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reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the sus Christ Thy Son, Who liveth and Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the Amen.

Holy Ghost, one God, world without end.

Vespers are of the following from the
Chapter inclusire.

A Commemoration is made of St.

Peter of Alcántara. Prayer from his OCTOBER 20.

St. John of Kenty, Confessor.


An from the Common Office for a

THY body with long fastings worn;

Thy flesh with cruel scourgings torn; Confessor, (p. 855,) except the follow- 'Twas thine to live, O blessed Saint, ing.

A most unspotted penitent.

Oh, may we follow after thee,

In ways of holy purity!
These, as regards St. John, begin with

And in the Spirit's might control the Chapter.

Each evil passion of the soul !

Thou to the poor in winter's snow

Oft thy own raiment didst bestow;

By hunger or by thirst oppress'd, 0

GLORY and high boast
Of Poland's ancient race !

They flew to thy parental breast.
True father of thy fatherland!
True minister of grace.

O thou, who nothing didst deny

To those who sought thy charity, 'Twas thine the law of God

Thy native land from harm defend, To preach and to obey;

And peace on all her borders send ! Oh, pray that we obedient be;

Praise to the Father, with the Son, Nor from its precepts stray !

And Holy Spirit, Three in One;

Jesu, through Thy dear servant's prayer, To th' Apostolic shrines

May we Thy joys eternal share. Amen. A pilgrim oft wast thou; Oh guide aright, through this dark night, Our pilgrimage below!

FIRST NOCTURN. Thou to Jerusalem

Lessons from Scripture according to Didst go for love, and there

the Season. The traces of thy Lord adore, And wash with many a tear.

SECOND NOCTURN, O sacred wounds of Christ!

Fourth Lesson. Deep in our hearts remain ! May we through you the promise true THIS John was the son of godly and Of life eternal gain !

respectable parents named Stanis

laus and Anne, and was born (in the To Heaven's triunal Lord

year of our LORD 1397,] in the town of Let the world's fabric bend;

Kenty, a place in the diæcese of Crakow While evermore, from hearts renew'd,

in Poland, from which he took the Latin New hymns of praise ascend. Amen.

name of Cantius. By his gentleness, inPrayer throughout the Office.

nocency, and seriousness he gave great hopes even from his childhood. He

studied Philosophy and Theology in the mighty God, that we may so fol- University of Crakow, wherein he rose low after the en sample of Thy blessed step by step to be a Professor and teacher Confessor John in learning ever more of those sciences wherein he lectured and more the knowledge which maketh

many years, not only enlightening the Thy Saints, and in showing mercy to minds of his hearers, but stirring up in our neighbour, that Thou for the same them all godliness, instructing them by Thy servant's sake mayest forgive us ensample as well as by word. Having our trespasses. Through our Lord JE- taken Priests' orders, he ceased not to busy

1 Translation by the late Rev. E. Caswall.

himself with letters, but added thereto shoes, himself meanwhile letting down the striving after Christian perfection. his own cloak to trail upon the ground, He grieved exceedingly that God should lest any should see that he returned be offended on all hands, and offered up home barefoot. to Him, day by day, not without many tears, the ứnbloody Sacrifice for a pro

Sixth Lesson. pitiation for himself and for his people. He was for some years a faithful Parish

HE slept

very, litle, and that upon

ground; his clothing Priest at Ilkusi, but after a while gave enough only to clothe his nakedness, it up for fear of the danger of souls,

and his food to keep him alive. He and accepted the call of the University kept his virgin purity guarded like a to take up again his Professorship. lily among thorns by rough hair-cloth,

scourging, and fasting. For about thirtyFifth Lesson.

five years before his death he never WHAT time was left him over from

tasted flesh-meat. At length, when he his work, he gave up partly to

was full of days and good works, he felt the profit of his neighbour, more espe

that death was near, and made himself cially in preaching, and partly to prayer,

ready to meet it by a long and careful wherein he is said sometimes to have preparation, and to be the freer, he gave had heavenly visions and messages. to the poor everything that was left in The sufferings of Christ took such hold his house. Strengthened by the Sacraupon him, that he sometimes passed

ments of the Church, and “having a whole nights without sleep in thinking desire to depart, and to be with Christ," thereon, and that he might more keenly

he took flight to heaven upon the 24th realize them, he made a pilgrimage to day of December, [in the year of our Jerusalem. There he was seized with Lord 1473.] He was famous for mirasuch a passionate longing to be a mar

cles both before and after his death. tyr, that he preached Christ crucified His body was carried into the Unirer. even to the Turks. He went four times sity Church of St. Anne, hard by his to Rome to the thresholds of the Apos

dwelling, and there honourably buried. tles, on foot, and laden with a wallet, The popular reverence and the crowds partly to do honour to the Apostolic

around his sepulchre grew greater day See, for which he had a great reverence,

by day, till he hath come to be held in and partly (to use his own expression)

honour as one of the chiefest holy dethat he might clear off the pains of his

fenders of Poland and Lithuania. At own purgatory by use of the Pardons for the glory of more wonders, Pope Clesin wbich are there daily offered. In ment XIII., upon the 16th day of July, one of these journeys he was set upon

in the year 1767, with solemn pomp, by highway robbers, who plundered enrolled his name among those of the him, and having asked him if he had Saints. any more, whereto he answered, Nay, left him and fled. Then he remembered that he had some gold pieces

Lessons from Luke xii. 35, erith the sewn up in his clothes. So he ran after

Homily of St. Gregory, (p. 859.) the robbers with shouts, and offered

Hymn at Lauds as at First l'espers. them these also, but they were so amazed at the simplicity and charity of

SECOND VESPERS, the holy man, that they gave him back even that which they had already taken.

