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DUCATORS frequently are accused of out of months of planning and work by the Our Schools Are What We Make Them being able to present facts on education Advertising Council, the Citizens Federal

Good Citizens Everywhere Are Helping! to educators but not always to citizens Committee on Education, the Office of Edu

As you read the words you will be seeing generally.

cation, and the National Citizens Commis- evidence of another phase of the same Today some of the Nation's top-flight sion for the Public Schools.

“Better Schools” campaign, one which gives specialists in the fields of radio, advertising, A recent week's schedule of public-serv- a sort of pat on the back to citizens for what publishing, and business are lending their ice messages on radio programs arranged they already have done to help improve time and talents to help educators inform by the Advertising Council revealed that

school conditions, and challenges the great laymen like themselves of problems facing “Better Schools” messages were announced

Nation-wide audience of the outdoor adver. our schools now and in the years immedi- on 80 radio programs broadcast over the tising industry to keep up the good work. ately ahead.

ABC, CBS, NBC, and MBS networks. In During the coming months you will see When you hear George Hicks, Kate addition, during the same week, 35 national

in popular magazines and trade journals Smith, Arthur Godfrey, or any other radio advertisers were asked to carry a “Better

and in your newspapers advertising copy star take time out to talk about the millions Schools” message on their programs broad

that has been prepared by some of the leadof children who will be crowding into our cast over 670 stations.

ing advertising copy men in the business. schools during the next few years and the Blackboard type announcements will ap- The advertising firms which employ them need for more elementary teachers and pear on outdoor posters across the Nation provide the service gratis as a public service better schools, credit the announcements to this fall. As you drive along the highways

so that accurate figures and facts on our much cooperative planning. They grow you will see many times the words: Nation's growing school problems may be

presented to citizen readers in a professional way—to get the best results. Pattern advertisements are selected by business firms which pay millions of dollars to bring “Better Schools” information to the public.

Such catch lines as “You Wouldn't Let This Happen to Your Child—Or Would You?” “How Wide Will Your Child's World Be?" "What the Stork Could Tell the Schoolboard" and "The Boom That Can Be. come a Boomerang” are only suggestive of many others which may attract your attention this year and will identify advertising copy of the highest type, planned, prepared, checked and double-checked, and presented by business firms to citizens through every possible media of communication, in behalf of better schools.

It would be impossible to mention all of the national, State, and local organizations working for the improvement of educa

tion-endeavoring to keep citizens informed Members of the Citizens Federal Committee on Education discuss school and college building needs this year. Presiding at the meeting in the Office of Education, Federal Security Agency, is Dr. Kathryn McHale, of the status quo and what is on the horizon. American Association of University Women, Chairman of the Committee. Standing is Ralph L. Goetzenberger, Engineer's Council for Professional Development, Committee Secretary.

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Help Wanted—Teachers

Our Schools Need 160,000 New Teachers in 1949 and

Over 100,000 Every Year for the Next 10 Years

as a career.

of this PLUS. But it is also trying and discouraging and exhausting. Even good teachers are sorely taxed at times to get things proceeding smoothly and all hands pulling together. A few teachers never quite make the grade. They are the ones pupils forget. Their example tends to dis

courage others from considering teaching by Edwin H. Miner (This article was written by Mr. Miner when he was Associate Commissioner of Education. He was recently named We teachers know that we are catalogucd Director of the Armed Forces Education Program. See page 13, column 3.)

by our students. We know some of the listings students give us— -not all of them are

complimentary. The analyses are generTry checking your students against this list of questions. YES answers would be indicators as to whether they have the stuff out of which good teachers ally fair. When a class as a whole takes a are made: 1. Do you like people generally and especially those whom you can help?

dim view of a teacher, I am inclined to be 2. Are you' interested in children and their development?

lieve the teacher has earned that low 3. Do you like to explore new ideas and are you intellectually curious?

opinion. If only we could get youth to use 4. Are you interested in what is happening in your town, your State and country, and in the world today?

those sad experiences as a challenge to get 5. Do you have faith in democracy as a form of government and a way of life? 6. Would you strive to inspire others with an understanding of their individual and group

into teaching themselves and do a better responsibilities to improve and perfect our practice of democracy?

job! 7. Do you like to work on tough projects in which you can really dig into interesting and

Good teaching is a joy, both to teachers challenging problems? 8. Are you alert physically as well as mentally?

and students. Teaching's greatest allure is 9. Are you emotionally stable?

the satisfaction that comes from helping 10. Do you like to have others think well of you and what you do?

others learn and grow. “But,” you say,

“that serving.other-people angle is why Tom YOU may find this article useful in encour- about to accept a four-leaf clover from her

wants to be a doctor and why my cousin is aging some of your most outstanding high

studying law.” school students NOT to shut their opportunity delighted son. “It was nice of you to bring door on the Career of the decade." Home it to me.” He smiled up into her friendly

