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considerably kept up, and many of the trades-folks of moderate circumstances encouraged and patronised by that female Macænas the ingenious Mrs. T


and the greatest proportion of the new buildings were erected at her own expence, which is not only a compliment to her natural public spirit, but her judicious speculation and taste.

The Pier is one of the most magnificent structures of its kind in this kingdom, forming almost a circus of a mile in compass, which is a stately and convenient shelter for shipping on that part of the coast; it has been greatly extended within these few years, and a convenient and elegant lighthouse built on that part towards the sea, in order that the vessels may in the night steer in with the greater safety. At the commencement of this spacious, Pier is the Assemblyroom,

built by the late Mr. Heritage, which, though small, is well proportioned; not splendid, but elegantly neat.

Albion-place is built upon one of the cliffs, overlooking the sea, commanding a variety of views, particularly Sandwich, Deal, Dover-Castle, and the Downs. When your eyes are cast towards the latter place, you are often gratified with seeing the bulwark of our nation, a well-rigged British fleet at anchor, waiting for orders to sail, and guard our envied coast from the menaces of the common enemy: the back prospect presents to the eye the greatest part of the Isle of Thanet.


The library here is much confined in point of situation, being placed in the centre of the town, very near to the market, at one of the corners of four streets, where there is little prospect, and much smell ; and the subscribers have this consolation when reading, should they take their eyes from their books, and turn them to the market, that they are well placed, having food for the body and mind at the same time so near at hand. The librarian is a very civil, well-behaved, respectable tradesman, and the reason that his library has risen to that degree of eminence is from the uniform attention he seems to pay every body that is pleased to countenance him in his profession. We are told that a certain popular



lady in that neighbourhood, in order to accommodate the frequenters of Ramsgate, and encourage an industrious and deserving character, has it in contemplation to build another library for him near the Pier, where the subscribers will be placed in a better point of view, and enjoy the salubrity of the sea-air at the same time.


This place is built in a sandy bottom, closely encircled with hills, contracting the atmosphere, which seems to lie heavy upon the heads and the hearts of the inhabitants; for there is


a visible languor in all their manners, and a weight upon all their countenances. The Promenade is a long brick

pavement, over which is thrown a wooden colonnade or shed; and, to keep you more from the light of the heavens and the influx of the air, this colonnade is sheltered by a row of tall élms, so that what air you imbibe for the sake of respiration arises from the earth or bricks, great part of which are frequently grown over with a thin coat of a mossy green, the common consequence of stagnated air or water.

There are two Assembly-rooms, but neither of them commodious, elegant, nor neat. One set of the public rooms are upon the side of the


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