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study to work out matters of detail, the affected agencies must begin that work without delay. In this work, as well as in any other aspect of the Commission's recommendations, the Federal Government is prepared to extend full cooperation and assistance.

Many of the Commission's recommendations require legislative action or additional appropriations. These will be presented to the Congress as soon as possible, and I am confident that they will receive prompt consideration. I am also hopeful that all of the agencies which have a responsibility in the enforcement and administration of our criminal law will give immediate attention to the recommendations for improvements in their practices and procedures. I will expect periodic reports on progress.

I commend the report, too, to the citizens of Washington. Crime cannot be conquered, in this or any other city, unless citizens are willing to help. An understanding of the nature of the problems and the directions of effective citizen action will permit a mobilization of action by citizens and the private groups and agencies which they direct, to work together to meet the chal

lenge, and the opportunity, which the report presents.

The Commission concludes that many of its recommendations, if implemented promptly, should produce visible short-term results. These must have priority attention. But no one should believe that the scourge of criminal activity will vanish quickly or easily. The report makes it clear that there are no panaceas, no cheap or easy shortcuts. The roots of crime, as the Commission emphasizes, cannot be separated from inadequate education and housing, unemployment, and all the other social and economic ills which the District must also continue to fight.

I wish to express my gratitude to the members of the Commission, who have generously contributed their time and talents for many months. They have my thanks, and the thanks of this community.

NOTE: The “Report of the President's Commission on Crime in the District of Columbia" (Government Printing Office, 1041 pp.; appendix 777 pp.) was transmitted to the President on December 15.

For the President's statement in response to the Commission's interim report on the Metropolitan Police Department, sec Item 354.

The Commission was established by Executive Order 11234 of July 16, 1965 (see 1965 volume, this series, Book II, Items 366 and 381).

Appendix A—White House Releases

Note: Includes releases covering matters with which the President was closely concerned, except announcements of personnel appointments and lists of public and private laws.

Releases relating to Proclamations and Executive orders have not been included. These documents are separately listed in Appendix B.

January 4 Text of response of Pope Paul VI to the Presi

dent's message on U.S. peace efforts 5 Ambassador Goldberg's letter to the Secretary

General of the United Nations on U.S. efforts for peace in Vietnam

5 Letter to Richard Maguire following his resigna

tion as treasurer of the Democratic National Committee

6 The President's telegram to Admiral Nimnitz on

hearing of his illness

6 The President's telegram greeting Carl Sand

burg on his 88th birthday 7 Announcement of 1965 report of the President's

Committee for Traffic Safety 7 Statement by the President upon announcing the

appointment of members of the Advisory Council on Insured Loans to Students

10 Statement by the President upon anouncing the

appointment of Dr. James L. Goddard as Commissioner of Food and Drugs

10 Statement by the President on the death of

Prime Minister Shastri of India

12 Annual message to the Congress on the State of

the Union (2 releases] 13 Remarks upon accepting an award from the

American Football Coaches Association 13 Advance text of remarks upon announcing ap

pointment of Robert Weaver as Secretary, HUD 14 Message to the Congress transmitting first annual

report on the operation of the International

Coffee Agreement 15 Letter to the Postmaster General approving

For list of Press Conferences, see subject index under “News conferences."

In many instances the White House issued advance releases of addresses or remarks which differ from the text as delivered. These have been noted in brackets, thus: [2 releases).

15 Announcement of improvements in postal


17 Message to the Congress transmitting annual

report on the foreign assistance program, fiscal year 1965

17 Remarks upon announcing appointments in the

Peace Corps and in the Department of Housing

and Urban Development 18 Remarks at the swearing in of Robert C. Weaver

and Robert C. Wood as Secretary and Under Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

(2 releases] 18 Special message to the Congress recommending

approval of U.S. participation as a member

nation in the Asian Development Bank 18 Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury on the

need for higher interest rates on U.S. savings bonds

18 Message to the delegates to the fourth meeting

of the Inter-American Cultural Council

19 Letter to the Chairman, House Committee on

Ways and Means, urging prompt action on pend

ing tax proposals 19 Letter to the Speaker transmitting proposed sup

plemental appropriations in support of operations in Southeast Asia

recommendations for improving postal services

19 Remarks at a ceremony marking 1966 as the

"Year of the Bible" (2 releases] 19 Remarks on the proposed supplemental appro

priations in support of operations in Southeast Asia

19 Remarks upon presenting the Presidential Unit

Citation to the 38th Air Rescue Squadron, USAF (2 releases]

