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23. Are there venial sins?

24. How do you describe the sin against the Holy Ghost?

25. How do you prove the depravity of unrenewed men to be total?

26. What was implied by the death threatened in case of disobedience?

27. Wherein consists the punishment of the damned?

28. How do you prove the eternity of hell torments?

29. How do you define the Covenant of Grace?

30. Is there any ground for a distinction between the Covenant of Redemption and the Covenant of Grace?

31. Wherein do the Covenants of Works, and Grace agree, and differ?

32. Are the Law, and Gospel inconsistent with each other?

33. What is an atonement? And what the nature, and extent of the atonement of Christ?

34. Was the sacrifice of Christ Jesus absolutely necessary for our salvation ?

35. Whence did the obedience, and sufferings of Christ derive their efficacy?

36. How was his death consistent with the justice of God?

37. How do you describe the nature, mode of administration, extent, duration and glory of Christ's kingly office?

38. What is to be understood by his descent into Hell?

39. What are we to understand by the application of Re demption?

40. How do you prove that the influence of the Holy Spirit is of free and sovereign grace?

41. What is regeneration, or effectual calling?

42. Whence arises the necessity of it?

43. What are the means of grace, and what their use?

44. What is the utmost the unregenerate do in the use of the means of grace?

45. To what are they to be exhorted?

46. Wherein consists the difference of the special call of the Spirit, and the more outward call of the gospel?

47. How do you describe the nature of gospel repentance, with the difference between this, and conviction of sin, or legal repentance?

48. How do you describe the nature, and necessity of justifying faith; and what species of causality has it in our justification?

49. What is included in, and what are the effects of justification?

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