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the words of the Lord : and lightly cease : so that the waves thereof regarded the counsel of the most are still. Highest;

Then are they glad, because He also brought down their they are at rest : and so he bringheart through heaviness: they eth them unto the haven where fell down, and there was none they would be. to help them.

o that men would therefore So when they cried unto the praise the Lord for his goodness : Lord in their trouble : he deliver- and declare the wonders that he ed them out of their distress. doeth for the children of men !

For he brought them out of That they would exalt him also darkness, and out of the shadow in the congregation of the people : of death : and brake their bonds and praise him in the seat of the in sunder.

elders! 0 that men would therefore Who turneth the floods into a praise the Lord for his goodness : wilderness : and drieth up the and declare the wonders that he water-springs. doeth for the children of men !

A fruitful land maketh he barFor he hath broken the gates ren: for the wickedness of them of brass : and smitten the bars of that dwell therein. iron in sunder.

Again, he maketh the wilderFoolish men are plagued for ness a standing water : and watertheir offence : and because of their springs of a dry ground. wickedness.

And there he setteth the hunTheir soul abhorred all manner gry : that they may build them a of meat : and they were even hard city to dwell in ; at death's door.

That they may sow their land, So when they cried unto the and plant vineyards ; to yield Lord in their trouble : he deliver- them fruits of increase. ed them out of their distress.

He blesseth them, so that they He sent his word, and healed multiply exceedingly : and sufferthem : and they were saved from eth not their cattle to decrease. their destruction.

And again, when they are mio that men would therefore nished, and brought low : through praise the Lord for his goodness : oppression, through any plague, and declare the wonders that he or trouble ; doeth for the children of men !

Though he suffer them to be That they would offer unto him evil intreated through tyrants : the sacrifice of thanksgiving : and and let them wander out of the tell out his works with gladness! way in the wilderness;

They that go down to the sea Yet helpeth he the poor out of in ships : and occupy their busi- misery : and maketh him housness in great waters;

holds like a flock of sheep. These men see the works of the The righteous will consider this, Lord : and his wonders in the and rejoice : and the mouth of all deep.

wickedness shall be stopped. For at his word the stormy Whoso is wise will ponder these wind ariseth : which lifteth up things : and they shall understand the waves thereof.

the loving-kindness of the Lord. They are carried up to the hea- Glory be to the Father, fc. ven, and down again to the deep : As it was in the beginning, &c. their soul melteth away because of the trouble.

Collects of Thanksgiving. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man : and are


Lord God, who art of infiat their wit's end.

nite goodness and mercy; We thy So when they cry unto the Lord

poor creatures, whom thou hast in their trouble : he delivereth made and preserved, holding our them out of their distress.

souls in life, and now rescuing us For he maketh the storm to out of the jaws of death, humbly present ourselves again before thy 1 to be praised; let the redeemed of Divine Majesty, to offer a sacri- the Lord say so : whom he hath fice of praise and thanksgiving, for delivered from the merciless rage that thou heardest us when we of the sea. called in our trouble, and didst The Lord is gracious and full not cast out our prayer, which we of compassion : slow to anger, and made before thee in our great dis- of great mercy. tress: Even when we gave all for He hath not dealt with us lost, our ship, our goods, our lives, according to our sins : neither then didst thou mercifully look rewarded us according to our iniupon us, and wonderfully com- quities. mand a deliverance; for which But as the heaven is high above we, now being in safety, do give the earth : so great hath been his all praise and glory to thy holy mercy towards us. Name; through Jesus Christ our We found trouble and heaviLord. Amen.

ness : we were even at death's door. Or this:

The waters of the sea had wellO

MOST mighty and gracious nigh covered us : the proud waters good God, thy mercy is over

had well-nigh gone over our soul. all thy works, but in special man

The sea roared : and the stormy ner hath been extended toward wind lifted up the waves thereof. us, whom thou hast so powerfully

We were carried up as it were and wonderfully defended. Thou to heaven, and then down again hast shewed us terrible things, / into the deep : our soul melted and wonders in the deep, that within us, because of trouble; we might see how powerful and Then cried we unto thee, O gracious a God thou art; how