[blocks in formation]

3 Announcement of report to the President by the

National Commission on Technology, Automation, and Economic Progress

27 Remarks at the signing of the Economic Report

for 1966

27 Annual message to the Congress: The Economic

Report of the President

3 Remarks upon presenting the Heart-of-the-Year

Award to Representative John E. Fogarty

28 Remarks to students participating in the United

States Senate youth program

3 Message of congratulations following the land

ing on the moon of the U.S.S.R.'s Luna 9

28 Reply to a letter from a group of Senators

relating to the situation in Vietnam

4 Remarks at the swearing in of Roger Wilkins as

Director, Community Relations Service

[blocks in formation]

14 Letter to the Speaker requesting supplemental

appropriations for the National Teacher Corps, the rent supplement program, and the Selective

Service System 14 Letter accepting resignation of Norbert Schlei as

Assistant Attorney General 14 Message to the Congress transmitting first annual

18 Message to the Congress transmitting the Na

tional Science Foundation's annual report on

weather modification 20 Statement by the President on the death of Ad

miral of the Fleet Chester W. Nimitz 21 Memorandum on Brotherhood Week 21 Announcement of supplemental appropriations

request, miscellaneous programs 23 Special message to the Congress proposing meas

ures to preserve America's natural heritage


report of the National Capital Transportation Agency

74-767-67_Vol. II-54

February 23 Message to the economic symposium commem

orating the 20th anniversary of the Employment Act of 1946

23 Letter to the Administrator, National Capital

Transportation Agency

23 Remarks of welcome to the Vice President fol

lowing his mission to Asia [2 releases ]

23 Remarks in New York City upon receiving the

National Freedom Award (2 releases ] 24 Statement by the President at the presentation

of the Medal of Honor (posthumous) to Staff Sgt. Larry S. Pierce

24 Announcement of presentation of Medal of

Honor (posthumous) to Staff Sgt. Larry S. Pierce

28 Remarks recorded for the opening of the 1966

Red Cross campaign

28 Letter to Judge Warren L. Jones upon his retire

ment from active service

i Remarks on the fifth anniversary of the Peace

Corps at the swearing in of Jack Hood Vaughn

as Director (2 releases] i Message to the Congress transmitting annual

report on U.S. participation in the United Nations

i Special message to the Congress on domestic

health and education

i Remarks to principal field officers of the Internal

Revenue Service

24 Memorandum urging support of the Red Cross


1 Memorandum from the Secretary of Commerce

on the Nationwide Natural Disaster Warning System

25 Memorandum for the President relating to the

organization of the Department of Housing and Urban Development

2 Remarks at the swearing in of Lee C. White as

Chairman, Federal Power Commission

25 Announcement of national finalists in competi

tion for selection as White House Fellows

2 Special message to the Congress on transporta


26 Announcement of Presidential factfinding mis

sion to Germany to study environmental pollution

2 Citation accompanying the National Security

Medal presented to Frank Byron Rowlett

26 Announcement of formation of council to pre

pare for White House Conference "To Fulfill These Rights"

3 Remarks upon signing the “Cold War GI Bill"

(Veterans' Readjustment Benefits Act of 1966)

3 Remarks at the swearing in of the Chairman

and members of the National Council on the Humanities

26 Report from Chairman, Civil Service Commis

sion, on steps taken to improve Government services to the public

3 Memorandum on the processing of Federal

employees' claims for workmen's compensation benefits

26 Announcement of disaster relief funds for Texas

28 Remarks at the sixth annual Federal Woman's

Award ceremony [2 releases ]

3 Excerpts from the President's annual report to

the Congress on the communications satellite program

28 Letter to the President of the Senate and to the

Speaker of the House proposing establishment of a National Visitor Center in the Nation's Capital

3 Message to the Congress transmitting annual

report on the communications satellite program

28 Special message to the Congress transmitting

Reorganization Plan 2 of 1966: Water Pollution Control

3 Memorandum announcing revised guidelines

governing development by the Government of products or services for its own use

28 Letter to Judge Leo F. Rayficl upon his retire

ment from active service

4 White House statement announcing new pro

cedures for the control of overseas activities of Federal agencies

28 Letter to Judge Luther W. Youngdahl upon his

retirement from active service

5 Memorandum establishing a task force on sum.

mer domestic programs

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