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world, while we think of that better part which can never be taken from us.

And pour out upon us, we beseech Thee, the spirit of wisdom and of a sound mind. Deliver us from every error by which we may be in danger of being deceived. Convince us of the evil which hath been hidden in our hearts; and of the many sins which in our lives we have committed. And do Thou bestow upon us deep repentance for them: and, at the same time, grant us such a lively faith in our Lord JESUS CHRIST, that we may be comforted by the hope of His pardoning mercy; nd may be encouraged in pursuing our Christian


We would, also, implore Thee, as the God of provilence, to suit Thy various dispensations towards us to our several cases and necessities. Send us, we beseech Thee, such circumstances in life, such degrees of health, such friends, and such opportunities of instruction, as may most effectually tend to promote the edification and salvation of our souls. May Thy Holy Spirit dwell within us; and may all things, which befall us, be ordered by Thee for our good. And may we see and adore Thy hand, both in Thy chastisements, and in Thy mercies; and be enabled always to say, "it is the Lord that giveth, and the Lord that taketh away :-blessed be the name of the Lord."

We commit ourselves to Thy mercy and protection, for this night; and we desire to lie down at peace with Thee, and in perfect charity with all men.

And now, O LORD, if we have, this day, mis-spent our time, or have forgotten Thee, or have in any wise


sinned against Thee, we here implore Thy pardon, in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

We present these and all our prayers through the merits, and mediation, of the same Blessed Saviour. Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, disposer of all events, and Lord over all Thy creatures, who art great in power, infinite in wisdom, and complete in justice, goodness, and mercy; we, Thy creatures, made by Thy hand, and upheld by Thy continual power, kneel down in humble adoration of Thy divine majesty, imploring Thee to have compassion upon us, pardoning our sins, and receiving us into Thy favour, for the sake of JESUS CHRIST, Our LORD.

We desire now to confess the sins of another day; and we pray, that we may do it with humble, broken, and contrite hearts. O LORD, we acknowledge our guilt in every neglect of the duties of the day; in every evil temper which we have indulged; and in every sinful thought and imagination. We lament our forgetfulness that we are Thy creatures, accountable to Thee for all we do; seen by Thine all-piercing eye, wheresoever we are; bound, also, by the strongest obligations

to pay unto Thee constant gratitude and love, to fulfil Thy will, and to do all to Thy glory.

We desire to thank Thee for Thy patience and long forbearance with us. Though we continually offend against Thee, Thou still waitest to be gracious; and though we have been so deaf to the calls of Thy providence, and to the invitations of Thy Gospel, still Thou hast not cast us off: but permittest us, day after day, to read Thy sacred word,-to join in social prayer,and to call upon the God of our salvation.

We now pray Thee, for Christ's sake, to nave mercy upon us; to fill our hearts with a sense of Thy goodness; and to teach us how to serve Thee henceforth in a more acceptable manner; that so we may dwell in the light of Thy countenance, and that Thy blessings may descend upon us. Help us to be faithful in all the duties of life to which Thou hast called us. As masters, may we remember that we have a Master in heaven. As servants, may we serve the LORD CHRIST. As parents, may we be careful to train up our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. As children, may we be obedient to our parents in all things; proving that this is good and acceptable to the Lord. As citizens, may we obey magistrates, and all who are put in authority over us. And, as members of the same family, may we remember how blessed a thing it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. May we, therefore, exercise towards each other all patience, and loving kindness, and charity; and endeavour to preserve the unity of the spirit, in the bond of peace, and in righ teousness of life.

O LORD, pardon the sins and negligences of this day; and help us to amend our ways, and to adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.

Let us now lie down in Thy fear; and, in tne morning, let us again seek Thy favour: and let us ever remember, that Thou, LORD, art with us, by night, and by day; and that Thou alone causest us to dwell in safety.

These prayers we humbly present to Thy divine majesty, trusting in the name of JESUS CHRIST Our Saviour.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY GOD, Creator of all things, in whose hands are life and death, glory be to Thee for all Thy mercies. We thank Thee for Thy preservation of us during the past day; and for the many bounties of Thy providence. Pardon, O most merciful God, all the offences against Thee which we have committed; and also our negligence of those duties which Thou hast required. Have mercy on our souls for JESUS CHRIST'S sake; and vouchsafe unto us the comforts of Thy Holy Spirit.

Enable us, O LORD, to pass our future time on earth, in Thy fear and to Thy glory. Save us from the power of our sins; and from all our spiritual enemies. O Thou, in whose hand are the wills and affections of men, kinale in us, we pray Thee, all holy desires. Repress our sinful and corrupt imaginations. Dispose us to love Thy commandments, and to desire Thy promises: strengthen and establish us in every good work; and grant, that, by Thy constant help and protection, we may so pass through things temporal, as finally not to lose the things eternal.

Grant, that, amidst the hopes, and fears, the pleasures, and sorrows, the dangers, and deliverances,and all the various changes of this mortal life, our hearts may be surely fixed on those joys which are eternal. O merciful Father, do Thou continually direct and bless us. Give us in this world knowledge of Thy truth, and confidence in Thy mercy; and, in the world to come, life everlasting, for the sake of JESUS CHRist.

We pray, O LORD, for all our dear friends and relations. Guard them from evil by night and by day. Support, comfort, and assist them; and bring them to eternal happiness, through the merits of the same blessed Saviour. Have mercy on the young; may they be trained up in the nurture and admonition of the LORD; and thus learn to do Thy will and to walk in Thy fear, all the days of their lives. We commend unto Thee the President of these United States, and all who are in authority. Bless all the ministers of Thy Gospel. Pity the sorrows of the afflicted; and supply the various wants of all Thy creatures. Be gracious to

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