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November 24-December 6—Second Session of Economic Commission for Asia and

the Far East. November 29—General Assembly approves plan for future government of

Palestine. December 2–17Second Session of Commission on Human Rights meets at

Geneva. December 3, 1947-February 16, 1948Trusteeship Council Working Committee

meets at New York to prepare a draft statute for the City of Jerusalem.

1948 January 5—First meeting of Interim Committee (Little Assembly) January 5–19Second Session of Commission on Status of Women. January 9First meeting of United Nations Palestine Commission. January 12—First meeting of United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea. January 20Security Council establishes commission to investigate the facts

regarding the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, to exercise any helpful mediatory influence, and to study other problems raised by the Foreign Minister of

Pakistan, February 2-March 11—Sixth Session of Economic and Social Council. February 10-March 10Second Part of Second Session of Trusteeship Council

meets at New York. February 19-March 6United Nations Maritime Conference at Geneva drafts con

stitution for the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization. March 17Security Council decides to consider case of Czechoslovakia. March 23-April 21-United Nations Conference on Freedom of Information meets

at Geneva. April 1–Security Council requests Secretary-General to convoke a special session

of the General Assembly to consider further the question of the future govern

ment of Palestine. April 5-May 10Ad Hoc Committee on Genocide meets to prepare draft conven

tion on genocide. April 5–23—Third Session of Social Commission. April 7World Health Organization is formally established as twenty-seventh

nation ratifies its constitution. April 12–20-Second Session of Transport and Communications Commission

meets at Geneva. April 16-May 14Second Special Session of General Assembly considers question

of future government of Palestine. April 19-May 6Third Session of Economic and Employment Commission. April 20-May 5Third Part of Second Session of Trusteeship Council meets at

New York to consider suitable measures for protection of City of Jerusalem

and its inhabitants. April 23—Security Council establishes Truce Commission to assist it in super

vising the implementation of its resolution of April 17 calling upon all persons

and organizations in Palestine to cease all military activities. April 26-May 8—Third Session of Economic Commission for Europe meets at

April 26-May 6- Third Session of Statistical Commission.
May 3–22—Third Session of Narcotics Commission.
May 10United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea observes elections in

Southern Korea.
May 10-25--Third Session of Population Commission.

May 14General Assembly resolution provides for United Nations Mediator

on Palestine and relieves Palestine Commission of its responsibilities under

the resolution of November 29, 1947. May 17-Atomic Energy Commission concludes that no useful purpose can be

served by carrying on further negotiations at the Commission level and

recommends that its conclusions be transmitted to the General Assembly. May 22-Security Council calls upon all governments and authorities to abstain

from any hostile military action in Palestine and issues cease-fire order. May 24-June 18—Third Session of Human Rights Commission. May 29-Security Council calls upon all governments and authorities concerned

to order a cessation of all acts of armed force in Palestine for a period of four

weeks. June 1-12–Third Session of Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East

meets at Ootacamund, India. June 1-21-Second Assembly of International Civil Aviation Organization

meets at Geneva. June y-25-First Session of Economic Commission for Latin America meets at

Santiago. June 15First meeting of United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan. June 16-August 5—Third Session of Trusteeship Council meets at New York. June 17-July 10Thirty-first General Conference of International Labor Organ

ization meets at San Francisco. June 24-July 24–First Assembly of World Health Organization meets at

Geneva. July 15Security Council orders cease-fire and truce of indefinite duration in

Palestine, to be effective July 18, 1948. July 15-October 31–United Nations Trusteeship Council Mission visits Tan

ganyika and Ruanda-Urundi. July 19-August 29–Seventh Session of Economic and Social Council meets at

Geneva. August 13—United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan issues to Gov

ernments of India and Pakistan a proposal for a cease-fire order in Jammu and Kashmir, followed by a truce agreement and establishment of the future

status of Jammu and Kashmir in accordance with the will of the people. August 19-Security Council reaffirms cease-fire order in Palestine and states

that no party is entitled to gain military or political advantage through viola

tion of the truce. August 24-Economic and Social Council negotiates agreement between the

United Nations and the International Refugee Organization. August 26Economic and Social Council transmits to General Assembly draft

Universal Declaration of Human Rights. August 26—Economic and Social Council transmits to General Assembly draft

convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide. August 27—Economic and Social Council negotiates agreement between the United

Nations and the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization. August 28—Economic and Social Council transmits to General Assembly draft

conventions on freedom of information contained in final act of United Na

tions Conference on Freedom of Information. September 16-December 29—Security Council meets at Paris (returns to Lake

Success January 10). September 21-December 12—First Part of Third Regular Session of General As

sembly meets at Paris.

