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is worth doing, just as abdominal pads, course I pursued. I am perfectly satisfied consisting of several thicknesses of flannel, with the results thus far, but it seems to and of generous size, in chronic abdominal me that the subject is neglected. At least troubles, even in summer usually well repay I find very little writing upon it. for the trouble, but they are usually neg- I was called, July 8th, 9 p. m., to see E. lected because they are so simple. Such Y., colored, aged about thirty eight. I simple things are just as "scientific" as found her in labor at about the fourth procedures that require deeper thought, month of gestation. On examination I and that usually do less good.-Ed.] found the os considerably dilated. Patient

stated that membranes had ruptured sevConvulsions in a Child. eral hours before. There was no hem

Until the Editor MEDICAL World :-I would like orrhage then; had been none.

case was terminated there was scarcely to ask for help in a case as described below: Girl, twenty-eight months old. Family any loss of blood. I did very little in the

way of treatment, but waited patiently for history good, was healthy till thirteen

a short time, when the fetus was delivered. months old, when she suddenly without warning, while playing, took a convulsion. Up to this time there had been very little

trouble; but now came the difficulty, She had fallen on the floor a few minutes before, but the fall left no sign of bruise

or pulsive pains. I waited a sufficient length

There was good contraction, but no exhurt of any kind. The usual worm treat

of time and began to make efforts at ment, along with bromid of potash was given for a few days, and all seemed well delivery of placenta, but the os was comfor two or three months, when again, with. pletely closed; so much so that I was not

able to introduce the end of my index out warning, another came, and some harder. After being fretful a few days she finger. I gave fl. ext. of ergot in halfwas well again. She has had a half-dozen teaspoonful doses every hour or two, but

to no avail. I waited about six hours, and or more since, and it seems would be having them often if it was not for the con

attempted to deliver by introducing my

hand into the vagina and scooping the tinous use of bromids. After two three, at intervals her eyes would look placenta out with my fingers, but found very weak for a day or two and then would anesthesia, so I called counsel.

that the shock would be too great without be bright as usual again. Of late her gen

My plan eral health has failed considerably. It

was to empty the uterus as soon as possiseems that she can hardly keep her eyes

ble for fear of hemorrhage and septicemia

as a result of delay. Accordingly, we open some days. Her head is noticeably large, measuring twenty-two inches at gave chloroform and delivered. Now,

what I wish to know is: Is it advisable to largest circumference, and an inch larger leave such cases to nature and go away? than her sister's, three years older. Her

or is it best to do as we did in this case ? mind is not impaired. In fact she seems

I reviewed all my old journals and I find unusually bright. She does not complain of anything; just fretful, losing flesh, etc.

very little written upon this most troubleMuch of the time the extremities are cold

some part of treatment of abortions-that and the head hot. The treatment for some

of delivery of retained placenta. It is my

lot to meet with such cases quite often, time has been with the idea of trying to stimulate the absorption of any fluid there

and I have always been successful, not might be in the brain, and sedatives to placenta before I leave a case, I would

having lost a case. I always deliver the prevent the convulsions, and nothing given be pleased to see several articles on this for this last purpose seems to do much

subject from those who have had expergood except bromids. Also she takes

ience. Let us hear from the Editor. tonics. Any advice will be much appre

Emmet, Texas.

J. B. RAMSEY, M.D. ciated. Tennessee.

[I have not practist obstetrics for some years, but as I call to mind my observa

tions, I am inclined to think that nature Delivery of Placenta After Abortions.

will in nearly every instance expel the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I wish in as placenta, if given time. These few words brief a manner as possible to relate to the may call upon my head sharp criticism readers of The World a case which I was from the up-to-dates." However, concalled recently to attend, and ask the sider the great number of abortions that opinion of as many as possible of the

are not seen by a physician; also those in the care of physicians that do not need picking or snapping these with her finsuch measures as in the above case. The gers. facts amply prove that it is only the very She has had electricity, sea salt baths, exceptional case in which nature will not strych. or nux vom. Alkaline powders expel the placenta if given time. However, (bicarb. and phos. of soda) seem to conthe physician cannot always spare the trol the gas and sour stomach. Cascara time to wait, and if the distance is great, sagrada daily, except when stools are light he does not like to leave a patient with re- colored she gets from 1 to 3 grs. calomel. tained placenta. Hence the usual practice She had similar attacks three and six is to endeavor to remove the placenta years ago, when her physicians gave her before leaving.-Ed.]

