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And pray your mother's blessing.--Turn, good lady; Our Perdita is found.

[Presenting PERDITÁ, who kneels to HERMIONE. Her.

You gods, look down, And from your sacred vials pour your graces Upon my daughter's head !--Tell me, mine own, Where hast thou been preserv'd? where liv'd ? how

found Thy father's court? for thou shalt hear, that 1,Knowing by Paulina, that the oracle Gave hope thou wast in being, --have preşery'd Myself, to see the issue. Paul.

There's time enough for that; Lest they desire, upon this push to trouble Your joys with like relation.-Go together, You precious winners all;s your exultation Partake to every one. I, an old turtle, Will wing me to some wither'd bough; and there My mate, that's never to be found again, Lament till I am lost. Leon.


peace, Paulina; Thou should'st a husband take by my consent, As I by thine, a wife: this is a match, And made between's by vows. Thou hast found

mine; But how, is to be question’d: for I saw her, As I thought, dead; and have, in vain, said many A prayer upon her grave: I'll not seek far (For him, I partly know his mind,) to find thee An honourable husband:- Come, Camillo, And take her by the hand: whose worth, and ho.


> You precious winners all;] You who by this discovery have gained what you desired, may join in festivity, in which I, who have lost what never can be recovered, can have no part.

your exultation

Partake to every one.] Parlake here means participate.

Is richly noted; and here justified
By us, a pair of kings.—Let's from this place.--
What?- Look upon my

brother:-both your !
That e'er I put between your holy looks
My ill suspicion.—This your son-in-law,
And son unto the king, (whom heavens directing,)
Is troth-plight to your daughter..Good Paulina,
Lead us from hence; where we may leisurely
Each one demand, and answer to his part
Perform'd in this wide gap of time, since first
We were dissever'd: Hastily lead away.


* This play, as Dr. Warburton justly observes, is, with all its absurdities, very entertaining. The character of Autolycus is naturally conceived, and strongly represented. Johnson.


Printed by C. and R. Baldwin,
New Bridge street, London.

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