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Every man take his Glass in his hand;

And drink a Good Health to our King! Many years may he rule o'er this land!

May his laurels for ever fresh spring! Let wrangling and jangling straightway cease! Let every man strive for his country's peace!

Neither Tory, nor Whig,

With their Parties, look big!
Here's a Health to all honest men!

'Tis not owning a whimsical name

That proves a man loyal and just! Let him fight for his country's fame!

Be impartial at home, if in trust! 'Tis this, that proves him an honest soul! His Health we'll drink in a brimful bowl !

Then let 's leave off debate!

No confusion create !
Here 's a Health to all honest men!

When a company 's honestly met,

With intent to be merry and gay, Their drooping spirits to whet,

And drown the fatigues of the day; What madness is it, thus to dispute, When neither Side can his man confute !

When you've said what you dare,

You're but just where you were !
Here 's a Health to all honest men !

Then agree, ye true Britons ! agree!

And ne'er quarrel about a nickname!
Let your enemies trembling see

That an Englishman 's always the same!
For our King, our Church, our laws, and right;
Let 's lay by all feuds, and straight unite!

Then who need care a fig

Who 's a Tory, or Whig!
Here 's a Health to all honest men !





A BARD, grown desirous of saving his pelf, Built a house he was sure would hold none but himself. This enraged God APOLLO, who MERCURY sent, And bid him go ask, What his Votary meant ?

'Some foe to my empire has been his adviser; 'Tis of dreadful portent when a Poet turns miser! Tell him, HERMES, from me! tell that subject of mine! I have sworn, by the Styx! to defeat his design! For, wherever he lives, the Muses shall reign; And the Muses, he knows, have a numerous Train.'


WOMAN! thoughtless, giddy creature!

Laughing, idle, flutt'ring thing! Most fantastic work of Nature!

Still, like Fancy, on the wing!

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'Slave to ev'ry changing Passion

Loving, hating, in extreme ! Fond of ev'ry foolish fashion ;

And, at best, a pleasing dream!

'Lovely trifle ! dear illusion!

Conqu’ring weakness! wished-for pain! Man's chief glory, and confusion!

Of all vanity most vain!'

Thus deriding Beauty's power,

BEVIL called it all a cheat! But, in less than half an hour,

Kneeled, and whined, at Celia's feet!


With downcast eyes and folded arms,

Young MYRTLE sauntered out one day,
Reflecting on FLORINDA's charms,

The fair, the blooming, and the gay.
Deeply he sighed, his bosom all aflame;
And on the dust, he flourished out her name.

Next morn, abroad he walked again;

Much altered since the day before.
A good night's rest had cured his pain;

Nor was FLORINDA thought of more.
But giddy Chance, the fickle Youth had brought
Close by that spot, where he her name had wrote.

The place recalls to mind his flame;

When, all in love, he wandered there. ''Twas here,' he cries, “I left the name

Of yesterday's commanding Fair !'
Pensive a while he stood; then looked to find
What beauteous image had possessed his mind.

But vain, alas, his searches prove.

The rain had fallen, the wind had blown; And, sympathizing with his love,

Away was ev'ry letter flown ! Nor could his faithless memory declare Whose name he, yesterday, had flourished there!


Damon. Love 's an idle childish Passion,

Only fit for girls and boys!
Marriage is a cursèd fashion !

Women are but foolish toys !
Spite of all the tempting evils,

Still thy liberty maintain !
Tell them, tell the pretty Devils !

‘Man alone was made to reign!'



Empty boaster! know thy duty !

Thou who dar'st my power defy,
Feel the force of Love and Beauty !

Tremble at my feet, and die !
Wherefore does thy colour leave thee ?

Why these cares upon thy brow ?
Did the rebel, Pride, deceive thee?

Ask him, "Who 's the Monarch now?

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