You're right as far as you go. You could room teachers and guidance counselors will face. She patted his head tenderly as he

have added all the professions and count. find many questions about teaching answered in the article. Reprints are available for turned to work his way back to his seat.

less other jobs in which people practice the class use from the Superintendent of Documents, Washington 25, D. C. ALL teachers

It was obviously not a photograph of

basic principles of right living while they must help in the campaign to recruit new Miss Wilson, for she was 64 years old and

work. But the whole purpose of teaching teachers if our country's schools are to be staffed for our millions of new students.

stout, with thinning gray hair which defied is to help others learn. And that in itself One of the best ways teachers can do this is both a wave and a semblance of ordered is cause enough for young womenand to be so proud of their job and so successful in their working together with boys and girls

arrangement. I wondered how Jimmy had mento choose teaching for a life work and other teachers that their students will confused the two until I noticed that the

and to be proud of their choice. Rememwant to follow in their footsteps and become teachers! warm smile of loving affection was com

ber, there'd be no lawyers without teachers. mon to them both. And then it struck me

Nor doctors, nor engineers. HE second-grade teacher was waiting with majestic force that her kindly accept

I frequently think folks are apt to build for the hubbub of a winter morning ance of the picture without any attempt to

up ideas about the way teachers, and nurses, struggle with galoshes and snowsuits to correct Jimmy's mistaken powers of ob.

and ministers, and other groups of people wear itself out. One by one rosy cheeked servation was even further proof of this

should look. I wish it were as easy as that, youngsters slipped out of their wooly co- teacher's marvelous understanding of chil

because we could say to young people, “Go coons and tumbled happily into their seats. dren .... because Jimmy's observations

to your mirror. Study yourself carefully. And then she saw Jimmy bumping his way weren't so faulty after all. He, a second If you look the part, then you can become down the aisle. A trip forward was always grader, had already learned that love and

a teacher.” To be sure, physical appear. a major mission for Jimmy with his sham- affection show in a person's smile, face, and

ance is as important in teaching as in many bling gait. This morning a new pair of words-not in one's age or body appear

other jobs. But I don't agree with the suheavy shoes added to his obstacle course.

perintendent of schools who used to say that

when he had narrowed his selection down to Clutched firmly in one hand and safe from

Most of us, I believe, remember with possible collision, he held a page from a warm and grateful feelings those teachers, three equally well qualified candidates, he

would hire the man with the largest nose. regardless of age or appearance, who

I magazine. treated us like individuals of promise.

don't think good teachers are so typed that “Miss Wilson," he exclaimed with happy

you can pick them out oí a crowd by appearpride in his eyes, “I saw your picture in the Fun But Not Easy

ance alone. Sunday paper yesterday. I cut it out for

It's a thrill to be a teacher and have your If only we could have a student interested vou.”

students like and respect you. It's fun to in teaching, push a button, and direct a “Thank you, Jimmy,” she replied, look- watch children grow. It's the most satisfy. special X-ray into his mirror so that he ing quickly at an attractive young mother ing job in the world. Yes, teaching is all might see what teachers are really like



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inside as well as outside. We could expect 1960 will be engulfed by approximately a visions and give teachers freedom to use the questions and answers to go something 35 percent increase over that of 1950. Com. their summers as they see fit. like this:

petition in the secondary school field will There are teachers' unions, associations,

be keener because many of the teachers now and professional organizations through How good are the chances?

being trained will have to head that way. membership in which teachers can act co“Even if I wanted to become a teacher and The need for principals, supervisors, and operatively to improve their working concould qualify, are there really any jobs administrators continues to grow. Compe- ditions. open? Would there still be any by the time tition is not acute for men in elementary The greatest guarantee a teacher has I am prepared? Would I have to live in a education.

against possible local abuse by individuals fish bowl? Could I find myself a gentle.

or hatchet

groups is that which comes from Would they pay me a living salary? man to marry?”

the wholehearted support of teacher-parent The answers? We could explain that

Although working conditions and salary

groups and the school administrative staff. teachers cannot read horoscopes. Neither

arrangements vary locally, more and more

States now have minimum salary regula. What are the chances for promotion? can they gaze into a crystal ball and fore

tions which insure teachers of a living wage. tell

future. But here are answers to your

Good teachers are easily and surely these and related questions which you may

Most systems provide for regular salary in spotted. Competition in that group is still find interesting:

There is some jockeying in the not so keen as to prevent good chances for employment of teachers as in other lines of

promotion. Promotion sometimes comes Are there really jobs open?

work. Wealthier school districts are always by moving from systems with lower pay Yes, Department of Labor statistics and alluring good teachers away into better pay. scales to those which can pay more. Occa U.S. Office of Education studies show a need ing positions. Remember that a demand

sional moving is in itself likely to stimulate for more than 100,000 new teachers every market in education is a teacher's market. teacher growth and improvement. In-servyear for the next 10 years. These needs are Currently, average salaries in the United ice and postgraduate training are the cusfigured on actual increases in the national States range from $1,100 to $3,600 per year tomary ways by which teachers improve birth rate since the War. for classroom teachers.

their worth and earn promotions. Would there still be jobs by the What security do teachers have?

