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ACACIA; Platonic or Chaste Love.

Bird Cherry; Hope.

Acalea; Temperance.
Acanthus; The Arts.
Achilla Millefolia; War.

Bird's Foot Trefoil; Revenge.
Bearded Crepis; Protection.
Black Poplar; Courage.

Aconite-leaved Crowfoot, or Fair Maids of Blackthorn; Difficulty.

France; Lustre.

Bladdernut Tree; Frivolous Amusements.
Blue Blottle Centaury; Delicacy.

African Marigold; Vulgar Minds.

Agnus Castus; Coldness, to live without Blue Flowered Greek Valerian; Rupture. Blue Canterbury Bell; Constancy.


Bonus Henricus; Goodness.

Agrimony; Thankfulness.

Almond Tree; Indiscretion, Heedlessness.
Almond Laurel; Perfidy.
Almond (Flowering); Hope.
Aloe; Grief.

Althea Frutex; Persuasion.

Alyssum (Sweet); Worth beyond Beauty.
Amaranth; Immortality.

Amaryllis; Haughtiness, Pride.
Ambrosia; Love returned.

American Cowslip; You are my Divinity.
American Elm; Patriotism.

Anemone; Your Frown I defy.
Anemone (Garden); Forsaken.
Angelica; Inspiration.
Angrec; Royalty.

Apocynum; Falsehood.

Apple Blossom; Preference, Fame speaks

him great and good.

Arbor Vita; Unchanging Affection.
Arum or Wake Robin; Ardor.

A Roseleaf; I will not trouble you.
Asclepias; Cure for the Heartache.
Ash; Grandeur.

American Linden; Matrimony.

American Starwort; Welcome to a Stranger. Bugloss; Falsehood.

Burdock; Importunity.

Ash-leaved Trumpet Flower; Separation.
Aspen Tree; Excessive Sensibility.
Asphodel; My Regrets follow you to the


Auricula; Painting.
Auricula (Scarlet); Pride.
Azalea; Your Blush has won me.

Borage; Bluntness or Roughness of Man


Box; Stoicism.

Bachelor's Button; Celibacy.
Balm; Sympathy.

Balm of Gilead; Healing, a Cure.
Balm (Gentle); Pleasantry.
Balsamine; Impatience.
Barberry; Sharpness, Sourness.
Basil; Hatred of the other Sex.
Bayberry; Sourness or Sharpness.
Bay Leaf; I change but in dying.
Bay Wreath; Glory.
Bear's Breech; Art.

Beech; Prosperity.
Bell Flower; Constancy.
Belvidere; I declare against you.
Bee Ophrys; Error.
Betony; Surprise.
Bilberry; Treachery.
Birch; Gracefulness.
Bindweed; Humility.

Bramble; Weariness.

Branch of Currants; You please all.
Branch of Thorns; Severity, Rigor.
Broken Straw; Dissension, Rupture.
Broom; Mirth, Neatness.

Bryony; Prosperity.

Buckbean; Flattery's Smile, Calm Repose.
Bud of a White Rose; A Heart ignorant of

Bundle of Reeds with their Panicles; Music.
Buttercup Kingcup; Riches.
Butterfly Ophrys; Gayety.
Butterfly Weed; Let me go.

[blocks in formation]

Colchicum, or Meadow Saffron; My best] Frankincense; The Incense of a faithful Days are past.

Coltsfoot; Justice shall be done you.
Columbine; Folly.

Common Cactus, or Indian Fig; I burn.
Common Fumitory: Spleen.
Common Milfoil; War.

Common Reed; Complaisance.
Common Thistle; Importunity.
Convolvulus Major; Extinguished Hopes.
Convolvulus Minor: Night.

Corchorus: Impatience of Absence.
Corn Riches.

Cornelian Cherry Tree; Durability.
Coreopsis: Always Cheerful.

Coriander; Concealed Merit.
Coronilla; Success crown your Wishes.

Cowslip: Native Grace.
Cranberry; Hardiness.
Creeping Cereus; Horror.
Crocus; I am his.

[blocks in formation]

Ebony; Hypocrisy.

Eglantine or Sweetbrier; Poetry.
Elder; Zealousness.
Elm; Dignity.

Fennel; Strength.

