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antiseptically treated vegetables. Saw patient the thought that comes at once in your mind. eight months afterwards, pulse and temperature Why not make your test of this preparation normal. The mother was delighted, so much so thoro ? Write to the firm and mention THE she intended later on to send her to the Normal MEDICAL WORLD. College. Flirtus muchus marii young earlius. Armour's Peptonized Beef is “ walking right

CASE IV. Miss J. A. G., weight 246 pounds, along” in the favor of the profession. Have you eyes black and blue, complexion blue and black, tried it ? Better write the firm and mention bair dishevelled. A clear case of whoop-la. THE WORLD. Been so for ten days. Upon close questioning

Woodruff's preparations are old “stand bys ** ascertained she had been drinking wbisky quantitatus gallorum. At once began treatment by lisht, the firm samples liberally, and it would

and are in steady demand. Altho so long establessening the quantiti quantus gallorum, limiting the same to no more than two pints per day.

pay you to read their advertisement on another

page and write them in accordance. She came to the office next day--no signs of Paralysis. A well defined case of Smachi Furni

If there is anything in antisepsis, there must turi. I was much pleased with this case. Showed

be much in Listerine. You must have proved treatment had markt effect.

its value. Write the Lambert Pharmacal Com-
pany about it, and don't forget to mention The

The Rational Treatment of Grip.

Resinol for pruritus—“nothing better,” is the The necessity of a powerful eliminant in every

verdict of the rank and file of medical men. prescription for grip is self-evident. While anti

Write the firm for a sample and tell them you pyretics and antiperiodics may somewhat stimu

saw it in THE WORLD. late the excretions and relieve congestion, there. by controlling certain features of the disease, a

Hydrozone and Glycozone are too well known complete cure cannot be expected until the grip

to require pushing, yet it might be well to call

the attention of physicians to the sample clause poison is thoroly eliminated and the diseased organs enabled to resume normal functions.

in the advertisement elsewhere. Read it and The successful treatment of grip depends upon

profit thereby. the thoroness of the remedy employed, bence we

Kennedy's White Pinus Canadensis gives perask why temporize with antipyretics and anti

fect satisfaction in gonorrhea and gleet ; have periodics when Tongaline always secures prompt

used it in cases within the last six months that and efficient, as well as permanent, results.

resisted all other remedies. Have also used it The internal use of Tongaline Liquid taken at

successfully in cases of leucorrbea and ulceration sbort intervals in hot water, washed down with

of the os uteri.-J. R. Wilcox, M. D., Colorado copious drafts of hot water, may be supplemented Springs, Colo. by its local application to the inner parts of the If physicians will report to The Dios Chemical thighs and to the abdominal surfaces. Or as grip Co., St. Louis, Mo., such druggists as attempt invariably renders the stomach irritable and the substituting their products, it will be considered nerves sensitive, the disturbing effects of inter- strictly confidential and their name will in nonal medication can be entirely avoided by the ex- wise be mentioned. Dioviburnia and Neurosine ternal use of Tongaline Liquid alone.

have gained favor sufficiently to fall under the In fact, when the system is thorougbly under work of the substitution fiend, a proceeding the the influence of Tongaline, the progress of la company is determined to stop. grippe is arrested, and as a result there is imme

The Waugh. Abbott preparations have an asdiate recuperation, followed shortly by a perfect sured place in the regard of the profession. Any cure.

one who has not already substantiated their

merits can bave opportunity for doing so by Practical Points,

writing for samples. Do not neglect to mention
that you read the advertisement in The

Hypo-Substitute for Opiates.

Colden's Liquid Tonic and Hydroleine are Dr. Obe F. Watlington, of Memphis, Tenn., valuable tberapeutic agents. Read the adverwrites in the Medical Brief :“I have in my pos- tisement on another page and write concerning session a hypodermic alkaloidal solution, which them. is a specific in drug addictions (opium babitua

Henry's Three Chlorids may meet the indication, alcobolism, etc.) On receipt of a two-cent

tion that has puzzled you. You cannot afford to stamp, I will take pleasure in furnishing any of

neglect to investigate them. Write the firm and the medical profession with the formula, by the

mention The WORLD. use of which a number of the fraternity bave been enabled to cure themselves of opiumism, al

Angier's Petroleum Emulsion is without a coholism and insomnia. I used morphia hypo

peer in its peculiar field. Write the firm condermically for ten years. Obtained a perfect cerning their advertisement on another page and

mention THE WORLD, cure by this prescription." Never neglect to read Paike, Davis & Com

Nothing will better build up a patient sufferpany's advertisement on the last page. If you

ing from the depressing effects of grip and other do, you are sure to miss something of great value

diseases peculiar in winter, or better tide the

tuberculous invalid over the trying months of to you.