Pick Your Spot time I have finished teacher training? Some States have permanent tenure laws Yes, and that holds true whether you plan which guarantee the teacher his or her job

Where would these teaching jobs be? to take 2-, 3-, or 4-year training courses. for life provided he does not give cause to Although cities will need more teachers And that goes for men as well as women. be fired for insubordination, incompetence, than country areas, the facts are that

every (More and more States are coming to re- or immorality. Even where there are no State and all parts of them need more quire 4 years of college training for teach- tenure laws, teachers are more and more teachers. Depending upon your ability and ing.)

being employed on indefinite tenure and experience qualifications for employment, less and less on 1-year contracts.

you should be able to work almost any. What kind of openings are there?

It is true teachers do not belong to the where you'd like to go. If you've always For the next 7 years the demand will be Social Security group, but most States now dreamed of traveling and seeing new places, for elementary school teachers. But as the have pension plans for teacher retirement. teaching offers you the chance to have your tidal wave of swollen enrollments sweeps These conditions are constantly being im- dream come true. Teachers will be greeted through the grades, our high schools by proved. Most systems have sick leave pro

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of Education, Elementary Education Division.
• Selected References for the Teaching of
Geography and Conservation. (In press)
Free. Division of Secondary Education. Five

1. Philosophy and Goals.
2. Programs and Procedures.
3. Audio-Visual Aids.
4. Inexpensive Teaching Materials.
5. A Bibliography of Bibliographies.


Education for Conservation

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(Continued from page 5) by more than a “Welcome Stranger” salutation wherever they go. They'll be accepted and offered a job. Could I lead a life of my own or would I constantly live in a fish bowl?

You can lead your own life, but complete disregard for community standards will most certainly bring forth a storm of protest. Generally a community expects high personal standards of living from its

teachers, doctors, and lawyers. But since Earl James McGrath, U. S. Commissioner of Education, reading the Conservation Pledge.

teachers are paid from public funds and not from fees paid by the individual served, most communities look to them for public example.

Teachers who are masters of the art of UR country's natural resources have

educationally until young and old alike getting along with others and helping them been depleted by the necessities of become just as well acquainted with to get along with each other rarely have two world wars, and by waste reflecting America's Conservation Pledge as they any occasion to feel hampered. When the careless thinking during the days of may be with the Pledge of Allegiance to teachers are enthusiastic about their comthe frontier era when our natural re- the Flag.

munities, you will usually find the townssources seemed inexhaustible.

May all Americans, both in and out of folk will like and respect them. The safeguarding of our remaining school, learn to live up to this declara

Would I be worn out by extraclassroom natural riches to avert the danger of tion, a democratic duty to help keep our

jobs? America ever becoming a have-not nanation strong.

The teacher's work is not bounded by tion is a continuing national responsi

four classroom walls. Most systems expect bility and should be accepted by every youth and adult in the days and years

teachers to take part in a reasonable num

ber of extraclassroom activities. These ahead. Our schools are accepting the chal

tasks help keep many teachers from becomlenge, but there is still much to be done

ing subject matter blind. U. S. Commissioner of Education

You may be asked to take on community

jobs. Generally, there will not be outright Office of Education Aids • Conservation Excursions. Schools. Bulletin 1939 No. 14. insistence that teachers become Scout leadTHE OFFICE OF EDUCATION Bulletin 1939 No. 13 (Out of 15€.

ers or Sunday School teachers. Good has issued a number of publicaprint).

Farm Forestry. Vocational
Conservation Films in Ele- Division Bulletin No. 196. 15€.

teachers will continue to volunteer for these tions in past years useful in teachmentary Schools. Bulletin

jobs and many others in the community being conservation education. A

• Landscaping the Farm1941 No. 4 (Out of print).

cause they want to identify themselves as few are out of print but available

stead. Vocational Division BulConserving Farm Lands.

bona fide members of their towns. They for reference at school, college,

letin No. 189. 25€. Vocational Division Bulletin No. and public libraries. Order those

Some Selected References 201 (Out of print).

know that if they want to be accepted as available by purchase from the • Teaching Conservation in on Conservation for Pupils regular people, they must work with and be Superintendent of Documents , Elementary Schools. Bulletin and Teachers. Circular No.

understood by regular people. Washington 25, D. C. Those 1938 No. 14 (Out of print).

