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651. Commissioners of Court of Claims.

652. Claims of Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians.

654. Construction of Michaud division of Fort Hall irrigation project.

655. Provide for ferry and highway near Pacific entrance of Panama Canal.

656. Legislative appropriation bill, 1931.

657. Memorial to Col. Benjamin Hawkins, Indian agent and U. S. Senator.

658. Granting relief to water users on Chinook Division, Milk River project.

659. Authorize suit against United States by Oregon.

660. Claim of Houston, Tex., for damages to streets in Park Place.

661. Construction of road to tomb of unknown soldier in Arlington Cemetery.

663. Amend judicial code rel. to terms of court in eastern district of Texas.

664. Care of monument to soldiers in Battle of New Orleans at Chalmette, La.

665. Inspection of battle field of Saratoga, N. Y.

667. Construction of revetment wall at Fort Moultrie, S. C.

669. Regulation of real estate brokers and salesmen in D. C.

676. Destroy duplicate accounts in offices of clerks of District Courts.

677. Amend R. S. 1025 to permit attendance of clerks, etc., before grand juries.

678. Providing for punishment of assaults upon letter or mail carriers.

679. Amend R. S. 355 to permit U. S. to accept certificates of title to land.

680. Deposit of fees and emoluments paid to United States marshals.

681. To repeal Alaskan law allowing defendant separate trial by jury.

682. Amend R. S. 939 rel. to pay for advertising sale of condemned vessels, etc.

683. Amend R. S. 829 rel. to marshals' fees for keeping attached boats, etc.

684. Amend R. S. 649 rel. to waiver of juries in civil cases.

685. Amend D. C. code rel. to fees of marshal of D. C. courts.

687. Relief of Warm Springs tribe of Indians.

688. Presentation of medals to officers, etc., of Byrd Antarctic Expedition.

689. Providing against misuse of official badges.

690. Establishment of Division of Identification and Information.

691. Limiting jurisdiction of District Courts.

692. Revise and equalize rate of pension to soldiers, etc., of Civil War. *

693. Relief of Clatsop County, Oreg.

694. Transfer Radio Division, Commerce Dept., to Federal Radio Commission.

696. Bridge across Des Moines River at Croton, Iowa.

697. Exchange of property at Choctaw Point with Gulf, Mobile & Northern R. R.

700. Bridge across Allegheny River at Olean, N. Y.

701. Final enrollment of Klamath Indians, etc.

702. Lands for Papago Indians in Arizona.

709. To prohibit sending of unsolicited merchandise in mails.

712. Poultry and livestock quarantine.

713. Secretary of Agriculture to investigate crop insurance.

715. Rivers and harbors bill.*

717. Control of cancer.

718. To lease naval destroyer and submarine base, Squantum, Mass.

720. Regulation of motor carriers of persons.

721. Payment of certain charges on goods shipped to Philippine Islands.

722. Marine Band to attend national encampment of G. A. R. at Cincinnati, Ohio.

723. Giving police power to and increasing salary of poundmaster of D. C.

724. Navy Department and naval service appropriation bill, 1931.

725. Pay Uintah, Uncompahgre, and White River bands of Ute Indians for lands.

727. Bridge across Rock River at Moline, Ill.

728. Extend times for bridge across Monongahela River at Pittsburgh, Pa.

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729. Bridge across Hudson River at Catskill, N. Y.