Lord : and thou didst deliver us able and ready to help them that

out of our distress. trust in thee. Thou hast shewed Blessed be thy Name, who didst us how both winds and seas obey not despise the prayer of thy serthy command; that we may learn,

vants : but didst hear our cry, even from them, hereafter to obey

and hast saved us. thy voice, and to do thy will. We Thou didst send forth thy comtherefore bless and glorify thy mandment ; and the windy storm Name, for this thy mercy in sav

ceased, and was turned into a ing us, when we were ready to

calm. perish. And, we beseech thee, 0 let us therefore praise the make us as truly sensible now of

Lord for his goodness : and dethy mercy, as we were then of clare the wonders that he hath the danger: And give us hearts

done, and still doeth for the chilalways ready to express our thank

dren of men. fulness, not only by words, but

Praised be the Lord daily : even also by our lives, in being more

the Lord that helpeth us, and obedient to thy holy command poureth his benefits upon us. ments. Continue, we beseech thee,

He is our God, even the God this thy goodness to us; that we,

of whom cometh salvation : God whom thou hast saved, may serve

is the Lord by whom we have thee in holiness and righteousness

escaped death. all the days of our life; through

Thou, Lord, hast made us Jesus Christ our Lord and Savi

glad through the operation of thy our. Amen.

hands : and we will triumph in

thy praise. An Hymn of Praise and Thanks- Blessed be the Lord God: even

giving after a dangerous Tem- the Lord God, who only doeth pest.

wondrous things; O COME, let us give thanks And blessed be the Name of his

unto the Lord, for he is gra- Majesty for ever : and let every cious : and his mercy endureth one of us say, Amen, Amen. for ever.

Glory be to the Father, &c. Great is the Lord, and greatly As it was in the beginning, &c.

2 Cor. xiii.

| After this Hymn may be sung

the Te Deum.
THE grace of our Lord Jesus
Christ, and the love of God,

Then this Collect.
and the fellowship of the Holy
Ghost, be with us all evermore. O ,

reign Commander of all the

world, in whose hand is power and After Victory or Deliverance from might which none is able to withan Enemy.

stand; We bless and magnify thy

great and glorious Name for this A Psalm or Hymn of Praise and happy Victory, the whole glory Thanksgiving after Victory.

whereof we do ascribe to thee, IF (F the Lord had not been on

who art the only giver of Victory. our side, now may we say : if And, we beseech thee, give us the Lord himself had not been

grace to improve this great mercy on our side, when men rose up

to thy glory, the advancement of against us;

thy Gospel, the honour of our They had swallowed

us up

Sovereign, and, as much as in us quick : when they were so wrath

lieth, to the good of all mankind. fully displeased at us.

And, we beseech thee, give us Yea, the waters had drowned

such a sense of this great mercy, us, and the stream had gone over

as may engage us to a true thankour soul : the deep waters of the fulness, such as may appear in proud had gone over our soul.

our lives by an humble, holy, and But praised be the Lord : who hath not given us over as a prey

obedient walking before thee all

our days, through Jesus Christ unto them.

our Lord; to whom with thee The Lord hath wrought : a and the Holy Spirit, as for all mighty salvation for us. We gat not this by our own

thy mercies, so in particular for

this Victory and Deliverance, be sword, neither was it our own arm

all glory and honour, world withthat saved us : but thy right hand, out end. Amen. and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou

2 Cor. xiii. hadst a favour unto us.

НЕ The Lord hath appeared for THE grace of our Lord Jesus

Christ, and the love of God, us : the Lord hath covered our

and the fellowship of the Holy heads, and made us to stand in

Ghost, be with us all evermore. the day of battle.

Amen. The Lord hath appeared for us : the Lord hath overthrown

At the Burial of their Dead at Sea. our enemies, and dashed in pieces those that rose up against us.

The Office in the Common PrayerTherefore not unto us, O Lord, book may be used ; only instead not unto us : but unto thy Name of these words [We therefore combe given the glory:

mit his body to the ground, earth The Lord hath done great things

to earth, &c.] say, fornus the Lord bath done great WE therefore commit his body things for us, which . to deep

Our help standeth in the Name into corruption, looking for the of the Lord : who hath made hea- resurrection of the body, (when ven and earth.

the Sea shall give up her dead,) Blessed be the Name of the and the life of the world to Lord : from this time forth for come, through our Lord Jesus evermore.