February, March and April, than proper climatic Do you prescribe hypophosphites in conditions

environment. In no place in America can all requiring up-building ? If so, “Fellows'” is

(Continued orer nezt leaf.)



ANTIPHLOGISTIC, NUTRIENT, ETC. CR Ungt Resinol zi–iii) Aspecific for Eczema, Pruritus Ani, and all itching troubles.

I find Resinol a very nice, delicate and effective remedy in all


cases of skin affections in which I have used it.

JNO. P. CORCORAN, M. D., U. S. Exam. Surg., Detroit, Mich.

We use Resinol in the St. Louis Children's Hospital with excellent results.


I prescribe Resinol almost daily. It is the best thing on earth as an Ointment.

WALTER D. GREENE, M, D., Buffalo, N. Y.






Indicated in all skin Diseases, Chronic Constipation and

disorders of Digestion etc.

I have found the Elixir Cascanata a very efficient remedy in
chronic Eczema. I often prescribe it, and have always been
gratified with the results obtained.

T. J. WOOLDRIDGE, M. D., French Hay, Va.






A valuable and effective remedy for Acne. Prevents the recurrence of Eczematous and other skin troubles. Unsurpassed for shampooing, preventing the accumulation of dandruff and falling

out of the hair. An excellent antiseptic soap for the puerperium. For sale by all Druggists.or sent on receipt of price.


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Special $1.00 Offer

One Hypodermic Syringe

indications for healthful surroundings be better met than at Old Point Comfort. Physicians sending their patients to the Hygeia Hotel, advertised elsewhere, will have reason to congratulate themselves on their course. Write for

Op receipt of one dollar we will fuller particulars and mention THE WORLD.

send, post-paid, Phenalgin is well recommended in grip, used in combination with quinin. It is claimed to be free from the depressing effects of the other

(MOROCCO CASE), members of the coal.tar group. Read the adver

togetber with tisement of the Etna Chemical Company in this 1,000 Aloin and Strych. Comp. Tablets issue ; ponder on what it tells you, and then

Each containing Aloin, 1-5 grain; Ext Belladonna, 1-8 write them for samples, that you may give it a grain ; Strychnine Sulph., 1-60 grain ; Ipecac, 1-6 grain. fair trial, mentioning THE WORLD.

Formaldehyd is without a rival in the field of WEEKS DRUG AND CHEMICAL CO. aerial antiseptics. The Sanitary Formaldehyd

JACKSON, MICHIGAN Regenerator, which is now so largely employed by the Boards of Health of the United States and

, Recently this apparatus was very much improved. It is portable, non-explosive and speedily opera- On receipt of one dollar we will send, post-paid, One Selfted. A brochure recepily issued by H. K.

Registering Fever Thermometer with Maguifying

lens, in an aluminum Case, together with 1000 Mulford Company gives details of practical work and crucial tests. The brochure will be supplied on request if you mention THE WORLD. When coughs and colds are prevalent is the


.1-35 grain time to consider such therapeutic preparations

Cocaine Hydrochlor..... ..1-280 grain

Oil Anise. as Terraline, a food, antiseptic reparative and

.1-80 grain Acid Benzoic..

.1-12 grain gastro-intestinal lubricant, accelerating intra


..1 16 grain organic oxidation with especially gratifying re

Sugar Milk (q. R.).

grains sults in the depressed conditions attendant upon grip. Samples and literature will be sent by the

WEEKS DRUG AND CHEMICAL CO. (Continued over next leaf.)




The Medical World

The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge ; the only knowledge that has
life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs

like dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops off the stones.-FBOUDE.

The Medical World surely, if more rapidly, fatal, than pulmo

terror, and yet any one of these is less

nary tuberculosis, and should be guarded C. F. TAYLOR, M. D.

against and investigated with a view to Editor and Publisher prophylaxis in no greater degree. Turn where one may, the “

great white Subscription to any part of the United States and Canada plague" is in evidence. The statement

ONE DOLLAR per year. To England and the British has been confidently made that one-third Colonies, FIVE SHILLINGS per year. Postage free. Single copies, TEN CENTS. These rates must be paid invariably

of all mankind are or have been affected in advance.

with tuberculosis, and in this statement We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a number

diseases of the bones and joints and affecfail to reach a subscriber, we will supply another, if notified before the end of the month.

tions of the skin and glands and various Pay no money to agents for the journal unless publisher's

other depots of infection were not inreceipt is given.