730. Bridge across Rock River at Rockford, Ill.

731. Protection of national forests from fire.

732. Amend act so as to aid Kentucky in acquiring certain bridge.

733. Settlement of indebtedness of German Reich to United States.

734. Amendments to World War adjusted compensation act.

735. Immediate appropriation for settlement of war claims act of 1928.

736. Supplementing national prohibition act for District of Columbia.

744. Restriction of use of shores and waters of Potomac River in D. C.

746. Settlement of claims against District of Columbia.

747. Claims of Pillager bands of Chippewa Indians.

748. Flood control on tributaries and outlets of Mississippi River.

749. Conferring authority to fix size of farm units on desert-land entries.

750. Depositing certain moneys into reclamation fund.

754. Quorum of trustees of religious and missionary societies in D. C.

755. Claims of Assiniboine Indians.

756. Collection of annual statistics relating to crime, etc.

757. Forfeiture of patent rights.

758. Procedure in appealing decisions of Public Utilities Commission of D. C.

759. Organization of corporations in District of Columbia.

760. Legal reserve on life insurance policies in District of Columbia.

762. Bridge across Kanawha River between Henderson and Point Pleasant, W. Va.

763. Amending air commerce act rel. to investigation of aircraft accidents.

764. Bridge across Allegheny River at Kittanning, Pa.

765. To use site of Brightwood reservoir for park purposes.

766. Federal tort claims bill.

769. To provide aid for levee and drainage districts.

776. Right of way to Winthrop, Mass. over Fort Banks military reservation.

777. Improvement to approach to Confederate cemetery, Fayetteville, Ark.

781. Philippine independence. 2 pts.

785. Establishment of Bureau of Narcotics in Treasury Department.

786. Bridge across Duck River near Centerville, Tenn.

787. Bridge across Mississippi River in Bettendorf, Iowa.

788. Closing certain alleys and setting aside land for alley use in D. C.

792. To loan to Olympia, Wash., silver service set of U. S. S. Olympia.

793. Ship's bell, etc., for Jefferson Memorial Association of St. Louis, Mo.

797. To issue 2 duplicate checks in favor of Utah State treasurer.

803. Additional lands for Naval Air Station at Seattle, Wash.

805. Appointment of pay clerks and acting pay clerks in Navy.

807. Award of medal to members of Alaskan Aerial Survey Expedition, 1926.

809. To provide for modernization of Naval Observatory at Washington, D. C.

811. Hospitalization of transferred members of Fleet Naval Reserve, etc.

812. Relief of Florida for loss of quartermaster property.

813. Trophy guns to Varina Davis Chapter, Daughters of the Confederacy.

814. Declaring July 5, 1930, legal holiday in District of Columbia.

817. Loans by Federal intermediate credit banks.

818. Taxation of lands of homestead and desert-land entrymen.

819. Claims against Choctaw Indians enrolled as Mississippi Choctaws.

820. Creation of Colonial National Monument in Virginia.

830. Appointment of law clerks to circuit judges.

831. Repealing certain provisions of espionage act relating to sedition.

832. Sale to Oregon of timberlands for recreational and scenic purposes.

833. Adding lands to Boise National Forest, Idaho.


834. Repayment of certain rents and royalties on mineral lands.

835. Confirming title of Minnesota to lands patented to it by U. S.

836. Advisability of establishing Upper Mississippi National Park.

837. Relief of successors of Luther Burbank.

838. Removing cloud as to title of lands at Fort Lyttleton, S. C.

839. Transferring lands to Ouachita National Forest, Ark.

840. Citizenship for Cherokee Indians of North Carolina.

841. Bridge across Missouri River at Nebraska City, Nebr.

842. Water Supply for Salina and Redmond, Utah.

844. Patents for lands held under color of title in New Mexico.

846. Appointment of two additional justices of Supreme Court of D. C.

847. Appointment of two additional justices of Court of Appeals of D. C.

848. Appointment of two additional judges for northern district of Illinois.

851. Purchase of land adjoining Fort Bliss, Tex.

854. Bridge across Monongahela River at Star City, W. Va.

855. Bridge across Des Moines River at Croton, Iowa.

