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Psyché 19.


Too muck royalty fatigues; it is the same with respect to divinity. Happy sometimes the immortals to forsake Otympus, and to exchange stately dwellings, for modest residences; altogether those of friendship, where, as ease, we lead the private and retired life of citizens. Ceres and Juno possessed not far from each other, their villa, their Trianon, their « Country seat as the English term it. Ceres made cboice of a corner possessing a smiling landscape; it was an estate of middling extent, inclosed by delightful hills, and interspersed with wood, with fields, meadows, and rustic habitations Less moderate in her taste, Juno fixed upon the centre of a stately and umbrageous wood. She delighted in solemn trees, only admitting under their vaulted foliage, a sombre light, and whose strong branches might sustain perhaps, offerings from devotees of rich hangings, bearing the name embroidered in gold of the suppliant to the goddess, and an indication of the sort of benefit, that was solicited as well from her kindness, as from her immense power. Besides which, she chose to have a temple of noble and bold proportions, where all should appear dignified and worthy of the wife, and sister of Jupiter.

That of Ceres, on the contrary, was remarkable for its simplicity, for its slender columns, and for the smallness of its extent. At the entrance lay heaped up, and in confusion, sheaves of barley and of wheat, flexible ears of corn, plaised into crowns, with sickles and rakes, the first fruits of harvest, and implements of agriculture, offered by the husbandmen to the good goddess.

Psyche prostrate, after calling to mind her intercourse with Cupid, her curiosity, and is fatal consequences; also the anger of Venus, and what she had to dread from it, asked the favour alone of being permitted to conceal herself, if it were merely for a day or two; under the sheaves, and to subsist upon the grain that might fall from them;

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