kolo-cardinette, which she thought helpt

her. We tried it again, but she does not Editor MEDICAL WORLD: – Will you improve. kindly advise me as to diagnosis and My diagnosis has been neurasthenia, treatment in following case ?

and treatment as above. I almost forgot Female, 55 years, large, weight 180 lbs., to say the patient has been extremely married, no children; moderate circum- cheerful. I have never seen her discourstances, has no household cares ; husband aged except when she did not get sympais a merchant; they have rooms and thy where she expected it. She requires board.

lots of sympathy. During a former illness Her present trouble followed an attack she discharged a physician because he of grip. I saw her first February 11th. wanted her to get up and go out and take As she recovered from the grip, she had exercise, telling her he wisht his wife neuralgic attacks and her circulation were as well. would run down,” as she exprest it. Warren, Ill. U.S. G. KELLER. When called at these times I would find [This is one of the cases that try the her pulse slow and weak, from 50 to 60, patience of saints, unless the doctor is woman apparently collapst and requiring willing to continue his visits chiefly for some effort to reply in whisper to inquiries; the fee, and dispensing chiefly sympathy. face and lips pale; dark circles about However, let us give the patient credit for eyes. Inhalations of nitrite of amyl and her cheerfulness. I am inclined to think To gr. doses of nitroglycerin would bring that an injection of will-power, or resoluher pulse up to 70 in from one-half to one tion, would be the best thing for her. hour, when she would say she felt better Massage and passive motion would be a and speak in ordinary tone. She has no good beginning, which could be made to organic heart trouble that I can detect. lead judiciously up to gentle exercise withHas been in bed four months. Never out offending her ladyship, and hence sleeps in daytime, but sleeps most of night, without endangering the doctor's standing especially from midnight till 7 or 8 a.m. with her. This should be done by a Pressure on lower spine shows tenderness; skilled masseuse, under the general direchas pain in left side, region of stomach tions of the attending physician. In this and spleen, pain in hips and limbs over way she might be induced to sit up soon, course of sciatic nerve.

then before many days to take a carriage Gastro-intestinal tract at fault; has in- ride, and so she might be up and about digestion, gas, constipation and hemor- before she would realize it, and forget to rhoids. Diet has been milk, scrapt raw say: “0, I can't." However, in a medimeat, toast or dry bread.

cal way, intestinal antisepsis, by means of Muscles are somewhat flabby, but she is the sulfocarbolates, might benefit this paremarkably well nourisht and has lost but

tient very much. Also, her intestines little in weight. Perspires a great deal, may be loaded with accumulated feces. some days changes night-robe four or five Do you remember the case given by Dr. times. For five or six years she has had Waugh a year or two ago? Čopious soaplocalized sweating over upper abdomen, suds enemas were given her several times space about four inches square. Clothes a day, and continued for about two weeks at this point are kept constantlyi wet. before all the hard accumulations were One physician told her it was a local removed. A cathartic does not answer in dropsy; another said under no circum

such & case. The liquid stools thus prostances should she take anything to check duced pass by the hard accumulations, and or dry it up. Upon the skin little pin the very thing sought is not reacht. Please point blebs come and go. She delights in try these suggestions and report.-ED.]

2 gr.


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into club-shaped piles, near the anal orifice, two drops.

He directs hot sitz baths for cases where vio[In our issue for November, 1897, we began republishing tho formulas for the leading advertised nostrums. We do this lent pains follow an injection. He recommends believing that physicians have a right to know what the peo- an interval of from two to four weeks between ple are taking, and that they oughi to know in order to ad. minister proper antidotes if called in case of an overdose,

each injection. The following is the formula for which often happens, particularly with the various soothing bis "celebrated ulcer specific: " syrups given to children. Back numbers can still be fur. aisbed to those who wish the series complete.1

Take of-
Dist. ext. hamamelis

.5 dr. PINK PILLS."

Liq. ferri subsulf...

.1 dr.

