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3 Plenteous of grace, descend from high

Rich in thy sevenfold energy;
Make us eternal truths receive,
And practise all that we believe;
Give us thyself, that we may see

The Father and the Son by thee.
4 Immortal honour, endless fame,

Attend the Almighty Father's name;
The Saviour Son be glorified,
Who for lost man's redemption died;
And equal adoration be,

Eternal Paraclete, to thee. Amen. 249 They were all filled with the Holy Ghost. [D.S.M.

Acts ii. 4.
1 LORD God, the Holy Ghost,

In this accepted hour,
As on the day of Pentecost,

Descend in all thy power:
We meet with one accord

In our appointed place,
And wait the promise of our Lord,

The Spirit of all grace.
2 Like mighty rushing wind

Upon the waves beneath,
Move with one impulse every mind,

One soul, one feeling, breathe :
The young, the old inspire

With wisdom from above;
And give us hearts and tongues of fire

To pray, and praise, and love.
3 Spirit of light, explore

And chase our gloom away
With lustre shining more and more

Unto the perfect day;
Spirit of truth, be thou

In life and death our guide ;
O Spirit of adoption, now

May we be sanctified.


He dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

John xiv. 17.


1 COME, Holy Spirit, come;

Let thy bright beams arise ;
Dispel the sorrow from our minds,

The darkness from our eyes.
2 Cheer our desponding hearts,

Thou heavenly Paraclete;
Give us to lie with humble hope

At our Redeemer's feet.
3 Revive our drooping faith,

Our doubts and fears remove;
And kindle in our breasts the flame

Of never-dying love.
4 Convince us all of sin,

Then lead to Jesus' blood;
And to our wondering view reveal

The secret love of God.
5 Tis thine to cleanse the heart,

To sanctify the soul,
To pour fresh life in every part,

And new create the whole.
6 Dwell therefore in our hearts,

Our minds from bondage free;
Then we shall know, and praise, and love

The Father, Son, and Thee.

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Thou sendest forth thy Spirit; they are

created.-Ps. civ. 30.

[THREE 73.

1 COME, thou holy Paraclete,
And from thy celestial seat

Send thy light and brilliancy.
2 Father of the poor, draw near;
Giver of all gifts, be here;

Come, the soul's true radiancy.

3 Come, of comforters the best,
Of the soul the sweetest Guest,

Come in toil refreshingly.
4 Thou in labour rest most sweet,
Thou art shadow from the heat,

Comfort in adversity.
5 O thou Light, most pure and blest,
Shine within the inmost breast

Of thy faithful company.
6 Where thou art not, man hath nought;
Every holy deed and thought

Comes from thy Divinity.
7 What is soiled, make thou pure;
What is wounded, work its cure;

What is parched, fructify.
8 Cold and hard hearts quicken thou,
Stubborn necks to Jesus bow,

Draw the wanderer tenderly.
9 Fill thy faithful, who confide
In thy power to guard and guide,

With thy sevenfold mystery.
10 Here thy grace and virtue send;
Grant salvation to the end,

And in heaven felicity.


252 I am he that comforteth you.—Isa. li. 12.

1 Come to our dark nature's night

With thy blessed inward light,
Holy Ghost, the Infinite,

Comforter Divine.
2 We are sinful; cleanse us, Lord:

Sick and faint; thy strength afford :
Lost, until by thee restored,

Comforter Divine.

3 Orphan are our souls and poor;

Give us, from thy heavenly store,
Faith, love, joy, for evermore,

Comforter Divine.
4 Like the dew, thy peace distil;

Guide, subdue cur wayward will,
Things of Christ unfolding still,

Comforter Divine.
5 Gentle, awful, holy Guest,

Make thy temple in each breast,
There supreme to reign and rest,

Comforter Divine.
6 In us, for us, intercede,

And with voiceless groanings plead
Our unutterable need,

Comforter Divine.
7 In us “ Abba, Father" cry,

Earnest of our bliss on high,
Seal of immortality,

Comforter Divine.
8 Search for us the depths of God,

Bear us up the starry road
To the height of thine abode,

Comforter Divine.

253 If I depart, I will send him unto you. [P.M.

John xvi. 7.
1 Our bless'd Redeemer, ere he breathed

His tender last farewell,
A Guide, a Comforter, bequeath'd

With us to dwell.
2 He came in semblance of a dove,

With sheltering wings outspread,
The holy balm of peace and love

On earth to shed.


3 He came sweet influence to impart,

A gracious willing Guest,
While he can find one humble heart

Wherein to rest.
4 And his that gentle voice we hear,

Soft as the breath of even, That checks each thought, that calms each fear,

And speaks of heaven. 5 And every virtue we possess, ,

And every victory won,
And every thought of holiness,

Are his alone.
6 Spirit of purity and grace,

Our weakness, pitying, see;
O make our hearts thy dwelling-place,

And meet for thee."



254 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the [L.M.

love of God, and the communion of the Holy

Ghost, be with you all.2 Cor. xiii. 14.
1 FATHER of heaven, whose love profound

A ransom for our souls hath found,
Before thy throne we sinners bend;

To us thy pardoning love extend. 2 Almighty Son, incarnate Word,

Our Prophet, Priest, Redeemer, Lord,
Before thy throne we sinners bend;

To us thy saving grace extend.
3 Eternal Spirit, by whose breath

The soul is raised from sin and death,
Before thy throne we sinners bend;
To us thy quickening power extend.

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