307. Free. Division of Secondthat are free, request from Office

One for the Girls
Choose Book

About ary Education.
of Education.
Things To Be Conserved. • A packet of conservation edu-

Can I find myself a man? Conservation in the Educa- Leaflet No. 60. 5¢.

cation material is available on a tion Program. Bulletin 1937 Curriculum Content in 3-weeks' loan basis upon payment

Although the question is timidly asked, No. 4 (Out of print).

Conservation for Elementary of return postage, from the Office it is the one question which every girl wants

Ease quertunte


to ask. They can be told that now—and for and old-maidish."

essential to the well-balanced development the next 10 years, the answer is and will be I can't prove whether a teacher becomes of children. “Yes, your chances are good if you're really old-maidish because she failed to get a Recently an educator with a long record as interested in marriage as your non- man or failed to get a man because she was of successful teaching in all grade levels teaching sisters are. Actually the odds are old-maidish. My guess is that unpleasant from primary to postgraduate university in your favor." people will always have difficulty finding a

told me that his most satisfying teaching In the first place, there is much in a mate.

years had been in intermediate grades. “I teacher's training-psychology and human

never felt so needed and helpful as I did relations—which should make her auto

with my third graders,” he said. “I suspect One for the Boys matically more desirable as a mate and

I supplied them with many of the securities prospective mother.

their fathers did not have time to give Could I be a teacher and still be a Second, by experience she should be more

them.” regular guy? patient and tolerant of children's ideas and ways of doing things.

I know why that question pops up. You

In conclusion Third, her general knowledge and experi- are thinking back to some man teacher who

In short, I would say to both young ence should make her a capable and con- was generally considered a "panty waist." women and men, your success in teaching tributing member of the social groups of a We all shudder over those examples of old

will depend pretty largely on your success

in being a thoroughly regular sort of a percommunity.

maids in trousers! But what are the facts? Fourth, more he-men are going into eduThe number of outstanding young men go

son, one whom others like and respect. And both of these successes are very


up to cation. ing to State teachers colleges has increased.

you and your own efforts. Both of you “Maybe those points are okay,” some The day when the bookish lad who shunned

should remember that parents spend much girls may say, “but why is it so many athletics was the typical male student in

of their time with adults. Teachers should teachers don't get married ?” teachers college is past.

also. They should enter into the full life We can agree that there was a time when Certainly we don't look upon fathers as

of their community-not as parasites but as getting married meant a teacher had to quit being unnecessary in the home when their contributors. If, in becoming a teacher, her work. That is not generally required sons are of lower school age. Quite the you should cease to be a person of charm,

contrary, psychologists tell us that the right personality, vigor, and attractive appeal, “But some teachers are sort of cranky sort of male guidance and help is vitally

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National officers of the fast-growing Future Homemakers of America visited with Federal Security Administrator Oscar R. Ewing when they attended the recent regional conference of their organization in Washington, D. C.

Shown in the photograph with Administrator Ewing are, left to right, Maxine Green, national secretary, Frederick, Md.; Maryanne Neff, national vice president, Johnson City, N. Y.; Jean Low, retiring national vice president, Brookline, Mass.; and Catherine Neill, retiring national treasurer, Bernardsville, N. J.

The Future Homemakers of America, sponsored by the Office of Education, Federal Security Agency, now enrolls more than 260,000 junior and senior high-school students in cities and rural areas who study homemaking. The organization supplements homemaking class work with an opportunity for girls to assume leadership and develop initiative. In local chapters and through State associations they sponsor group projects which contribute to the solution of problems important to home life.

I "I'd like to be there,” said Vice President Alben W. Barkley to the national officers of the Future Farmers of America as they invited him to their 1949 National FFA Convention to be held at Kansas City, Mo., October 10 to 13. The Vice President received the FFA boys in his office, giving each of them a hearty handshake in the presence of A. W. Tenney, FFA Executive Secretary, extreme left, and Earl James McGrath, Commissioner of Education, extreme right.

National officers of the Future Farmers of America shown in the photograph are, left to right, Alton Brazell, Lubbock, Tex., fourth vice president; Max Cobble, Midway, Tenn., student secretary; Bill Michael, Billings, Mont., third vice president; Paul Lindholm, Ortonville, Minn., first vice president; Ervin Martin, Salem, Ind., 1947-48 national FFA president; Doyle Conner, Starke, Fla., 1948-49 national president, shaking hands with Vice President Barkley; and Dale Hess, Fallston, Md., second vice president.

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