Christ; who at his coming shall Glory be to the Father, and to change our vile body, that it may the Son : and to the Holy Ghost be like his glorious body, accord

As it was in the beginning, is ing to the mighty working, wherenow, and ever shall be : world by he is able to subdue all things without end. Amen.

to himself.








The United Church of England and Ereland.


ancient Authors, that from the Apostles' time there have been these Orders of Ministers in Christ's Church; Bishops, Priests, and Deacons. Which Offices were evermore had in such reverend Estimation, that no man might presume to execute any of them, except he were first called, tried, examined, and known to have such qualities as are requisite for the same; and also by publick Prayer, with Imposition of Hands, were approved and admitted thereunto by lawful Authority. And therefore, to the intent that these Orders may be continued, and reverently used and esteemed, in the United Church of England and Ireland; no man shall be accounted or taken to be a lawful Bishop, Priest, or Deacon in the United Church of England and Ireland, or suffered to execute any of the said Functions, except he be called, tried, examined, and admitted thereunto, according to the Form hereafter following, or hath had formerly Episcopal Consecration, or Ordination.

And none shall be admitted a Deacon, except he be Twenty-three years of age, unless he have a Faculty. And every man which is to be admitted a Priest shall be full Four-and-twenty years old. And every man which is to be ordained or consecrated Bishop shall be fully Thirty years of age.

And the Bishop, knowing either by himself, or by sufficient testimony, any Person to be a man of virtuous conversation, and without crime; and, after examination and trial, finding him learned in the Latin Tongue, and sufficiently instructed in holy Scripture, may at the times appointed in the Canon, or else, on urgent occasion, upon some other Sunday or Holy-day, in the face of the Church, admit him a Deacon, in such manner and form as hereafter followeth.





When the day appointed by the Bishop is come, after Morning Prayer is ended, there shall be a Sermon or Exhortation, declaring the Duty and Office of such as come to be admitted Deacons ; how necessary that Order is in the Church of Christ, and also, how the people ought to esteem them in their Office.

REY present unto you these

First the Archdeacon, or his De- ( Then the Bishop (commending puty, shall present unto the Bi- such as shall be found meet to be shop (sitting in his chair near Ordered to the Prayers of the conto the holy Table) such as desire gregation) shall, with the Clergy to be ordained Deacons, (each of and people present, sing or say them being decently habited,) say- the Litany, with the Prayers as ing these words,

followeth. EVEREND

The Litany and Suffrages. persons present, to be admitted O GOD the

Father, of heaven :

have mercy upon us miserable .

sinners. The Bishop.

O God the Father, of heaven: have ;

mercy upon us miserable sinners. whom ye present unto us, be

O God the Son, Redeemer of apt and meet, for their learning the world : have mercy upon us and godly conversation, to exer

miserable sinners. cise their Ministry duly, to the O God the Son, Redeemer of honour of God, and the edifying

the world : have mercy upon us of his Church.

miserable sinners.

o God the Holy Ghost, proI The Archdeacon shall answer, ceeding from the Father and the HAVE enquired of them, and Son : have mercy upon us mise

rable sinners. them so to be.

O God the Holy Ghost, proceeding

from the Father and the Son: have Then the Bishop shall say unto the people :

mercy upon us miserable sinners.

O holy, blessed, and glorious RETHREN, if there be any Trinity, three Persons and one

God : have mercy upon us misepediment, or notable Crime, in rable sinners. any of these persons presented to O holy, blessed, and glorious be ordered Deacons, for the which Trinity, three Persons and one he ought not to be admitted to God : have mercy upon us misethat Office, let him come forth in rable sinners. the Name of God, and shew what Remember not, Lord, our ofthe Crime or Impediment is. fences, nor the offences of our And if any great Crime or In

forefathers; neither take thou pediment be objected, the Bishop

vengeance of our sins : spare us, shall surcease from Ordering that good Lord, spare thy people, whom person, until such time as the thou hast redeemed with thy most party accused shall be found clear precious blood, and be not angry of that Crime.

with us for ever.

I ,

BRF you who knoweth any im

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