860. Reconstruction of Army and Navy Hospital, Hot Springs, Ark.

861. Donation of bronze cannon to Martins Ferry, Ohio.

863. To provide for retirement of disabled nurses of Army and Navy.

866. Pay into Territorial treasury rentals from public lands in Hawaii.

867. Settlement of claims arising under transportation act of 1920.

868. Bridge across Choctawhatchee River near Freeport, Fla.

869. Sale of undisposed-of portion of Camp Taylor, Ky., etc.

870. Financial responsibility of motorists in District of Columbia.

872. Banking house upon military reservation at Fort Lewis, Wash.

873. Newspapers, etc., for official use may be paid for in advance.

876. Revision and printing of index to Federal statutes.

877. To amend section 284 of judicial code relative to grand jury.

879. Railroad bridge across Little River at Morris Ferry, Ark.

880. Bridge across Oconee River at Balls Ferry, Ga.

881. Bridge across Niagara River at Niagara Falls, N. Y.

882. Bridge across Niagara River at Tonawanda, N. Y.

883. Representation at Chicago Century of Progress Exposition in 1933.

885. Act to amend World War veterans' act, 1924, as amended.

886. Late-claims agreement pursuant to settlement of war claims act of 1928.

887. Exempting gain from sale, etc., of Treasury bills from taxation.

888. Extension of period of limitation in case of community income.

889. Convention of Federation Interalliee des Anciens Combattants in D. C.

890. Regulation of tolls over certain bridges.

891. Legalizing pier at Annapolis Roads, Md., and intake pipe, Plymouth, Mass.

898. Appointment of employees in Government field service by subordinates.

909. Purchase of additional land for Bureau of Standards.

910. To extend, remodel, and enlarge post-office building, at Washington, D. C.

911. Better facilities for enforcement of customs and immigration laws.

912. Amend act for enlarging of Capitol grounds rel. to condemnation of land.

913. Bridge across Missouri River at Nebraska City, Nebr.

914. Bridge across Mahoning River, Cedar street, Youngstown, Ohio.

915. Bridge across Arkansas River at Ozark, Ark.

916. Receiverships of joint-stock land banks under Federal farm loan act.

917. Permanent additional judge for eastern district of Illinois.

921. Commemoration of Camp Blount and old stone bridge, Lincoln County, Tenn.

923. Naturalization of certain aliens.

924. Amend act rel. to traveling expenses of Immigration Bur. employees, etc.


925. Addition of lands to Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo.

926. Financial responsibility of taxicab owners in District of Columbia.

927. Amending red light law of D. C. to include gaming houses.

928. Pay and promotion of personnel of Army, etc.

929. To pay for information concerning violations of narcotic laws.

930. Exposition to be held at Paris, France, in 1931.

931. Providing for terms of district court at Easton, Pa.

932. Salary of governor of Alaska.

934. Term of court at Las Vegas, Nev.

935. To transfer Willacy County in southern judicial district of Texas.

936. Penalties for gambling in District of Columbia.

937. Salary and mileage for members of Legislature of Hawaii.

938. Qualification of electors in Hawaii.

939. Authorizing Ketchikan, Alaska, to issue bonds.

940. Bridge across Minnesota River at Henderson, Minn.

941. Bridge across Lake Sabine at Port Arthur, Tex.

949. Creating Great Lakes Bridge Commission to bridge St. Clair River.

950. Fixing penalties for fraudulent use of mails.

963. Congress of Military Medicine and Pharmacy.

964. George Rogers Clark Sesquicentennial Commission.

965. Purchase of Vollbehr collection of incunabula.*

1002. Rehabilitation of Bitter Root irrigation project, Mont.

1003. Street railway merger in District of Columbia.

1004. To provide for term of district court at Ponca City, Okla.

1006. Bridge across Missouri River at Kansas City, Kans.

1034. Rehabilitation of Bitter Root irrigation project, Mont.

1035. Relief of Vermont for loss of quartermaster property.

1036. Construction at Mountain Branch of National Soldiers' Home.

1037. Acquisition of land in Montgomery County, Ala., for Maxwell Field.

1038. Construction at Military Academy, West Point, N. Y., etc.

1039. Boundary lines for March Field military reservation.

1040. To increase efficiency of Veterinary Corps of Army.