In 4,250 necropsies made in one year in "THE MEDICAL WORLD,"

the city of Breslau, gross macroscopic 1520 Chestnut Street

lesions were found in 1,393, or at least onePHILADELPHIA, Pa. third of all the cases that came upon the

post-mortem table. Another investigator,

Biggs, found characteristic lesions of the VOL. XVII. MARCH, 1899.

No. 3.

lungs in 60 per cent. of all the autopsies

conducted by him, and of the cases ALLIED PRINTING

which post-mortems were held at the Paris UNION TRADES COUNCIL

Morgue, in 1894, 75 per cent. showed the PHILADELPHIA

lesions of pulmonary tuberculosis. As many cases show lesions only under the

microscope, and others recover without A General View of Tuberculosis. lesion, it is quite evident that there is litThere are more deaths annually from tle danger of over-estimating the imporsome form or other of tuberculosis, and tance of the disease, either in regard to particularly from that form which attacks frequency or the variety of its lesions. the lungs and is known as consump

General belief in the profession is that tion or phthisis, than from any one other tuberculosis, latent, active, or the remains disease, take the known world thru. And of previous lesions, is present in about yet there is no other disease the treatment two-thirds of all bodies. Investigation and prophylaxis of which is so little un- made with a view to determine the point, derstood, or against which there is so little showed that in the bodies examined, evicare exercised.

dence visible to the naked eye of the existThe occurrence of a half-score cases of ence of tuberculosis was present on 66 per small-pox, or a single case of yellow fever cent., was the cause of death in 53 per or cholera, will rouse a community to wild cent. of these, and was latent in 41 per





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cent., while it was of great importance in steps in the process may be described, 6 per cent. In the cases of non-manifest first, an inherited delicacy of constitution, tuberculosis, almost every other body ex- the diathesis of consumption, enabling amined showed a concealed depot of infec- easy invasion by the tubercle-bacillus ; tion. These numbers, astounding tho they second, the invasion and destructive proare, must be regarded as low, however, as cesses of the bacillus, forming the "wound;" the examination was grossly anatomic, the third, the invasion of the wound by the microscope not being used at all, and be streptococcus or other virulent organcause, even with the most critical exam. ination by an expert, concealed depots can When it is considered that the hectic be overlookt. Hence numerous writers fever which is so characteristic of phthisis and investigators believe that the disease presents exactly the same characteristics is practically general in its scope of the as the septic fever following upon any human race, and that the individual abso- infection of a septic nature, the solution lutely free from the tuberculous taint, of many of the problems in pulmonary would be very difficult if not impossible to tuberculosis that have led to so much confind.

troversy, and with some, to repudiation of The reason that the rate of the number the doctrine of the tubercle-bacillus as a of cases varies according to the different causative agent of consumption, will be authorities, is to be ascribed more to the readily understood. The fever of condiffering methods of examination than to sumption has its sudden evening elevation the difference in frequency of occur- followed by sweats of an exhausting nature rence.

and later by morning remissions of temThe more quickly fatal cases are now sup- perature. This is identical with the posed to be instances of mixt infection. The pyrexia of erysipelas, of puerperal fever, tuberculosis in the body is invariably due and of all acute suppurative processes in to a single definite cause, the existence of which pus-producing organisms, and, notthe tubercle-bacillus, and is an absolutely ably, the streptococcus, play a part. specific process; it is almost invariably In the pursuance of this idea, conclusion associated with some other affection. It follows that the destruction of tissue so is now generally recognized that the whole universal in tuberculosis is possibly due to character of phthisis was not determined coexisting bacteria of a pyogenic nature, by the discovery of the bacillus tuberculo- and that the hectic fever is caused by sis, since it is known that tuberculosis of these, and is but a manifestation of a septhe lungs is not a pure process. This

tic process. We are then in a condition thought was developt from the fact that to rightly consider the matters of heredity, in order to obtain a pure test-tube culture the predisposition to attack, the best modes of the bacillus, the air must positively be of prevention, and the best modes of entirely excluded. The next step was the treatment. Inquiry should be directed to recollection that this exclusion of the air ascertaining the origin of the delicacy that does not exist in the lungs, the bronchial lessens resistance to disease, the mode of tubes being opened to the air and exposed conveyance of the infecting principle, and to constant contamination. Hence, tu- the best modes of combating these dangers. berculosis as it exists in our patients is an Treatment of the developed conditions essentially different process from that can be studied later. obtained by means of the laboratory cult

Phthisis or Pulmonary Tuberculosis. These complicating infections are gen- Phthisis may be defined as a specific erally secondary, and may be considered inflammatory disease of the lungs, caused in some degree as wound infections. The primarily by the bacillus tuberculosis, and


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