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Dearly Beloved Sovereign,
Humbly Address Your Royal Person in

Profound Reverence, with the highest Esteem and Veneration that is possible for a Subject to have for His Prince.

Not for filthy Lucre's Sake, neither for Earthly Honour or Grandeur, but from Christian Motives, fiom a Principle of hearty,fincere, unfeign'd Loveand Affection




which Your Majesty has caused in me.
By your Majesty's Godlike governing this
My Native Country both in regard to our
Domestic and Foreign Affairs, Civil and Re-
ligious, in Church and State, being extre-
inely well convinc'd, that Christian Liberty,
Prosperity and Happiness, Both for the
fpiritual and Temporal Good of all your
Majesty's Subjects is the Earnest Desire,
the Pleasure and Delight of your Soul,

Comfort and Joy of your Life.

Which manifestly appears to every Rational unprejudiced Mind who is not infected with the poisonous Sentiments of the Biggoted Dupes of perfidious Gallican Popih Antichristian, Arbitrary Government; for if Mankind would thoroughly consider, well weigh, and Religiously reflect on your Majesty's whole Conduct as a Prince, bot? in Publick and Private


Life for these Thirty-one Years past, (ever since England has been blessed with your Majesty on the Throne) as a Father, Grand-Father, and a King, They would find it to be one uniform confiftent Character, that of an Israelite Indeed in whom there is no Guile, a thoroughout Honest, sincere, Religious, Good Man. One of the very best of Sovereigns under the whole Canopy of Heaven, having Banish’d from your Majesty's Dominions Persecutions of every Kind, and where each of your Majesty's Subje&s dwell fafely under their own Vine and under their own Fig-tree: as Judah and Israel did all the Days of King Solomon. 1 Kings iv. 25. in a more Conspicuous Manner than in any other Nation in the Habitable Globe. Almighty God grant your

Majesty's Important valuable Life may be prolong’d, your Majesty's Health Confirm’d, and all possible


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Happiness and Comfort, (as sublunary Terrestial Enjoyments will admit of,) till Your Majesty is Ripened for Celestial Felicity, Joys unspeakable, and to exchange your Majesty's perishable Crown, for one that is Immortal, the Lustre and Glory of which, will never fade, never decay, but be Permanent, Brilliant, easy and joyous to the Endless Ages of Eternity.

My Epistle to the Deists, is the first Work I ever published, therefore thought it my Duty to Dedicate it to your Majesty, Being King, Defender of the Apostolical Truly Catholic Christian Faith, which your Majesty hath unwaveringly kept, Established and confirm’d by Good and wholesome Laws thoroughout your Majesty's Dominions. I have not compos'd this, or any of my other Works to flatter Mankind, neither to please them, but for their Good to Edification, agreeable to St. Paul's most


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