Acidi carbolici, cryst. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I send you

Glycerin .....

.2 dr. formula for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills (made

Mix. For fistula in ano, inject ten or fifteen at Gauanoque, Ontario, Canada), said to drops deep into the fistula and press the track of be exactly as they are :

the fistula with the finger, to force the fluid more B

deeply in. Pil. Bland mass.

In cases of rectal ulcer he gives the following

treatment: To an ounce and a half of water add Mang. binox .

half a teaspoonful of the "ulcer specific” and a Zinci phos.

gr. To

half teaspoonful of starch, and inject into the Strychnin

rectum every night. Sometimes he orders an Aloin

injection of starch into the rectum of mornings, Ext. damiana

after the bowels have moved.--The Medical

Waif. Acid aresenius

gr. Too Shuttleworth & Co., Chemists, Toronto,

The “Brinkerhoff System” as applied to fis

sures of the anus is this: Once or twice a month, make them, and their agent says they are as the itinerant comes around on his circuit, he exactly like Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. inserts his little speculum, cleans out the ulcer,

A subject worthy of note is that Mary and applies to it a solution of nitrate of silver, Baker Eddy, the Christian Science Leader, forty grains to the ounce. Between the applicais having a University in Massachusetts,

tions the patient uses a morning and evening

treatment himself. Each morning he is to evacand that the Doctorate and Baccalaureate uate the bowels, then inject the rectum with degrees as C. S. D. and C. S. B. are granted. luke-warm water, and finally insert into it a litWhat next? A Toronto lawyer-a Q. C. tle ointment, consisting of three grains of car-a Mr. W. N. Miller, lately addrest a

bolic acid and eight grains of sulfur to the ounce London, England, audience on Christian

of vaselin or lard. For evening treatment he

uses Brinkerhoff Ulcer Remedy (the preparation Science, and on his card after Q. C. was

of extract of bamamelis, sol. persulf, iron, etc., C. S. B.”—lamentabile est.

given above as “Ulcer Specific.”] Add half a teaJ. S. SPRAGUE, M. D. spoonful of this to the same quantity of starch Stirling, Ont., Canada.

and about an ounce and a half of water, Inject into the rectum every evening.

This system is gotten up for itinerants who are ASEPTIN.

expected to be ignorant, and who cannot be This preservative material for milk, meat, etc.,

trusted with edge tools; it, therefore, sternly prois said to be made as follows:

hibits all cutting operations and furnishes no inTake of

strument with which an incision can be made

Andrews's Rectal and Anal Surgery. Borax

.2 parts.

In treating polypus Brinkerhoff directs his Alum

.1 part.

itinerants to tie the pedicle close to the wall of Powder and mix thoroly together,

the gut with waxt saddler's silk. Then, if the pedicle is long, they are to snip it off outside the

knot. If it is short they leave it in situ, put the BRINKERHOFF SYSTEM OF TREATING PILES

patient to bed, and constipate the bowels for AND OTHER DISEASES OF THE RECTUM.

about three days, when they are to give a gentle There have been so many inquiries of late con

cathartic.-Andrews's Rectal and Anal Surgery. cerning the above treatment that we deem it a -Secret Nostrums and Systems. duty to tell our readers, as nearly as possible, of what the alleged specific treatment consists.

BRUNELLI PROCESS OF EMBALMING. The following is the Brinkerhoff secret pile remedy or injection :

The circulatory system is cleansed by washing Take of

with cold water until it issues quite clear from

the body. This may occupy from two to five Carbolic acid

hours. Alcohol is injected so as to take out as Olive oil ...

much water as possible. This occupies about a Zinc chlorid

quarter of a hour. Ether is then injected to abMix. Inject into the largest piles, eight drops; stract the fatty matter. This occupies from two into the medium-sized piles, from four to six to ten hours. A strong solution of tannin is then drops; into small piles, from two to three drops; injected. This occupies for imbibition from two

1 oz.

.5 oz. ...8 gr.

.1 gr.
.2 gr.
.1-200 gr.
.1 gr.
.1 gr.

to ten hours. The body is then dried in a current OCULINE, OR “THE BRILLIANT EYE." of warm air past over heated chlorid of calcium.

