Russian Orthodox Church Of Alaska And The Aleutian Islands And Its Relation To Native American Traditions: An Attempt At A Multicultural Society, 1794-1912

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DIANE Publishing, 30 aug. 2004 - 61 pagini
In connection with the 200th anniversary of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, an exhibition entitled "In The Beginning Was the Word: The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures", including some of the most important and interesting documents from the large archives of the Church. This volume summarizes the results of the study of the archives, stressing their relevance for the problem of semiotic nets of communication in a multilingual and multicultural society. The translation of Biblical and Church-related documents into native languages is discussed and the social and religious aspects of communication and semiotic contact are examined.

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Pagina 4 - Very few of the government authorities possess any real knowledge of astronomy or mathematics, and it is because of their ignorance that whenever there is talk of colonizing the northern territories, as occasionally happens, the project is never carried through. It is Japan's misfortune that her officials are misled by foolish tales about these great
Pagina 4 - provides that their own subjects are sent out to live among the natives, it is only to be expected that the Ainu look up to the Russian officials as gods and worship them
Pagina 30 - The more I become acquainted with the savages, the more I become convinced that, as far as morality is concerned, the so-called wild ones are much better than many of the so-called enlightened
Pagina 26 - end of the first quarter of the nineteenth century much of Alaska was a peripheral part of the Eurasian pool of infectious disease, both through contact with the Russian-American Company staff and their foreign visitors in southern Alaska, and by way of native trade networks across Bering Strait. From this time onward, it
Pagina 26 - be expected that the larger settlements of coastal Alaska would be visited periodically with disease in epidemic proportion, particularly those variable respiratory diseases such as influenza and the often related pneumonic disorders for which there is no lasting immunity, and to which the Alaskan natives have showed themselves to be so susceptible
Pagina 30 - Does this mean that we, with our enlightenment, are moving away from rather than approaching perfection?
Pagina 37 - How may Japan become the greatest nation in the world?... She should
Pagina 37 - This, in turn, will lead to the acquisition of the American islands, which are Japan's possessions manifestly,
Pagina 27 - dependent upon the Aleuts, Kodiaks, and Tlingits for such basics as furs, provisions, labor and sex
Pagina 46 - By the grace of God, We Alexander the Third, Emperor and Autocrat of all

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