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Act of January 7, 1925, an Act for the establishment of a U.S. Industrial
Reformatory. (Public Law No. 305, 68th Cong.) -

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Act of June 6, 1930, an Act to amend the Act of March 4, 1925, chapter 521.
(Public Law No. 310, 71st Cong.).

Act of June 11, 1930, an Act establishing under the jurisdiction of the

Department of Justice a Division of the Bureau of Investigation to be

known as the Division of Identification and Information. (Public Law

No. 337, 71st Cong.)....

Act of March 2, 1931, an Act to amend an Act to parole U.S. prisoners,
approved June 25, 1910. (Public Law No. 777, 71st Cong.).

Act of June 11, 1932, to provide for the transportation of certain juvenile

offenders to States under the law of which they have committed offenses

or are delinquents. (Public Law No. 169, 72d Cong.).-
Act of June 22, 1932, forbidding the transportation of any person in inter-
state or foreign commerce, kidnapped, or otherwise unlawfully detained,
and making such act a felony. (Public Law No. 189, 72d Cong.).

Act of June 28, 1932, to amend sections 328 and 329 of the U.S. Criminal

Code of 1910 and sections 548 and 549 of the United States Code of

1926. (Public Law No. 199, 72d Cong.).

Act of June 29, 1932, to prohibit the misuse of official insignia. (Public
Law No. 206, 72d Cong.)--

Act of June 29, 1932, to provide for alternate jurors in certain criminal
cases. (Public Law No. 209, 72d Cong.).

Act of June 29, 1932, to fix the date when sentence of imprisonment shall

begin to run, providing when the allowance to a prisoner of time for good

conduct shall begin to run, and further to extend the provisions of the

parole laws. (Public Law No. 210, 72d Cong.).

Act of July 8, 1932, to punish the sending through the mails of certain
threatening communications. (Public Law No. 274, 72d Cong.) __

Act of July 8, 1932, to control the possession, sale, transfer, and use of

pistols and other dangerous weapons in the District of Columbia, to

provide penalties, to prescribe rules of evidence. (Public Law No. 275,
72d Cong.).

Act of July 15, 1932, to establish a Board of Intermediate Sentence and

Parole for the District of Columbia and to determine its functions.

(Public Law No. 287, 72d Cong.)-----

Act of January 21, 1933, to amend an Act entitled "An Act To Punish the

Unlawful Breaking of Seals of Railroad Cars Containing Interstate or

Foreign Shipments." (Public Law No. 316, 72d Cong.).

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Act of June 16, 1933, to amend the Probation Law. (Public Law No. 74,
73d Cong.) -

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