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What Psyche again, and for ever talking of your sisters! Has Zephyr nothing else to do but to shorten the distance which separates you from them? Again and continually your sisters? And this time, invested with your dwelling, almost as if mistresses, sitting in the seat of honour, and you standing behind like a servant, they proud, and triumphing, and you abased, and oppressed! Oh! let em depart, nd vithout delay. But they already are in possession of your secret. This husband whom you declare never to have seen, full of the ambiguity inseparable from an Oracle, they transform him into a serpent. What do I say? into a frightful dragon, waiting only a moment of lassitude, or satiety, to leave you for ever, after having rendered you a mother. Fascinated, subdued you have promised not to pay any attention to his entreaties and prayers, you would fain try to deceive his vigilance, to satisfy at every hasard a dangerous curiosity. A lamp, a poniard have been placed in your feebles hands. And to what end? Oh! may the waves swallow up the perfidious ones who deceive you, those whom your happiness displeases. May the winds break against the rocks the ships which brought them, all in sight of that dwelling, to them so hospitable!

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Psyche 13

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