The Spiritual You

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iUniverse, 22 mar. 2005 - 236 pagini
What does it mean to be human? Most of us have asked this question at one time or another. At least we have considered this question from the standpoint of our own life-What is the most basic part of me? We don't have to be philosophers or "deep thinkers" to ask these questions. It is normal and natural for us to wonder about the fundamental nature of our being.

In The Spiritual You, Bill Landon continues his examination of what our life in this world is truly all about. In his earlier books (My Father and Your Father and The Life that is Real Life) Bill has looked at our relationship with God and the Lord's wishes for us as part of His creation. In The Spiritual You, Bill brings this search to the level of the individual person. What is our real, basic nature?

If we are to ever come to a place of harmony with ourselves, each other, our environment and world, we must understand this basic nature. This understanding, as Bill sees it, is not found in the world of formal education, politics or even organized religion. To understand our true nature we must seek for this knowledge from God. This understanding is integral to our finding the place we were meant to hold in God's creation. It is the author's hope that this book will be help and an encouragement to anyone seeking to find the real spiritual you.

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Bill Landon has spent 40 years seeking a relationship with God. After more than a decade of studying the Bible and the writings of numerous philosophers and Christian authors, Bill has found a path of living in a personal relationship with God. This is the third book exploring our spiritual nature and relation with the Father. Bill lives with his family in Connecticut.

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