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don, for being conveyed to Edinburgh, or any such-like distance, in a stagecoach, he is little aware, if he should be a stranger to travelling, of what mortifications, what impositions, and what impediments, he will meet with on the road, Shakespeare says, “Fortune never comes with both hands full,"—-nor does pleasure. A traveller, from his first setting out upon such a journey, will find himself a victim to the hostler, the coachman, the waiter, the chamber-maid, and the inn-keeper; for, notwithstanding the plausible advertisements held out by the coach-master to the public, of “Expedition, safe and easy travelling, with good treatment,” and similar allurements, it is a hundred to one by the time they have changed the first set of horses, the passenger will find

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himself in as aukward a situation, and as little respected, as if he was a convict, under the influence of a jailkeeper, on his voyage to Botany-bay, male or female, old or young, or let their description be whatever it


In our police there is as needful a look-out necessary, in respect to this species of abuse, as any other trespass on mankind, being too often practised on the embarrassed traveller to a degree of terror, and sometimes cruelty; some provisional mode, therefore, of speedy redress and restitution, while he is on the road, ought to be made, by the Magistracy, to protect the injured and helpless from becoming subject to such unwarrantable measures.


To digress from the general subject, I will make my way to MARGATE, and pursue particular ones.

Should you visit this pleasureable watering place, and its vicinities, in the summer-season, you can hardly travel through a country that has more attractive scenes, or more variety of prospect than the county of Kent. You no sooner reach Shooter's Hill, than the


is arrested with natural and numerous landscapes of hill and dale, wood and water,


arrive at Sarre, in the isle of Thanet. The purpose of your journey is known by every inn-keeper, hostler, coachman, postboy, and waiter, on the road; and, like a sheep that has been under the necessity of making his way through a wild of thickets, in order


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to get at and assemble with the social flock, you are sure to lose a great deal of wool before you get to your journey's end; and, when you arrive at the place in question, you are considered as a summer-fly, certain of meeting with a number of gaping swallows ever ready to receive you.

Yet I do not know a watering-place that is more calculated to gratify a party on a suinmer's excursion than Margate and its environs; nor is there one where the ladies have been so considered, or so accommodated. The Bathing-rooms are not only well situated as to their easy access to the machines, but as a pleasant retreat, at a small subscription, where you are furnished with the news of the day, and have a pleasant look-out in the morn


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ing over the green ocean,-now a calm, now a breeze ; and sometimes presenting itself with all its grandeur in a terrific storm ; in the evening, parties assemble in the different rooms, and, what is seldom found in other places of the kind, accord in amity, and find an innocent and laudable entertainment for themselves,

Each room is generally provided with a piano-forte; and is seldom at a loss for a willing and ingenious hand to display its dexterity, and give it harmony; nor are the vocal powers restrained in those that are possessed of that enviable ability.

The harbour is sheltered and de. fended by the pier, has a fine sand, and a level bottom; so that the bather,


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