Hymn. To hinder scandal-mongering, he wrote up upon the walls, after the ensample

SAINT of sweetest majesty!

What a potent voice is thine! of holy Austin, certain texts, to be an At thy prayer diseases fly, unceasing warning to himself and Fading health revives again. others. He gave his own bread to the hungry, and clothed the naked, not

Oft with wasting fever wan,

Lingering at their latest breath, with bought raiment only, but by strip

Dying men by thee are drawn ping himself of his own garments and From the very jaws of death.

1 Translation by the late Rev. E. Caswall.


Oft the stores of golden grain,

fair name for life and wit. There he Hurried down the swollen flood, embraced the religion of Jesus Christ, At thy prayer return again,

and made wonderful head-way in faith Guided by the hand of God!

and love. He went oftentimes to Such, O happy Saint in light,

Church, was careful in fasting and Such thy help in hour of need,

prayer, and set no price upon the

pleaOh, then from the heavenly height sures and lusts of the world. When Hearken now and intercede.

the name of Antony became famous in Everlasting Three in One!

Egypt, Hilarion made a journey into Everlasting One in Three!

the desert on purpose to see him. There Grant us through Thy Saint the boon

he dwelt with him two months, to the Of a blest eternity. Amen.

end that he might learn all his way of

life, and then returned home. After the A Commemoration is made of St.

death of his father and mother, he gave Hilarion, Abbat. All from the Com- all that he had to the poor. Before he mon Office. Prayer, “7 Lord, we be- had completed the fifteenth year of his seech Thee, &c.,'' (p. 867.)

age, he went into the desert, and built Then of St. Ursula and her Com- there a little house, scarcely big enough panions, Virgins and Martyrs."

to hold him, and wherein he was used

to sleep on the ground. The piece of Antiphon. “Trim your lamps, &c.,! sackcloth wherewith alone he clad him. Verse and Answer. “After her, &c.," self he never washed and never changed, Prayer. “Grant unto us, &c.,” (p. saying that hair-cloth was a thing not 880.)

worth the trouble of cleanliness. OCTOBER 21.

Second Responsory. If Monday or

Thursday: “The righteous shall grow, St. Hilarion, Abbat and &c.," (p. 856,) with this addition: Confessor.

Verse. Glory be to the Father, and to

the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. Simple.

Answer. Yea, he shall flourish in the MATTINS.

presence of the Lord for ever. As the Simple Office for a Confessor

If Tuesday or Friday: “The Lord and Bishop, (p. 854,) except the follow

loved him," &c., (p. 858,) with this

addition : ing.

Psalms and Antiphons of the Week- Verse. Glory be to the Father, and to day, and Verse and Answer as in the the Son, and to the Holy Ghost. Psalter.

Answer. And crowned him at the First Lesson, the Three Scripture gates of Paradise. Lessons read as one.

If Wednesday : “Let your loins, First Responsory. If Monday or

&c.," (p. 860.) Thursday: Well done, &c.,” (p. 856.) If Tuesday or, Friday : "The Lord

Third Lesson. made him, &c.,” (p. 858.) If Wednesday: “This is he which wrought, &c.,"


took great interest in reading and (p. 860.)

meditating on the Holy Scriptures.

His food was a few figs and some Second Lesson.

porridge of vegetables, and this he ate

not before set of sun. ILARION was born of heathens at

His self-control H

Tabatha in Palestine, [about the and lowliness were beyond belief. By year of our Lord 291.] He was sent to these and other arms he overcame distudy at Alexandria, where he bore a vers and fearful attacks of the devil,

1 The Martyrology says, “On the 21st day of October were born into the higher life, at Cologne, the holy Ursula and her Companions. These were women who were butchered by the Hums, because they were Christians, and because they insisted upon remaining pure. It was therefyre by a martyrdom that they ended their lives. The bodies of a great many of them were buried at Cologne."

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and drave out countless evil spirits from the bodies of men in many parts of the world. He had built many monasteries, and was famous for miracles, when, in the eightieth year of his age, he fell sick. When he was gasping for his last breath, he said: “Go out-what art thou afraid of? Go out, my soul ! wherefore shrinkest thou? Thou hast served Christ hard on seventy years— and art thou afraid of death?" And so with these words he gave up the ghost.

of the sun, and thereafter chained hand and foot and cast into a dark prison, but the chains dropped off from him, and the place was filled with light. Meanwhile Daria was haled to a brothel, but God kept her from insult, a lion guarding her, and herself always rapt in prayer. Lastly they were both of them led to a sand-pit upon the Salarian Way, where they were thrown alive into an hole, and buried in stones, and so were not divided in winning the victory of Martyrdom.