Fern; Sincerity.

Fern (Flowering); Revery.

Fig: Argument.

Fig Tree; Prolific.
Filbert, Reconciliation.
Fir; Time.

Fir Tree: Elevation.


Fraxinella; Fire.

French Honeysuckle; Rustic Beauty.
French Marigold; Jealousy.
Frog Ophrys; Disgust.
Full-blown Eglantine; Simplicity.
Fullers' Teasel; Austerity.

Flax; Domestic Industry.
Flax-leaved Goldy Locks; Tardiness.
Flora's Bell; You are without Pretension.
Flower-de-Luce; I am burning with Love.
Flower of an Hour; Delicate Beauty.
Flowering Reed; Confidence in Heaven.
Forget-me-not; True Love.
Fairy's Glove, or Foxglove; Ambition, I am
not changed-they wrong me.

Garden Chervil; Sincerity.
Garden Marigold: Uneasiness.

Garden Ranunculus; You are rich in At-

Garden Sage; Esteem.

Garland of Roses; Reward of Virtue.
Gentiana Fritillaría; Virgin Pride.
Geranium; Gentility.
Geranium (Dark); Despondency.
Geranium (Rose); Preference.
Geranium (Scarlet); Consolation.
Geranium (Silver-leafed); Recall.
Geranium (Sorrowful); Melancholy Spirit.
Gillyflower; Lasting Beauty.
Glory Flower; Glorious Beauty.
Goat's Rue; Reason.

Golden Rod; Precaution.

Gorse; Cheerfulness in Adversity.
Goosefoot; Goodness.

Grape (Wild); Charity.
Grass; Utility.

Great Bindweed; Dangerous Insinuation.
Guelder Rose; Winter, or Age.

Enchanter's Nightshade; Fascination, Witch- Hop; Injustice.


Endive; Frugality.
Eupatorium; Delay.

Evergreen; Poverty and Worth.
Evergreen Thorn; Solace in Adversity.
Everlasting; Always remembered.
Everlasting Pea; Lasting Pleasure.

Harebell; Delicate and lonely as this Flower.
Hawkweed: Quicksightedness.

Hawthorn; Hope.

Hazel; Reconciliation.
Heath; Solitude.
Helenia; Tears.
Heliotrope; Devotion.
Hellebore; Calumny.

Hemlock; You will cause my Death.

Henbane; Imperfection.

Hepatica; Confidence.

Hibiscus; Short-lived Beauty.

Hickory; Glory.

Hoarhound; Frozen Kindness.
Holly; Foresight.
Hollyhock; Fecundity.
Honeysuckle; Fidelity.

Honeysuckle (Wild); Inconstancy.

Hornbeam; Ornament.

Horse Chestnut; Luxury.
Hortensia; You are cold.
Houstonia; Content.
Hoya; Sculpture.

Hundred-leaved Rose; Graces.
Hyacinth; Grief.
Hydrangea; Heartlessness.

Iceland Moss; Health.
Ice Plant; Frigidity.
Indian Cress; Resignation.

Indian Jasmine; I attach myself to you.
Iris; Message.

Ivy; Friendship.

Jacob's Ladder; Come down to me.

Japan Rose; Beauty is your only Attraction.
Japonica; Excellence.

Jessamine, or Jasmine; Amiability.
Jessamine (Virginian); Soul of my Soul.
Jonquil; Is my Affection returned?
Judas Tree; Unbelief.
Juniper; Protection.

Justitia; Perfection of Female Loveliness.

[blocks in formation]

Mistletoe; Not discouraged.
Mock Orange; Counterfeit.
Monk's Hood; Knight Errantry.
Moonwort; Forgetfulness.
Moschatel; Weak, but winning.
Moss; Maternal Affection.
Moss Rose: Pleasure without alloy.
Mossy Saxifrage; Maternal Love.
Motherwort; Secret Love.
Mountain Ash; Prudence.

Mouse Ear Chickweed; Ingenious Simpli-
Moving Plant; Agitation.
Mulberry Tree (White); Wisdom.
Mulberry Tree (Black); I will not survive


you. Mushroom; Suspicion.

Musk Crowfoot; Weakness.

Musk Rose; Capricious Beauty.