This is a collyrium advertised by a New York This may occupy from two to five hours. The

firm. body is then perfectly preserved and resists de- It is guaranteed to cure every description of cay.-Secret Nostrums and Systems,

eye disease, and to impart a beautiful and lasting

brilliancy to the organ of vision. BROWN'S IRON BITTERS.

Examined by Dr. Fr. Hoffman, it has been

found to consist of water containing 1 per cent. Are said to contain in each fluid dram:

of boric acid and 5 per cent. of glycerin. Iron

-Pharm. Rundschau. Calisaya bark. Phosphorus Coca ....

CURE FOR WHISKY ITABIT. Viburnum prunifolium.

Dr. A. C. Matchette, of Bourbon, Ind., New Idea.

asks for formula for the “Celso Drink

Cure," of Chicago. He also writes as fol. CANCER PASTE. Take of

lows: “Some years ago I detailed my Chlorid of zinc, pulverized bloodroot, four,

treatment for the whisky habit to the equal parts of each, and moisten with aromatic many readers of THE WORLD, and have sulf, acid, and it is sure.

received thousands of commendatory letI use another which will remove lupoids nicely; ters from physicians in all parts of the but, notwithstanding it is simple, it is much

civilized world regarding the merits of the more severe than the former. I drain off the

cure. white of an egg, then place the yolk in a common

I feel a degree of satisfaction, and mortar, stir into it all the chlorid of sodium I thank THE WORLD for its part in making can; grind it to a thoro paste. This is guaran- the treatment known. All who have a teed to draw the man out of his boots. I use successful treatment should let it be known these frequently and always with success. Re

as widely as possible for suffering man. member, it is not "what we like, but when,

kind." where and how," and I am sure all doctors can use these just as well as the cancer doctor.-F.

We heartily endorse Dr. Matchette's B. Brewer, M.D., in Chicago Med. Times. etchics in this respect. Thinking that

perhaps many new readers will want the Formula for Hood's Sarsaparilla is askt Doctor's treatment above referred to, we for.

copy from May WORLD, 1895, a part of his

article, as follows: TIP-TOP. There is a patent nostrum with no formula at.

The “beer habit” generally is more stubborn tacht, whose nom de plume is Tip-Top, that has

and resists treatment for cure more than any

other. gained some notoriety in our country, in skin diseases, and, not that I wish to publish or "steal

First, on entry, the patient is to have a thoro

hot bath. If necessary, a cathartic of the good the thunder” of any man, but as this preparation is nothing more por less than a modification of

old comp. cathartic pill, imp.," and a hypoderMagendie's ointment, I will give it to the readers

mic injection of the following prescription: of the Summary after this form:

Sulfat of hydrastin.. ..grains ij Take of

Distilled water.... Calomel

...ounce ;

Mix and filter perfectly. Tinct. iodin

1 oz. Oil sassafras

1 dr.

S.-Inject from 5 to 6 drops into the arm, and

repeat four times daily, gradually increasing the Kerosene oil...

3 oz.

amount to 20, to 25 drops within the first fort. Mix. Shake well before using.

night, if well borne, and then continue until This preparation is tip-top in some skin dis- cured. eases, and does not belie its name. With a few

The first 10 or 25 days he has also, if very drops of carbolic acid added, it will arrest or

nervous and broken down, the following: stop a spider or any other poisonous insect bite

R from assuming the erysipelatous or gangrenous Fluid extracts of coca erythox. form that we frequently see in course of the Cannabis. practice of medicine.-Dr. Sturdivant, in Medi- Celery. cal Summary.



Take of-

Cinchona. Tincture nux vomica ...

2 dr. Dilute nitro-muriatic acid.

3 dr.

Gentian, of each 1 ounce. Compound tincture cinchona

.1. oz.

Mix. Teaspoonful every two hours, Compound tincture gentian

When necessary I add to the above pure scale

60 gr.

pepsin, ouncess, and muriate of hydrastin, Mix.

dram ss. Dose:- Two drams in water three times a day. I alternate this with the following for 4 or 5

3 oz.

and 66

days, then gradually lengthen time between the Current Medical Thought. doses of this last, as found best:

Health Must be Earned. Bichlor. hydrarg..

.grains iv Bromid sodium.