1041. Reimburse States for property brought into Federal service in 1917.

1042. Donate bronze cannon to Avon, Mass.

1043. Sale of Jackson Barracks military reservation.

1044. Right of way for street purposes across Holabird reservation.

1045. Easement for pipe lines on site for aviation field, Shreveport, La.

1046. Bridge across Coosa River near Gilberts Ferry, Ala.

1052. Commemoration of Battle of Helena, Ark.

1053. Acquisition of land for aerial bombing range at Kelly Field, Tex.

1054. Sale of land constituting former military reservation at Fort Gratiot.

1055. Exchange of lands in Philippine Islands with Philippine Government.

1056. Conveyance of Fort Griswold tract to Connecticut.

1057. To accept donations of sites for public buildings.

1058. To apply pension laws to Coast Guard.

1059. Bridge across Sulphur River near Fort Lynn, Ark.

1060. Define and limit jurisdiction of courts sitting in equity. 2 pts.

1064. Relief of State of New York for improvements at quarantine station.

1073. Sale of Columbia Arsenal property, Maury County, Tenn.

1077. Payment of claim of Government of Norway.

1078. Second deficiency appropriation bill, 1930. 2 pts.

1079. Highway from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Point Barrow.

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1080. Limitation and reduction of naval armament. 2 pts.

1081. Additional judge for southern district of Florida.

1084. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Poplar, Mont.

1085. Bridge across Fox River north of Stolps Island, Aurora, Ill.

1086. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Poplar, Mont.

1087. Amending leasing act to permit unit plan of oil and gas development.

1088. Adding lands to Ashley National Forest, Wyo.

1090. Establish branch of National Soldiers' Home in Northwest.

1092. Bridge across Ohio River at Sistersville, W. Va.

1098. Pier and wharf at southerly end of Fort Jefferson Harbor, N. Y.

1099. Payment of certain charges on goods shipped to Philippine Islands.

1100. Additional appropriation for national arboretum.

1101. Allow certain expenditures in War Dept. for transportation of Army.

1102. Amend national defense act rel. to status of reserve officers of Army.

1103. Tablet to memory of garrison at Fort Sumter during siege, 1861.

1104. To supply water to residents in Maryland adjacent to D. C.

1105. Amend radio act rel. to appealing decisions of Federal Radio Commission.

1116. Changing name of island of Porto Rico to Puerto Rico.

1125. Bridge across Tennessee River at Knoxville, Tenn.

1126. Authorizing Napa, Calif., to purchase public lands.

1127. Addition of Jands to Lassen Volcanic National Park, Calif.

1128. World War veterans' act of 1930.

1929. Consolidation of veterans' activities.

1131. Bridge across Rainy River at Baudette, Minn.

1132. Bridge across Fox River at Aurora, Iu.

1133. Bridge across Missouri River near Poplar, Mont.

1134. Bridge across Missouri River at Power-site Crossing, Mont.

1135. Bridge across Missouri River at Culbertson, Mont.

1136. Bridge across Little Calumet River at 159th street, Cook County, Ill.

1138. Monument commemorating first permanent settlement of the West.

1139. Dike or dam across head of Camas Slough, Columbia River, Wash.

1140. Convey to Oregon University part of reservation at Coos Head, Oreg.

1141. To accept conveyance of lands on Government Island from Alameda, Calif.

1142. To facilitate and simplify work of Forest Service.

1143. Providing for protection of forest lands from fires.

1144. Investigation of operations on cotton exchanges.

1145. Leave with part pay for D. C. teachers for educational purposes.

1146. Bridge across Grand Calumet River at East Chicago, Ind.

1153. Compensation of certain Customs Service employees.

1155. To deliver to Denver, Colo., bell, etc., of U. S. S. Denver.

1156. Trophy gun to F. D. Hubbel Relief Corps No. 103, of Hillsboro, Ill.

1158. To amend national prohibition act, as amended.

1159. Bridge across St. Clair River at or near Port Huron, Mich.

1160. Right of States to sue United States.

1161. Defining petty offenses.

1162. Repeal obsolete sections in United States Code of laws.

1163. Waiver of trial by jury.

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