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N issuing the Harmonized Edition of the “ Children's

Hymnal,” the Committee desire to state that a considerable number of the hymns have been taken from the “ Scottish Hymnal,"-as it is important that children, while learning

hymns suited to their youth, should also become familiar with the words and music of those which will be most serviceable in after-life. In all these the adaptation of tunes is the same as in the edition of that work with accompanying music. Such other hymns as were found suitable in metre and sentiment have been adapted to tunes from the “ Church of Scotland Psalm and Hymn Tune Book ;" while for the remaining hymns the best available music has been chosen. All the tunes from the “ Church of Scotland Psalm and Hymn Tune Book” are reprinted as they stand there ; while the harmonies of those from other sources have undergone a thorough revision by Professor Monk, who has in most cases supplied altogether new harmonies. In a few instances the melodies have been slightly modified since the publication of the Single Voice Edition of the “ Children's Hymnal ;" in future issues the two editions will in this respect be made to correspond. An additional tune has been given to No. 86.

The Committee would take this opportunity of acknowledging their special obligation to Professor Monk for his services in connection with the whole of their publications, and more particularly for

the harmonies supplied to the present work; as also to the gentleme. whose tunes, granted for the “ Church of Scotland Psalm and Hymn Tune Book” and acknowledged in it, are reprinted here. For original pieces in this selection, they tender their thanks to Mr. James S. Geikie, for No. 37; Mr. G. H. Gregory, Mus. Bac., for Nos. 8, 30, 91; Messrs. Novello, Ewer, and Co., for Nos. 31, 78, 81, 87, and the words of No. 8; and very specially to Signor Alberto Randegger, for sanctioning and revising the four-part arrangement of two of these, Nos. 31 and 78.

The Committee are confident that this Edition will add greatly to the usefulness of this Collection of Children's Hymns, the popularity of which has been already proved by its wide circulation.

Endex of First Lines and Authors.

} 19


AUTHOR OR SOURCE OF HYMN. NAME OF TUNE. NO. A little Child the Saviour came..

W. Robertson

Chantry Abide with me! fast falls the eventide .. H. F. Lyte

Eventide All glory, praise, and honour..

Theodulph, tr. 7. M. Neale. All praise to Thee, my God, this night.. Thomas Ken...

Evening Hymn Around the throne of God a band. 7. M. Neale...

Carey Around the throne of God in heaven... Anne Shepherd

Barrow. Art thou weary, art thou languid.. Stephen, tr. by 7. M. Neale ... Stephanos As Jacob with travel was weary one day Traditional

Luz.. As with gladness men of old.

W. C. Dix

Dix Awake, my soul, and with the sun.. Thomas Ken.

Morning Hymn 10

i Bernard of Morlaix, tr. by} St. Alphege.. Brief life is here our portion... 7 7. M. Neale...

11 Brightly gleams our banner

T. 7. Potter.

St. Alban...

12 By cool Siloam's shady rill,

Reginald Heber


13 Childhood's years are passing o'er us .... William Dickson.

St. Helen

14 Children of Jerusalem...

7. Henley :

Loud Hosannah.. 15 Christ the Lord is risen to-day.

Charles Wesley ::


16 Christian, seek not yet repose..

Charlotte Elliott..


17 Come, children, hail the Prince of Peace



Veni Creator Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove. ... .. Simon Browne


| King Robert II. of France, Halle .. Come, Thou Holy Paraclete.

20 tr. by 7. M. Neale... Day by day the little daisy.


21 Days and moments quickly flying Edward Caswall.


22 Eternal Father, strong to save

William Whiting


23 For ever with the Lord

James Montgomery


24 For the beauty of the earth

F. Pierpoint..



( Bremen From Greenland's icy mountains. Reginald Heber.

( Missionary. Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

Charies Wesley.


27 Glory to God in the highest.. Mrs. Kidder.

28 Go, sound the trump on India's shore ... James Gall....

29 God entrusts to all..

James Edmeston..

Cui habet dabitur. 30 God of heaven, hear our singing. Frances R. Havergal.

31 God save our gracious Queen

National Anthem... 32 Great Shepherd of the sheep... Sabbath-School Bell.

33 Had I the wings of a dove, I would fly.. Miss Aird.

34 Hark, hark, my soul ! angelic songs... F. W. Faber.

35 Hark, the herald-angels sing

Charles Wesley.


36 He leadeth me, O blessed thought ! 7. H. Gilmore.

37 High and holy-meek and lowly.

38 Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty!.. Reginald Heber.


39 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds.... John Newton.

St. Peter

40 I am waiting by the river


Waiting by the River 41 I have entered the valley of blessing. Annie Wittenmeyer.

Valley of Blessing.. 42 I heard the voice of Jesus say..

Horatius Bonar.

Old 137th..

43 I lay my sins on Jesus

Horatius Bonar.


44 I love to think of the heavenly land.... Anonymous..

Heavenly Land.. 45 I'm a little pilgrim.....

John Curwen


46 I thank the goodness and the grace ... Fane Taylor..


47 I think, when I read that sweet story... Jemima Luke

48 I want to be like Jesus..

W. M. Whittemore.

St. Alphege

49 I would be like an angel

H. Whittemore ..


50 Jerusalem, my happy home..

Eckington Collection


51 i Bernard of Morlaix, tr. by } Ewing Jerusalem the golden...

52 i 7. M. Neale ...

* 26

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