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2 You will soon be weary, pilgrims of a day,

(way. Trials are before you, dangers in your Still by faith we'll journey on, though our path be drear;

[to fear? If the Saviour lead us, what have we 3 Pilgrims, are you going where the angels' song

(along ? O'er the fields of glory gently floats

Yes, we seek the better land, lovely,

pure, and fair, [meet us there? Where no grief can enter; will you 4 May we journey with you, pilgrims of a day?

[heavenly way? Will you help us onward in the Come, we gladly bid you come, day is waning fast,

[is past. We must reach the haven ere the day

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God from ev


last - ing, And to


last - ing



1 Who is this so weak and helpless,

Child of lowly Hebrew maid, Rudely in a stable sheltered,

Coldly in a manger laid ? 'Tis the Lord of all creation,

[trod; Who this wondrous path hath He is God from everlasting,

And to everlasting God. 2 Who is this a man of sorrows,

Walking sadly life's hard way, Homeless, weary, sighing, weeping,

Over sin and Satan's sway?
'Tis our God, our glorious Saviour,

Who above the starry sky
Now prepares the many mansions,

Where no tear can dim the eye.

3 Who is this—behold Him shedding

Drops of blood upon the ground ? Who is this-despised, rejected,

Mocked, insulted, beaten, bound ? 'Tis our God, who gifts and graces,

On His Church now poureth down, Who shall smite in holy vengeance

All His foes beneath His throne. 4 Who is this that hangeth dying,

With the thieves on either side; Nails His hands and feet are tearing,

And the spear hath pierced His side ? 'Tis the God who ever liveth,

'Mid the shining ones on high, In the glorious golden city

Reigning everlastingly.



1 Who is this that comes from E- dom, All His rai - ment stain'd with blood; To the slave pro - claim - ing free-dom; Bringing and be - stow-ing

good :

Glo-rious in

the garb He wears,

Ġlo-rious in

the spoil He bears ?

1 Who is this that comes from Edom, 2 'Tis the Saviour, now victorious,

All His raiment stained with blood ; Travelling onward in His might, To the slave proclaiming freedom;

'Tis the Saviour, oh how glorious Bringing and bestowing good:

To His people is the sight! Glorious in the garb He wears,

Jesus now is strong to save, Glorious in the spoil He bears ?

Mighty to redeem the slave.
3 Why that blood His raiment staining?

'Tis the blood of many slain;
Of His foes there's none remaining,

None the contest to maintain.
Fall’n they are, no more to rise ;
All their glory prostrate lies.

4 This the Saviour has effected

By His mighty arm alone;
See the throne for Him erected,

'Tis an everlasting throne !
'Tis the great reward He gains ;
Glorious fruit of all His pains.

5 Mighty Victor, reign for ever!

Wear the crown, so dearly won;
Never shall Thy people, never

Cease to sing what Thou hast done.
Thou hast fought Thy people's foes;
Thou hast healed Thy people's woes.

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mo - ny

1 WORDS åre things of little cost,

Quickly spoken, quickly lost;
We forget them, but they stand,
Witnesses at God's right hand;
And their testimony bear

For us or against us there.
2 Oh, how often ours have been

Idle words and words of sin;
Words of anger, scorn, or pride,
Or deceit our faults to hide;
Envious tales or strife unkind,

Leaving bitter thoughts behind! 3 Grant us, Lord, from day to day,

Strength to watch and grace to pray
May our lips, from sin kept free,
Love to speak and sing of Thee:
Till in heaven we learn to raise
Hymns of everlasting praise.

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