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adoption of this report involves an alienation of its funds, and consequently that a majority of nine-tenths are necessary to carry the proposed report."

It was moved by Dr. HUME, seconded by Mr. HEATH—

"That the Report be adopted, subject to the revision of any of the laws contained therein by the amalgamated societies."

Amendment moved by Dr. IHNE, seconded by Mr. J. B. YATES"That, before the Report be taken into consideration, the Society determine that the name of the Society be retained unchanged."

The amendment, on being put from the chair, was carried, there being twenty-three votes for, thirteen votes against.

The amendment being then considered as taking the place of the original motion, it was moved by Mr. HEATH, and seconded by Mr. PICTON

"That the question involved in Dr. IHNE's resolution just carried be referred to a poll of the whole Society by circular.”

On being put from the Chair, this motion was negatived by a large majority.

Dr. HUME then moved, and Dr. IHNE seconded

"That, subject to the amendment just adopted, and subject to the clause of revision recommended in the Report, this Report be adopted."


On this motion being read from the chair, the following amendment was moved by Mr. SWINTON BOULT, and seconded by Mr. J. FORSHAW— That, inasmuch as the advantages to be derived from the age, history, and associations of this Society, can be secured only by maintaining its continuous existence, and it is essential for that purpose that the junction with the Historic Society be completed before the matter included in the Report of the Delegates be considered, such consideration be postponed until the junction has been effected, with the distinct understanding that the revision of the laws shall thereafter be proceeded with, in such manner as the enlarged Society shall determine."

This amendment, on being put from the Chair, was carried by a large majority.

Mr. T. C. ARCHER then moved, and Mr. J. B. YATES seconded

"That the Report of the Delegates be rejected."

This motion was withdrawn.

On the motion of Mr. SWINTON BOULT, "The thanks of the Meeting to the President, for his able conduct in the chair," was unanimously voted.



JOSEPH DICKINSON, M.D., F.L.S., &c. PRESIDENT, in the Chair.

Mr. CHARLES KIRWAN was ballotted for, and duly elected an Ordinary Member.

Mr. J. B. YATES exhibited a specimen of Paper (given to him by Mr. DAVID GLADSTONE) made of the fibre of the Plantain Musa Paradisiaca.

Mr. F. P. MARRAT exhibited a Lizard, captured amongst the sand hills, at Southport; also specimens of the following Mosses, viz. :— Bryum inclinatum; Annandale, May, 1854. Hypnum elodes; Southport, May, 1854. Fissidens incurvus; Bidston.

Hypnum medium; Hooton, April, 1854.

Mr. J. B. YATES exhibited old French documents, containing the Autographs of Louis XIII. and XIV.; also of Marshall Bouflers and the Minister Chamillard.

FROM JUNE, 1853, TO JUNE, 1854.

ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY.-Proceedings, Vol. XIII., Nos. 7 to
9;-- Vol. XIV., Nos. 1, 3 to 5; from the Society.
Papers, Session V., 1852-1853;--Report of the Council, and
Abstract of Expenditure, Session V., 1852-1853; from the

STEVENSON, WILLIAM.-Abstract of Observations on the Aurora, Cirri, &c., made at Dunse; from the Author.

LINNEAN SOCIETY.-Proceedings, Nos. 45 to 51; from the Society. ROYAL SOCIETY OF EDINBURGH.-Proceedings, Session 1852-1853; from the Society.

LONDON CATALOGUE OF BRITISH PLANTS; from the Botanical Society of London.

FORBES, PROFESSOR EDWARD.-Educational Uses of Museums; from the Author.

THOM, ROBERT.-The Lasting Resentment of Miss Keaon Swan Wang a Chinese Tale; translated by Robert Thom, Esq.

The Chinese Speaker; or, Extracts from Works written in the Mandarin Language, as spoken at Pekin; both from the Rev. Dr. Thom.

DECIMAL COINAGE: What it Ought, and What it Ought Not to be. By One of the Million; from the Author.

BEST, THE HON. AND REV. SAMUEL.-Thoughts on the Proposal for the Improvement of the Civil Service; from the Author. LIVERPOOL ROYAL INSTITUTION.-Address to the General Meeting of Proprietors, held 10th February, 1854; from the Institution. COLLINS, MATTHEW, B.A.-Clairaut's Theorem, and other subjects connected with it; from the Author.

ROYAL GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF CORNWALL.-Thirty-ninth Annual Report of the Council, with the Curator's Report, and Papers and Vices read; from the Society.

HUME, REV. DR.-Education of the poor in Liverpool; a Paper read before the British Association at Hull, 12th September, 1853; from the Author.

Two Ballads, on the Battle of the Boyne; from the Author. ROYAL CORNWALL POLYTECHNIC SOCIETY.-Twentieth Annual Report; from the Society.

COSMOS INSTITUTE-Prospectus of; from Mr. Isaac.

REPORT to the Health Committee of the Borough of Liverpool on
Sewerage, &c., by James Newlands, C.E.; from the Author.
POLYTECHNIC SOCIETY OF LIVERPOOL.-Transactions from September,
1849, to December, 1852; from the Society.

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1852. Oct. 18.-To Balance as per last Account..

To paid W. Turner, Gratuity.

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The Literary and Philosophical Society, in Account with EDWARD HEATH, Treasurer.

£ s. d.

9 16

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Mrs. Johnson, Tea, Coffee, &c.
Secretary's Account-

For delivery of Circulars....

Stationery, Postage, and Carriage of
Thomas Baines, for Printing..
W. Turner, Commission on Collecting
Balance carried down

October 1, 1853, Errors excepted,

Audited and found correct,




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Oct. 1.-By 118 Subscriptions, at 10s. 6d.

10 Arrears, at 10s. 6d.

10 Entrances, at 10s. 6d.

Sale of Transactions....

One Year's Interest on Dock Bond 400
Less Income Tax.

0 2 4

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