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Bumey del!

Thornthwaite fculp? M" CUYLER in CRESSIDA.


you this Ijlove,

London Printed for J.Bell British Library Strand,October 18


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As banks of Libya ---though, Apollo knows,
'Tis dry enough, --will with great speed of judgment,
Ay, with celerity, find Hector's purpose 761
Pointing on him.

Ulyss. And wake him to the answer, think you?
Nest. Yes, 'tis most meet; Whom may you else

oppose, That can from Hector bring those honours off, If not Achilles? Thougli't be a sportful combat, Yet in this trial much opinion dwells ; For here the Trojans taste our dear’st repute With their fin'st palate: And trust to me, Ulysses, Our imputation shall be oddly poisid In this wild action : for the success, Although particular, shall give a scantling Of good or bad unto the general ; And in such indexes, although small pricks To their subsequent volumes, there is seen The baby figure of the giant mass Of things to come at large. It is suppos'd, He, that meets Hector, issues from our choice : And choice, being mutual act of all our souls, Makes merit her election; and doth boil,

789 As 'twere from forth us all, a man distillid Out of our virtues; who miscarrying, What heart receives from hence a conquering part, To steel a strong opinion to themselves ? Which entertain'd, limbs are in his instruments, In no less working, than are swords and bows Directive by the limbs.


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