Myosotis, or Mouse Ear; Forget me not.
Myrobalan; Privation.
Myrtle; Love in Absence.

[blocks in formation]

Madder; Calumny.

Madwort (Rock); Tranquillity.
Maidenhair; Discretion, Secrecy.
Maize; Plenty.

Magnolia; Peerless and proud.
Mallow; Mild or sweet Disposition.
Manchineel Tree; Falsehood.
Mandrake; Rarity.
Maple; Reserve.
Marjoram: Blushes.
Marshmallow; Humanity.
Marvel of Peru; Timidity.
Marigold; Inquietude.
Marigold (Small Cape); Presage.
May Rose; Precocity.

Pineapple; You are perfect.
Pink; Lovely and pure Affection.
Pink, (China): Aversion.
Pink (Red); Woman's Love.

Pink (White); Fair and fascinating.
Plane Tree; Genius.

Meadow Saffron; My best Days are past.
Meadowsweet; Uselessness.
Mercury; Goodness.
Mesembryanthemum; Idleness.

Mezereon: Love in a Snow Wreath.

Plum Tree; Keep your Promises.
Plum Tree (Wild); Independence.
Polyanthus; Confidence.
Potato; Beneficence.
Pomegranate; Foolishness.
Poppy (Red); Evanescence.

Michaelmas Daisy; Farewell.
Mignonette; Moral Worth.

Milk Vetch; Your Presence softens myPain. Poppy (White); Oblivion in Sleep.
Mimosa; Sensitiveness.
Mint; Virtue.

Prickly Pear; Satire.

Pride of China; Discussion.
Primrose; Modest Worth.
Primrose (Evening); Inconstancy.
Privet; Prohibition.
Purple Clover; Provident.
Pyramidal Bell Flower; Gratitude.
Pyrus Japonica; Fairies' Fire.

Palm; Victory.

Pansy, or Heart's Ease; Think of me.
Parsley; Entertainment, Feasting.
Passion Flower; Religious Superstition.
Patience Dock; Patience.

Pasque Flower; You are without Pretension.

Pea; An appointed Meeting.

Pea (Everlasting); Wilt thou go?

Pea (Sweet); Departure.

Pea Blossom; I am your Captive.

Pennyroyal; Flee away.
Peony; Bashful Shame.

Pepper Plant; Satire.
Periwinkle; Early Friendship.

Persimmon; Bury me amid Nature's Beau-
Persicaria Restoration.


Peruvian Heliotrope; I trust in thee.
Petunia; Elegance without Pride.

Pheasant's Eye, or Flos Adonis; Sorrowful

Phlox; Our Souls are united.
Pimpernel; Assignation.
Pine; Pity.

Quamoclet; Busybody.

Queen's Rocket; You are the Queen of Coquettes.

Ragged Robin; Wit.

Ranunculus; You are radiant with Charms.
Red Bay: Love's Memory.
Red Mulberry; Wisdom.
Red Shanks; Patience.
Rest Harrow; Obstacle.
Rhododendron; Danger.
Rocket; Rivalry.
Rose; Beauty.

Rose (Burgundy); Simplicity.

Rose (Acacia); Elegance.
Rose (Bridal); Happy Love.
Rose (Carolina); Love is dangerous.
Rose (Multiflora); Grace.
Rose (Versicolor); Mirthfulness.
Rose (Musk); Charming.
Rose (Moss); Superior Merit.
Rose (Yellow); We will be Strangers.
Rosebud (Moss); Confession of Love.
Rosebud (White); Too young to love.
Rosebud; Youthful Charms.

Roses (A Garland of); Reward of Virtue.
Rosebay Willow Herb; Celibacy.
Roce Campion; You are without Pretension.
Rosemary; Affectionate Remembrance.
Rose-scented Geranium; Preference.
Rudbeckia; Justice.

Rue; Grace, or Purification.
Rush; Docility.

Saffron; Marriage.

Saffron Flower; Excess is dangerous.
Saffron Crocus; Mirth.

Sage; Esteem.

Sardony; Irony.

Scabius: Unfortunate Attachment.

Sweet Brier, or Eglantine; Poetry.
Sweet Flag; Fitness.

