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Christians into monsters, let them loose upon one another, and introduce such disorders amongst them as formerly among the Hear thens. This is finely touched by Dr. Young, and in such terms as fall in with our present subject;

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Eager ambition's fiery chace I see;

I see the circling hunt of noisy men

Burst Law's Enclosure, leap the mounds of Right,

Pursuing and pursued, each others Prey:
As wolves for rapine, as the fox for wiles;
Till Death, that mighty Hunter, earths them
Night IV.


XX. Let every man then examine his own heart, and review his Character as it is reflected to him in this Mirror of the Animal Creation. Let him consider whether he is honest, industrious, and profitable to Society, as the labouring Ox; meek and patient as the Lamb; or whether he returns as the Dog to his vomit, and as the Sow that is washed to her wallowing in the mire: whether he is harmless as the Dove, or subtile as the Fox, and rapacious as the Vulture: whether he avoids the Truth, as the Owl avoids the Light; or whether he re

joices in it, as the Lark which rises toward the Heaven with the appearance of the morn ing. For though Jews and Gentiles are incorporated together for the present, the immutable distinction between Good and Evil shall at length prevail over the temporary Naturalization of men in the Christian Society; an eternal separation shall take place; and they only who shall have put on Purity, Temperance, Resignation, and Patience, shall have their final Portion with the Lamb of God.

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XXI. While we are aspiring to this moral use of the brute Creation, it will be a grand reproach to us if we are unmindful of its natural use. Reason and Religion require, that the creatures of God, especially those appropriated to the service of man, should be treated with discretion and tenderness. The Mercy of God is over all his works: his Providence extends to brutes as well as to men: he feedeth the young ravens that call upon him; and even the Lions, roaring after their prey, do seek their Meat from God. All the creatures in the Earth, the Air, and the Sea, wait upon his bounty, and he giveth them their meat in due season. The proper office of man therefore, as the Vicegerent of God in

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the government of the animal kingdom, is to imitate the goodness of God; to take delight in providing for the wants of such creatures as are dependent upon him, and in applying them, with moderation, mercy, and gratitude, to the uses appointed by the wisdom of our common Creator. Kings, who rule over men, are ordained ministers of good to those who are committed to their charge. The safety of the people is the supreme law of their conduct; and no divine authority will give a sanction to the wanton destruction, or even the unnecessary oppression of their subjects. In like manner, God hath made man the Lord of inferior creatures, but not their Tyrant. There are many ways of abusing them; but to insist upon these at large, would be quite foreign to the nature of this disquisition. The practice of dissecting animals alive to satisfy an unprofitable curiosity, is horrible to reflect upon. Indignation must be excited in any benevolent mind, when it presents to itself an helpless dog, stretched upon a table, crying and fainting under the knife of a philosophical butcher, who affects to enlighten the world with his wonderful discoveries; as if science were like to

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to receive some elegant improvements from a man who has no feeling.

It is a consideration not less offensive, and, I fear, we have much to answer for upon this account, that horses, which contribute so much to our health, comfort, and convenience, should be hurried out of their lives, with galled breasts and battered knees, to save the precious time of impatient people, some of whom never employed any moments of their life to the glory of God or the good of their country. This is now become a national offence: and though the devotees to pleasure, together with the drudges of Mammon, may be too much in haste to listen to the voice of a speculative Monitor: yet certainly God, who hath lent his creatures to us, will not think it beneath his notice to enquire how they have been treated.

Cruelty to dumb animals is one of the distinguishing vices of the lowest and basest of the people. Wherever it is found, it is a certain mark of ignorance and meanness; an intrinsic mark, which all the external advantages of wealth, splendor, and nobility cannot obliterate. It will consist neither with true learning nor true civility; and Religion Η 4 dise

disclaims and detests it as an insult upon the majesty and the goodness of God; who, having made the instincts of brute beasts minister to the improvement of the mind as well as to the convenience of the body, hath furnished us with a motive to mercy and compassion toward them very strong and powerful, but too refined to have any in luence on the illiterate or irreligious.


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