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passion on the infirmities of our brethren: and to walk charitably one towards another.

Hear, O LORD, these and all our prayers, for the sake of Thine only Son JESUS CHRIST, our Mediator and Redeemer.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


ALMIGHTY, AND EVER BLESSED GOD, who preservest our lives, and sustainest our health and strength, and multipliest our comforts and enjoyments, we are met together to praise Thee for the mercies which we have experienced, since we were last assembled to worship Thy holy name. Thou art the author of all good:without Thee, we are utterly weak and helpless, as well as miserable. O LORD, continue to us Thy gracious care and preserve us, this night, both in body and soul from every evil.

We beseech Thee, especially, to grant unto us all the pardon of sin, and a cheerful confidence in Thy favour, through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. Give us peace through His atoning blood; and being thus reconciled to Thee our God, may we also be in charity with all Take from us, O LORD, every angry passion, as well as every tormenting fear of Thy wrath. We be


seech Thee, also, to deliver us from those anxieties and cares which are too apt to distress our minds. Let us trust Thy gracious providence; and ever commit ourselves and all our concerns to Thee, as to a wise and faithful Creator, and a Father and Friend in Christ.

Bless us, we pray Thee, to the end of our lives. Support us in all our future trials,-guide us in all our difficulties-strengthen us for the several duties of our stations-sustain us in sorrow, sickness, and adversity; and, whenever the trials and labours of this mortal life shall have passed, receive us into the haven of ever lasting rest.

We beseech Thee to bless our friends and relations. Deliver them from all the dangers and sorrows of this evil world; save them, especially, from sin; unite them with us in the bonds of a common faith; and make us all members of the same blessed family above.

Have compassion on the children of this house; fill them with the knowledge of Thy will; and give them grace to serve Thee, without fear, in holiness and righteousness all the days of their lives.

Have mercy on our President. Direct the councils of this nation. Bless our magistrates. Inspire our clergy with the spirit of true religion. Give to the poor, contentment with their lot;-and to the rich, a spirit of compassion and benevolence. Extend Thy goodness to all mankind. Put an end to war and discord, as well as to vice and superstition; and send Thy Gospel over the earth, to enlighten those who still sit in darkness, and in the shadow of death.

These prayers we would humbly present, with one

heart and one mind, at the throne of Thy heavenly grace; and we beseech Thee to hear and answer them, according to the riches of Thy mercy in JESUS CHRIST.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, who hearest the prayers of all who devoutly call upon Thy name, we kneel down to make our supplications unto Thee, this night; imploring Thee to take us under Thy protection; and to pardon, also, every sin which we may, this day, have committed against Thee.

We, at the same time, beseech Thee to impress upon us the importance of eternal things. May we be deeply persuaded, through the powerful help of Thy Holy Spirit, that we can never prize our salvation too highly; nor strive too earnestly or unceasingly after it. Teach us to remember, that we are dying creatures, who must soon enter into eternity; and must either rise to a state of immortal happiness, or sink into everlasting despair. May we never forget that "one thing is needful;" and may we, comparatively, despise all the things of this

world, while we think of that better part which can never be taken from us.

And pour out upon us, we beseech Thee, the spirit of wisdom and of a sound mind. Deliver us from every error by which we may be in danger of being deceived. Convince us of the evil which hath been hidden in our hearts; and of the many sins which in our lives we have committed. And do Thou bestow upon us deep repentance for them: and, at the same time, grant us such a lively faith in our Lord JESUS CHRIST, that we may be comforted by the hope of His pardoning mercy; nd may be encouraged in pursuing our Christian


We would, also, implore Thee, as the God of provilence, to suit Thy various dispensations towards us to our several cases and necessities. Send us, we beseech Thee, such circumstances in life, such degrees of health, such friends, and such opportunities of instruction, as may most effectually tend to promote the edification and salvation of our souls. May Thy Holy Spirit dwell within us; and may all things, which befall us, be ordered by Thee for our good. And may we see and adore Thy hand, both in Thy chastisements, and in Thy mercies; and be enabled always to say, “it is the Lord that giveth, and the Lord that taketh away :-blessed

be the name of the Lord."

We commit ourselves to Thy mercy and protection, for this night; and we desire to lie down at peace with Thee, and in perfect charity with all men. And now, O LORD, if we have, this day, mis-spent our time, or have forgotten Thee, or have in any wise

sinned against Thee, we here implore Thy pardon, in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

We present these and all our prayers through the merits, and mediation, of the same Blessed Saviour. Our Father, &c.

The grace of our Lord, &c.


O LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY, disposer of all events, and Lord over all Thy creatures, who art great in power, infinite in wisdom, and complete in justice, goodness, and mercy; we, Thy creatures, made by Thy hand, and upheld by Thy continual power, kneel down in humble adoration of Thy divine majesty, imploring Thee to have compassion upon us, pardoning our sins, and receiving us into Thy favour, for the sake of JESUS CHRIST, Our LORD.

We desire now to confess the sins of another day; and we pray, that we may do it with humble, broken, and contrite hearts. O LORD, we acknowledge our guilt in every neglect of the duties of the day; in every evil temper which we have indulged; and in every sinful thought and imagination. We lament our forgetfulness that we are Thy creatures, accountable to Thee for all we do; seen by Thine all-piercing eye, wheresoever we are; bound, also, by the strongest obligations

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