Sweet Pea; Delicate Pleasure.
Sweet Soltan; Felicity.
Sweet-scented Tussilage; You shall have


Sweet Violet; Modesty.

Sweet William; Hollowness, or Treachery.
Sycamore; Woodland Beauty.
Syringa; Memory.

Tamarisk; Crime.
Tansy; Courage.
Teusel; Misanthropy.

Ten Weeks' Stock; Prompitude.
Thistle; Never forget.
Thorn Apple; Deceitful Charms.
Thrift; Sympathy.

Throatwort; Neglected Beauty.

Thyme; Activity.

Tremella Nostoc; Resolve the Riddle.

Truffle; Surprise.

Tiger Flower; For once may Pride befriend


Tree of Life; Old Age.

Tuft of Moss; Maternal Love.
Tulip; Beautiful Eyes.

Tulip (Red); Declaration of Love.
Turnip; Charity.

Valerian (Red); Accommodating Disposi


Scarlet Fuchsia; Taste.

Violet (Blue); Faithfulness.

Scarlet Ipomaæa, or Indian Jasmine; I at- Violet (White); Modesty.

Virgin's Bower; Artifice.

Virginian Spiderwort; Momentary Happi


tach myself to you.
Scotch Fir; Elevation.
Sensitive Plant; Timidity.
Serpentine Cactus; Horror.
Service Tree; Prudence.
Shaking Sainfoin; Agitation.
Siberian Crab Tree Blossom; Deeply inter-

Volkamenica Japonica; May you be happy.


Sidesaddle Flower; Will you pledge me?
Silver Fir; Elevation.

Small Bindweed; Obstinacy.

Small White Violet; Candor and Innocence.
Snapdragon; Dazzling, but dangerous.
Snowball; Thoughts of Heaven.
Snowdrop; Hope in Sorrow.
Sorrel; Wit ill timed.

Southernwood; Jest, or Bantering.
Spanish Jasmine; Sensuality.
Spider Ophrys; Skill, Adroitness.
Spiderwort; Transient Happiness.
Spindle Tree; Your image is engraven on
my Heart.

Spiked Speedwell; Resemblance.
Spira Hypericum Frutex; Uselessness.
Squirting Cucumber; Critic.

St. John's Wort; Superstitious Sanctity.
Star of Bethlehem; Reconciliation.
Stock or Gilly Flower; Lasting Beauty,
Stramonium (Common); Disguise.
Strawberry; Perfect Excellence.
Striped Pink; Refusal.
Sumach; Splendor.

Sunflower; Smile on me still.
Swallowwort; Medicine.

Various-colored Lantana; Rigor.

Verbena; Sensibility.

Vernal Grass; Poor, but happy.
Vervain; Enchantment.

Venus's Car; Fly with me.

Venus's Flytrap; Have I caught you at last?
Venus's Looking Glass; Flattery, or Vanity.
Vine; Intoxication.

Wall Flower; Fidelity in Misfortune.
Wall Speedwell; Fidelity.
Water Lily; Eloquence.
Walnut (Black); Intellect.
Walking Leaf; How came you here?
Watermelon; Bulkiness.

Water Star; Beauty combined with Piety.
Wax Plant; Susceptibility.

Wax Myrtle; I will enlighten you.
Weeping Willow; Forsaken Lover.
Wheat; Riches.

White Jasmine; Amiableness.
White Lilac; Youth.

White Lily; Purity and Modesty.
White Mullein; Good Nature.
White Oak; Independence.
White Pink; Talent.

White Poplar; Time.

White Poppy; Sleep of the Heart.
White Rose; Silence.

White Rose (Dried); Death preferable to
Loss of Innocence.

White Rosebud; The Heart that knows not

White Violet; Candor.

Wild or Dog Rose; Simplicity.
Willow; Forsaken.
Willow Herb; Pretension.
Winter Cherry; Deception.
Witch Hazel; A Spell.
Wood Sorrel; Joy.
Woodbine; Fraternal Love.
Wormwood; Absence.

Yarrow; Cure for the Heartache.
Yellow Carnation; Disdain.
Yellow Day Lily; Coquetry.
Yellow Gentian; Ingratitude.
Yellow Iris; Flame.
Yellow Rose; Infidelity.
Yew; Sorrow.

Zinnia; Absence.


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