.drams ij

Young men are too prone to succumb to Bromid potass.

..ounces iss that “tired feeling” often induced by that lodid potass.

..drams jii

overindulgence in nitrogenous food, such Chlorid ammon..

.drams iii

as meats, and avoid every possible physical Pure water

.pint i

exertion, which they so much need. They M. S. One-half teaspoonful every two hours, will ride when they should walk. Some taken in a very strong decoction of coca leaves. This is to be kept up until the patient is dis

will take more exercise sitting in a chair charged cured, in about 3 weeks, or, of course,

than others will walking, as in the latter as found necessary in each case. During the first

there is no vim and vigor in their movefew hours, say from 12 to 72 hours, the patient is ments. Health must be earned; it cannot furnisht with a very generous quantity of be bought. I say this in contradiction to liquors of the very best brands, until he declines,

the wonderful promises made by the himself, to use it, which is often within the first day. Sometimes the patient comes boasting that

patent-medicine vendors, whose disgusting he will “buck the tiger,” and never give up the

advertisements in our daily press, setting liquor, and such cases sometimes are the first to forth in flaming flambeaus of felicitous discard all spirits. Again, others will say little fiction the testimony and portraits of disor nothing about drinks, but may be seen sitting tinguisht people, who claim to have been beside a pump or hydrant, with a flask in one hand and a cup of water in the other, trying to

benefited by wrapping themselves around force his stomach to hold a drink, after a score

a few doses of "Gripan's Gabules," or an hundred times vomiting it up, when forct

“Giddy Stinkham's Vegetable Compound," down with a gulp of water on top of it, to try to •Dr. Billiams' Pale Pills for Pink People," hold it down in the stomach. Such usually yield Nervy Eura's Greens for Green suddenly to the inevitable, and cry a pig knows People," and other forms of " laly.kewhen he has had enuf, so do I," and are on the same speedy road to cure.

dope” ad nauseam.—Dr. Joseph Eastman. Many patients feel that as soon as liquor, by taste or smell, vomits them, that they are cured The Esquimo gives the doctor his fee as and want to be honorably discharged as cured, soon as he comes. If the patient recovers but they should be kept on treatment until the experienced physician feels that they are per

he keeps it; otherwise he returns it to the fectly cured beyond all possible peradventure, as

family. In Mexico the doctor gets his fee the patient's judgment in these cases should not before the patient is buried; otherwise the be relied on. Of course, vast differences in pa- deceased is believed to dwell in purgatory tients will require the physician to exercise the until the fee is paid.-Med. Age. most profound judgment in the treatment and to vary this treatment according to the necessities of each individual case, for in these cases each

Opium For Malaria. "is a law unto himself," and the doctor must be But cases of chronic and severe malarial prepared for the most thoro and profound under infection are continually occurring in standing of the especial case under treatment, and exhibit his treatment accordingly, or he will

which quinin seems wholly to fail to cure have for long, long months, many cases to mourn

the disease. Such a problem confronted as failures-not of the line of treatment here in- me when my colleague at the Roosevelt dicated, but of his own lack of judgment in Hospital, to whose service I succeeded on pushing or withholding the treatment, to suit the the 1st of September, told me that the indications present. With careful study of each

soldiers in the wards had been there from and every case treated, no matter how stubborn, success awaits the conscientious physician.

the 17th of August, and that, tho he had In these lines nothing has been said of the

tried every form of administering quinin different cases having a variation of this treat- as to doselor method, as well as Warburg's ment, but every physician's experience will suggest the variations that the different cases will senic, yet the

results had been require as to age, condition, constitution, and he will give each case that medication as he finds

very unsatisfact ben administration of ar

In some cases large indicated and his ability to bear the treatment

doses of duinia held the temperature for a detailed, either heavier or lighter, as demanded. few days, but only to be followed by re

These cases are to be most generously nour- lapses. The best results with this drug isht and often with the best prepared foods on were in patients who had true intermisthe market.

sions, but these were a small minority, the Cheerful associations as much as possible and all encouragements of a gold cure” club are of

fever with most of the others running the greatest benefit in perfecting a certain and

a continuous but very irregular course, the speedy cure.

predominant form of the plasmodium

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