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Dramatis Personæ.

Earl of larvick

; } Of the York Faction.

KING Henry VI.
Humphry Duke of Gloucester,

} Uncles to the King.
Cardinal Beauford, Bp. of Winchester,
Duke of York, pretending to the Crown.
Duke of Buckingham,
Duke of Somerset,

King's Party.
Duke of Suffolk,
Earl of Saifury,
Lord Clifford, of the King's Party.
Lord Say.
Lord Scales, Governor of the tower.
Sir Humphry Stafford,
Young Stafford, his Brother.
Alexander. Iden, a Kentish Gentleman.
Young Clifford, Son to the Lord Clifford.
Edward Plantagenet, }
Richard Plantagenet,

Sons to the Duke of York.
Vaux, A Sea Captain, and Walter Whitmore---Pirates.
A Herald.
Hume and Southwel, two Priests.
Bolingbrook, an Astrologer.
A Spirit attending on Jordan the Witch.
Thomas Horner, an Armourer.
Peter, his Man.
Clerk of Chatham.
Mayor of St. Albans.
Simpcox, an Imposter.
Jack Cade, Bevis, Michael, John Holland, Dick the butcher, Smith,

the Weaver, and several others, Rebels. Margaret, Queen to King Henry VI. secretly in Love with the Duke of

Dame Eleanor, Wife to the Duke of Gloucester.
Mother Jordan, a Witch employed by the Dutchess of Gloucester.
Wife lo Simpcox.

Pelitioners, Aldermen, a Beadle, Sheriff and Officers, Citizens, with Faula

coners, Guards, Messengers, and other Altendants.
The SCENE is laid very dispersedly in several Parts of England.







Flourish of Trumpets: then, Hautboys. Enter King Henry,

Duke Humphry, Salisbury, Warwick, and Beauford on the one side: The Queen, Suffolk, York, Somerset, and Buckingham on the other.

S by your high imperial Majesty

I had in charge at my depart from France,
As procurator for your Excellence,
To marry Princess Margret for your Grace;
So in the famous ancient city, Tours,
In presence of the Kings of France and Sicil.
The dukes of Orleans, Calaber, Bretaigne, Alanson,
Seven Earls, twelve Barons, twenty reverend Bishops,
I have perform'd my task, and was espous’d:
And humbly now upon my bended knee,
In light of England and her lordly peers
Deliver up my title in the Queen

[Presenting the Queen to the King. To your most gracious hand; that are the substance Of that great shadow I did represent:

* The second Part, &c.] This and the Third Part were first written under the Title of the Contention of York and Lancaster, printed in

Mr. l'ofeo 1600, but since vaftly improved by the Author. B 2


The happiest gist that ever Marquiss gave,
The faireft Queen that ever King receiv'd.

K. Henry. Suffolk, arise. Welcome, Queen Margaret;
I can express no kinder sign of love,
Than this kind kiss. O Lord, that lend'It me life,
Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness !
For thou hast giv'n me, in this beauteous face,
A world of earthly blessings to my soul;
If sympathy of love unite our thoughts.
Q. Mar. Great King of England, and my gracious

The mutual conf'rence that my mind hath had,
By day, by night, waking, and in my dreams,
In courtly company, or at my beads,
With you mine alder-liefest Sovereign ;
Makes me the bolder to salute

my King
With ruder terms; such as my wit affords,
And over-joy of heart doth minifter.
K. Henry. Her fight did ravish, but her grace in

Her words y clad with wisdom's majesty,
Make me from wondring fall to weeping joys,
Such is the fulness of heart's content.
Lords, with one cheerful voice welcome


love. All kneel. Long live Queen Margʻret, England's hap



Q. Mar. We thank you all.

[Flourish. Suff

. My lord protector, so it please your grace, Here are the articles of contracted Peace, Between our Sovereign and the French King Charles, For eighteen months concluded by consent.

Glo. (reads. Imprimis, It is agreed between the French King, Charles, and William de la Pole Marquiss of Suffolk, Ambassador for Henry King of England, that the said Henry Hall espouse the lady Margaret, daugha ter unto Reignier King of Naples, Sicilia, and Jerusalem, and crown her Queen of England, ere the thirtieth of May next ensuing.

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