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International Court of Justice

The International Court of Justice consists of 15 members elected by the General Assembly and Security Council for 9-year terms ending February 5 of the year shown in parentheses. The judges, listed in order of precedence, are:

Stephen M. Schwebel, United States (2006)*, President
Christopher G. Weeramantry, Sri Lanka (2000) Vice President
Shigeru Oda, Japan (2003)
Mohammed Bedjaoui, Algeria (2006)
Gilbert Guillaume, France (2000)
Raymond Ranjeva, Madagascar (2000)
Geza Herczegh, Hungary (2003)
Shi Jiuyong, China (2003)
Carl-August Fleischhauer, Germany (2003)
Abdul Koroma, Sierra Leone (2003)
Vladlen S. Vereshchetin, Russian Federation (2006)
Rosalyn Higgins, United Kingdom (2000)
Gonzalo Parra-Aranguren, Venezuela (2000)
Pieter H. Kooijmans, Netherlands (2006)
Francisco Rezek, Brazil (2006)

*resigned, effective February 29, 2000.

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Permanent Representative and Chief of Mission to the United Nations: A. Peter Burleigh, Chargé d'Affaires (to August 1999); Richard C. Holbrooke (from August 1999)

Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations: A. Peter Burleigh (to December 1999); James B. Cunningham (from December 1999)

Deputy Permanent Representatives to the Security Council: James B. Cunningham; Nancy Soderberg

Representative on the Economic and Social Council: Betty E. King
Alternate Representative for Special Political Affairs: Nancy Soderberg

Representative for UN Management and Reform: Richard Sklar (to July 1999); Donald S. Hays (from November 1999)

U.S. Representative to the European Office of the United Nations, Geneva: George E. Moose

U.S. Representative to International Organizations, Vienna: John B. Ritch III UN General Assembly

54th regular session (New York, Sept. 14-Dec. 18)

Representative: Richard C. Holbrooke' (Chairman); A. Peter Burleigh (ViceChairman; Gary L. Ackerman; Sim Farar; Peter T. King

Alternates: Irwin Belk; Donald S. Hays; Betty E. King; Revius O. Ortique, Jr.;
Nancy Soderberg
Subsidiary and Other Bodies

UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation
48th session (Vienna, April 12–16)
Representative: Fred A. Mettler, Jr., M.D.
Special Committee on the Charter of the United Nations and on the
Strengthening of the Role of the Organization
24th session (New York, April 12-23)

1. The Secretary of State, Madeleine K. Albright, served as chairman of the delegation, ex officio, during her presence at the session.

Representative: Robert B. Rosenstock
Alternates: John Arbogast; Carolyn Willson
Committee on Conferences
Substantive session (New York, Aug. 30-Sept. 1)
Representative: Beryl Bentley-Anderson; James B. Bond
Alternate: Royal Wharton
Disarmament Commission
21st substantive session (New York, Apr. 12–30)
Representatives: Robert T. Grey, Jr.; Nancy Soderberg
Alternate: Katharine C. Crittenberger
Conference on Disarmament
First Part (Geneva, Jan. 18-Mar. 26)
Representative: Robert T. Grey, Jr.
Alternate: Katharine C. Crittenberger
Second Part (Geneva, May 10–June 25)
Representative: Robert T. Grey, Jr.
Alternate: Katharine C. Crittenberger
Third Part (Geneva, July 26-September 8)
Representative: Roberty T. Grey, Jr.
Alternate: Katharine C. Crittenberger
Committee on Information
21st session (New York, May 3–14)
Representative: Mary Speer
UN Commission on International Trade Law
32nd session (Vienna, May 17–June 4)
Representative: Jeffrey Kovar
Alternate: Harold S. Burman
Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
42nd session (Vienna, July 14–16)
Representative: Kenneth Hodgkins
Alternate: Lynn F. H. Cline
Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations

Meets intermittently in New York.
Security Council

Representatives: A. Peter Burleigh (to August 1999); Richard C. Holbrooke (from August 1999)

Deputies: A. Peter Burleigh (to December 1999); James B. Cunningham (from December 1999); Donald S. Hays (from November 1999); Nancy Soderberg Trusteeship Council

Did not meet in 1999.

Economic and Social Council and Related Bodies

Organizational sessions: (New York, Feb. 2–5, May 6–7)
Substantive session (Geneva, July 5-30)
Representative: Betty E. King

Alternates: George E. Moose; Seth Winnick
Functional Commissions

Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice gth session (Vienna, Apr. 27-May 6) Representative: Rob Boone; Jonathan Winer Alternate: Laura Kennedy Commission on Human Rights 55th session (Geneva, Mar. 22-Apr. 30) Representative: Nancy H. Rubin Alternate: George E. Moose Commission on Narcotic Drugs 42nd session (Vienna, Mar. 16-25; Dec. 2–3) Representative: Rand Beers Alternates: Daniel T. Fantozzi; John B. Ritch III (Nov. 30-Dec. 1) Representative: James P. Callaghan Alternate: Laura Kennedy Commission on Population and Development 32nd session (New York, Mar. 22, 23, 26) Representative: Julia V. Taft Alternates: Betty E. King; Margaret J. Pollack Commission for Social Development 37th session (New York, Feb. 9-19) Representative: Betty E. King Alternate: Seth Winnick Statistical Commission 30th session (New York, Mar. 1–5) Representative: Katherine K. Wallman Alternate: Suzann Evinger Commission on Science and Technology for Development 4th session (Geneva, May 17-21) Representative: Joan Dudik-Gayoso Alternate: William McPherson Commission on the Status of Women 43rd session (New York, Mar. 1-19) Representative: Linda Tarr-Whelan Alternate: Betty E. King; Theresa Loar Commission on Sustainable Development 7th session (New York, Apr. 19-30)

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