October 8—General Assembly approves protocol bringing under international

control drugs outside the scope of the convention of July 13, 1931, for limiting

the manufacture and regulating the distribution of narcotic drugs. October 19-Security Council directs the Jews and Arabs to negotiate on dis

position of forces in the Negeb and on solution of outstanding problems there and outlines specific steps designed to make the work of the United Nations and

Truce Commission personnel in Palestine more effective. November 4-General Assembly approves the general findings and recommenda

tions of the Atomic Energy Commission and calls upon the Commission to resume its sessions. November 4-Security Council calls on interested Governments in Palestine to

withdraw their forces to the October 14 positions (the Acting Mediator being authorized to establish provisional lines beyond which no movement of troops shall take place) and to establish permanent truce lines in Palestine, and appoints a Committee of the Council for Palestine to advise the Acting Mediator and report to the Council, if necessary, on further measures it would be appro

priate to take under chapter VII of the Charter. November 16-Security Council calls upon Jews and Arabs in Palestine to nego

tiate directly or through the Acting Mediator for immediate establishment of

an armistice. November 18General Assembly approves agreements between the United Na

tions and the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization and the

International Refugee Organization. November 27–General Assembly directs the United Nations Special Committee

on the Balkans to continue its work and calls upon Albania, Bulgaria, and

Yugoslavia to cooperate with it. November 30-Security Council President appoints a Committee of Neutral

Experts on Berlin Currency and Trade to make recommendations to the President on the most equitable conditions for agreement among occupying powers

on currency and import-export regulations. December 3—General Assembly re-establishes the Interim Committee with slightly

broader functions. December 9—General Assembly approves the convention on the prevention and

punishment of the crime of genocide. December 10General Assembly adopts the Universal Declaration of Human

Rights. December 11-General Assembly establishes a Conciliation Commission for Pales

tine composed of France, the United States, and Turkey. December 12General Assembly recognizes the established Government of the

Republic of Korea and establishes a Commission on Korea to replace the

Temporary Commission. December 24-Security Council orders cease-fire in Indonesia and release of

Indonesian officials. December 29-Security Council calls upon the Israelis and Egyptians to cease

fire in the Negeb, to implement the November 4 resolutions and instructions of the Acting Mediator, and to facilitate supervision of the truce by United Nations observers; instructs the Committee of the Council to meet January 7 to report on the extent to which the Governments concerned have complied with the November 4 and 16 resolutions and this resolution; and calls on governments represented on the Conciliation Commission to appoint representatives.


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United Nations Documents and Publications

The United Nations documentation policy provides that the most important of the United Nations records shall be printed in the official languages: French, English, and Spanish (which also are the working languages), Chinese, and Russian. The published documents include the resolutions of the principal organs, verbatim records of the Security Council and the General Assembly plenary meetings, summary records of the meetings of the General Assembly committees and meetings of the Economic and Social Council, summary records of the Trusteeship Council (except when verbatim records are deemed essential), the most important proposals discussed by the major organs, and the major reports submitted for their consideration. These are now consolidated in the Official Record series for each organ, with reports as supplements thereto. In practice, the budgetary limitations for editorial and translating staff and printing have considerably delayed publication of official records.

In addition to the Official Record series, the United Nations is currently making available certain publications in the following categories: general United Nations information (delegation lists, rules of procedure); economic and financial studies; economic and stability and employment studies; economic development studies; economic reports (economic surveys on various areas of the world, etc.); trade, finance, and commercial studies; reports of the Economic Commission for Europe; studies on public health, social welfare, legal affairs, trusteeship, non-self-governing territories, political affairs, transport and communications, atomic energy and armament control, international administration (international civil service, relations with specialized agencies); narcotic drugs studies; education, scientific and cultural reports; studies on demography, human rights, relief and rehabilitation; fiscal affairs and statistical reports.

The printed publications of the United Nations may be purchased through the United Nations sales agent, the International Documents

Service, Columbia University Press, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, N. Y. Upon request to that agent, the United Nations Publications Catalog may be obtained, which contains a list of the documents for sale by the United Nations, with a brief description of each item.

During 1948, in response to requests from libraries and scholars throughout the world, the United Nations arranged to sell to the public at cost at an annual rate the mimeographed documents which are produced by the various United Nations organs. Over-all subscriptions may now be entered for all of the unrestricted mimeograped documents in one language for $225. Other subscriptions may be entered for documents by organs according to the following schedule: plenary documents of the General Assembly ($30); documents of the committees of the General Assembly ($65); plenary documents of the General Assembly and of the committees of the General Assembly ($75); documents of the Economic and Social Council ($30); documents of the commissions of the Economic and Social Council ($90); documents of the Economic and Social Council and the commissions of the Economic and Social Council ($100); documents of the Security Council ($100); documents of the Trusteeship Council ($30).

Orders and inquiries for the mimeographed documents of the United Nations should be addressed only to the Sales Section, Department of Public Information, United Nations, Lake Success, N. Y.

Depository libraries have been established throughout the world for United Nations documents. Twenty-five libraries in the United States have been designated as depository libraries to which mimeographed documents of the United Nations are supplied. These depository libraries, selected by the American Library Associa

1 Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
Brown University, Providence, R. I.
New York Public Library, 476 Fifth Avenue, New York. N. Y.
Columbia University, New York 27, N. Y.
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore 18, Md.
Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.
Princeton University, Princeton, N. J.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C.
Joint University Libraries, Nashville, Tenn.
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La.
University of Texas, Austin, Texas.
University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill.
Cleveland Public Library, 325 Superior Ave., NE., Cleveland 14, Ohio.
St. Louis Public Library, St. Louis, Mo.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.
Denver Public Library, Denver, Colo.
University of California, Berkeley, Calif.

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