, M. A., D. D.

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Born in Batavia, New York, 1801, to whom under God I owe all I am, and hope to be


"Jesus can make a dýing bed
Feel soït as dowry pillows are,
While on His breast I lean my head,

And breathe my life out sweetly there."
Beloved wife of Colonel Thomas Perrin, born in Springfield, Mass.,
1791; a descendent of one of three brothers who came over from Plymouth,
England, in 1620.

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REV. D. A, PERRIN, M. A., D. D. This picture was taken in Baldwin, Kansas, while attending the SemiCentennial Anniversary of Baker University, June 5—10, 1909,

of which Institution he was a Professor in 1871—72.


When a lad of ten years of age I was asked by my mother to write in the family Bible the names of my father and mother and my brothers and sisters, where they were born and the dates of their birth. In after years I received letters from two Perrin brothers from Vinton, Iowa, who gave me the early generations of the Perrin family. About the same time I was written to by Rowland D. Perrine, an attorney of South Orange, New Jersey, Sept. 29th, 1910, to write out the history of my father's family.

Subsequently I received letters from Prof. Herbert Perrine of Indianapolis, Ind., later of Boston Univesity on the Perrin Genalogy.

Being the youngest of my father's family and living in Canada till 1870, from 1839 the date of my birth, I was able to learn from first hand, of all the facts relative to their lives and marriages and their children, I am indebted to my sister, Eliza Jane and her husband Thomas Daniel, and to their eight living children, seven sons, and one daughter, Mrs. Martha Caroline Lewis of Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada, for the facts relative to their marriages and children, the date of their birth and their present address.

By correspondence as well as by personal knowledge I have endeavored to preesnt in these pages as full and perfect a genealogy of the Perrin family and their relatives as has been possible from the year 1620 to the present time, 1921.

You who belong to the Perrin family originally and by marriage will be delighted to find your name recorded in this Genealogy. And those who will be born in after years will be pleased to learn of their ancestors. A century hence will swell the number of the descendants from the parent stock who will read with pleasure these pages telling them of their forefothers.

To the eye it will be a joy to see the pictures of those who lived long and since gone, and the faces of those who still live on this mundane sphere.

I would have multiplied these pictures of loved !and dear ones had this been possible.

To write this genealogy for those who now live, and for those who will be born has been a labor of love, and a joy forever, Normal, ill., U. S. A. Jan. 8th, 1921.

D. A. PERRIN, Author and Compiler.

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