The Holy Martyr, Pope


The Holy Martyrs Chrysan.

thus and Daria.

All from the Simple Office for Many
Martyrs, (p. 841,) except the follow-

Prayer throughout the Office.
O LORD, we beseech Thee that the

prayers of Thy blessed Martyrs Chrysanthus and Daria may succour us, and they whom we honour, may make us feel the kindly power of their help. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.

All from the Simple Office for One
Martyr, (p. 828,) except the following.
Prayer throughout, · Mercifully con-
sider, &c.," (p. 823.)


First and Second Lessons from Scripture according to the Season.

Third Lesson.


First Lesson from Scripture accord- EVARISTUS was by birth a Greek ing to the Season.

Jew, and held the Popedom in the

reign of the Emperor Trajan. He it Second Lesson.

was who divided among the Priests the

titles of the Churches in the city of husband and wife, of noble birth,

Rome, and commanded that seven Deabut glorious rather for their faith,

cons should attend the Bishop when he which the wife learnt from the hus

was executing his office of Gospel preachband. They brought to Christ a great

ing. He it was who commanded, in number of persons at Rome, she women,

accordance with the tradition of the and he men. Therefore the Præfect

Apostles, that marriages should be celeCelerinus caused them to be taken, and

brated openly, and that a Priest should gave them over to Claudius the Tribune,

be asked to invoke a blessing thereon.

He ruled the Church for nine years and who bade Chrysanthus to be tormented by the soldiers, all bound as he was, but

three months. He held four Ordinations all his bonds brake, and so likewise the

in the month of December, wherein he shackles wherein his feet were after

ordained seventeen Priests, two Deacons, wards fastened.

and fifteen Bishops. Having finished his

testimony, he was buried upon the VaThird Lesson.

tican, hard by the grave of the Prince

of the Apostles, upon the 26th day of THEN was Chrysanthus sewn up in October, '[in the year of our Lord

an ox' hide and set in the full heat 112.]


are beloved in God the Father and preEve of the Feast of the Holy

served in Jesus Christ, and called.

Merey unto you, and peace, and love be Apostles Simon and Sude. multiplied. Beloved, when I gave all

diligence to write unto you of your comThe Office of the Eve begins with mon salvation, it was needful for me to Mattins.

write unto you, and to exhort you that All of the Week-day, except the fol

you should earnestly contend for the

faith which was once delivered unto the lowing:

Saints. For there are certain men crept Lessons from John xv. I, with the in unawares, (who were before of old Homily of St. Austin, (p. 797.) ordained to this condemnation,) ungodly At Lauds, Long Preces, kneeling.

men, turning the grace of our God into

lasciviousness, and denying the only Prayer hroughout.

Sovereign and our Lord Jesus Christ. 0 ALMIGHTY God, grant, we be

Second Lesson. seech Thee, that as we are preyenting Thine Apostles Simon and I WILL therefore put you in rememJude, their glorious birth-day, so the

brance, though ye once knew this,

how that JESUS, having saved the peosame may prevent Thy Majesty to win Thy good things for us. Through

ple out of the land of Egypt, afterward our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who

destroyed them that believed not: and liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the

the Angels which kept not their first unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world

estate, but left their own habitation, without end. Amen.

He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of

the great day. Even as Sodom and GoOCTOBER 28.

morrha, and the cities about them, in

like manner giving themselves over to The Holy Apostles Simon

uncleanness and going after strange and Jude.

flesh, are set forth for an example, suf

fering the vengeance of eternal fire. Double of the Second Class. Likewise also, these defile the flesh, All from the Common Office for Apos

despise dominion, and speak evil of dig. tles, (p. 805,) except the following.


Third Lesson. Prayer throughout the Office. GOD, Who didst use Thine holy YET.Michaël the Archangel, when,

contending with the devil, he disa Apostles Simon and Jude to make puted about the body of Moses, durst not known unto us Thy Name, grant unto bring against him the judgment of his us so to profit by their doctrine as to do blasphemy, but said : The Lord rebuke honour to their everlasting glory, and thee. But these speak evil of those so to honour that glory as to gain profit things which they know not : but what to ourselves. Through our Lord JESUS they know naturally, as brute beasts, in Christ Thy Son, Who liveth and reign- those things they corrupt themselves. eth with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Woe unto them, for they have gone the Ghost, one God, world without end. way of Cain, and run greedily after the Amen.

error of Balaam for reward, and perished

in the gainsaying of Korah. These are MATTINS.

spots in your feasts of charity, when FIRST NOCTURN.

they feast with you without fear, feed

ing themselves; clouds they are without First Lesson.

water, carried about of winds; trees

which wither, without fruit, twice dead, Here beginneth the Catholic Epistle of

plucked up by the roots ; raging waves the Blessed Apostle Jude (1.)

of the sea, foaming out their own shame; JUDE,

wandering stars, to whom is reserved and brother of James, to them that the blackness of darkness for ever.

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