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Indianapolis, IN, Indianapolis International

Airport Mitchell, WI, Mitchell International Airport

DISTRICT NO. 15—EL PASO, TEXAS Albuquerque, NM, Albuquerque Inter

national Airport
El Paso, TX, International Airport
Presidio, TX, Presidio Airport
Santa Teresa, NM, Santa Teresa Airport

DISTRICT NO. 10_ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA Baudette, MN, Baudette International Air

port Duluth, MN, Duluth International Airport Duluth, MN, Sky Harbor Airport Grand Forks, ND, Grand Forks International

Airport International Falls, MN, Falls International

Airport Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Minneapolis/St.

Paul International Airport Minot, ND, Minot International Airport Pembina, ND, Port Pembina Airport Portal, ND, Portal Airport Ranier, MN, International Seaplane Base Warroad, MN, Warroad International Airport Williston, ND, Sioulin Field (Municipal)

DISTRICT No. 16-LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles International

Airport Ontario, CA, Ontario International Airport

DISTRICT NO. 17-HONOLULU, HAWAII Agana, Guam, Guam International Airport

Terminal Honolulu, HI, Honolulu International Air

port Honolulu, HI, Hickam Air Force Base

DISTRICT No. 11-KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Kansas City, MO, Kansas City International

Airport Springfield, MO, Springfield Regional Air

port St. Louis, MO, St. Louis Lambert Inter

national Airport St. Louis, MO, Spirit of St. Louis Airport

DISTRICT NO. 18-PHOENIX, ARIZONA Douglas, AZ, Bisbee-Douglas Airport Las Vegas, NV, McCarren International Air

port Nogales, AZ, Nogales International Airport Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix Sky Harbor Inter

national Airport Reno, NV, Reno Carron International Air

port Tucson, AZ, Tucson International Airport Yuma, AZ, Yuma International Airport


DISTRICT NO. 12-SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Bellingham, WA, Bellingham Airport Friday Harbor, WA, Friday Harbor McChord, WA, McChord Air Force Base Oroville, WA, Dorothy Scott Municipal Air

port Oroville, WA, Dorothy Scott Seaplane Base Point Roberts, WA, Point Roberts Airport Port Townsend, WA, Jefferson County Inter

national Airport SEA-TAC, WA, SEA-TAC International Air

port Seattle, WA, Boeing Municipal Air Field Seattle, WA, Lake Union Spokane, WA, Felts Field Spokane, WA, Spokane International Airport

Colorado Springs, CO, Colorado Springs Air

port Denver, CO, Denver International Airport Salt Lake City, UT, Salt Lake City Airport

DISTRICT NO. 20-DALLAS, TEXAS Dallas, TX, Dallas-Fort Worth International

Airport Oklahoma City, OK, Oklahoma City Airport

(includes Altus and Tinker AFBs)


Atlantic City, NJ, Atlantic City Inter

national Airport Lakehurst, NJ, Lakehurst Naval Air Station Morristown, NJ, Morristown Airport Newark, NJ, Newark International Airport Newark, NJ, Signature Airport Teterboro, NJ, Teterboro Airport Wrightstown, NJ, McGuire Air Force Base

Alameda, CA, Alemeda Naval Air Station
Oakland, CA, Oakland International Airport
Sacramento, CA, Beale Air Force Base
San Francisco, CA, San Francisco Inter-

national Airport San Jose, CA, San Jose International Air

port Travis, CA, Travis Air Force Base

DISTRICT No. 14-SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Austin, TX, Austin International Airport Corpus Christi, TX, Corpus Christi Airport Del Rio, TX, Del Rio International Airport Laredo, TX, Laredo International Airport Maverick, TX, Maverick County Airport San Antonio, TX, San Antonio International Airport

DISTRICT NO. 22-PORTLAND, MAINE Bangor, ME, Bangor International Airport Burlington, VT, Burlington International

Airport Caribou, ME, Caribou Municipal Airport Highgate Springs, VT, Franklin County Re

gional Airport Newport, VT, Newport State Airport

[blocks in formation]

DISTRICT NO. 28-NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Louisville, KY, Louisville International Air

port New Orleans, LA, New Orleans International

Airport Memphis, TN, Memphis International Air

port Nashville, TN, Nashville International Air


Des Moines, IA, Des Moines International

Omaha, NE, Eppley International Airport
Omaha, NE, Offutt Air Force Base

Athens, Greece
Bangkok, Thailand
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Dublin, Ireland
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Frankfurt, Germany
Freeport, Bahamas
Hamilton, Bermuda
Havana, Cuba
Hong Kong, B.C.C.
Karachi, Pakistan
London, United Kingdom
Manila, Philippines
Mexico City, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Moscow, Russia
Nairobi, Kenya
Nassau, Bahamas
New Delhi, India
Oranjestad, Aruba
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Rome, Italy
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Seoul, Korea
Shannon, Ireland
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Tijuana, Mexico

Billings, MT, Billings Airport
Boise, ID, Boise Airport
Cut Bank, MT, Cut Bank Airport
Glasgow, MT, Glasgow International Airport
Great Falls, MT, Great Falls International

Havre, MT, Havre-Hill County Airport
Helena, MT, Helena Airport
Kalispel, MT, Kalispel Airport
Missoula, MT, Missoula Airport

Medford, OR, Jackson County Airport

[blocks in formation]

190-024 D-00--3


Pembroke Pines, FL
Tampa, FL
West Palm Beach, FL

Fabens, TX
Fort Hancock, TX
Las Cruces, NM,
Lordsburg, NM
Truth or Consequences, NM
Ysleta, TX

(e) Service centers. Service centers are situated at the following locations: Texas Service Center, Dallas, Texas Nebraska Service Center, Lincoln, Nebraska California Service Center, Laguna Niguel,

California Vermont Service Center, St. Albans,


SECTOR NO. 16-MARFA, TEXAS Alpine, TX Amarillo, TX Fort Stockton, TX Lubbock, TX Marfa, TX Midland, TX Pecos, TX Presidio, TX Sanderson, TX Sierra Blanca, TX Van Horn, TX

SEO OR NO. 17–DEL RIO, TEXAS Abilene. TX Brackettville, TX Carrizo Springs, TX Comstock, TX Del Rio, TX Eagle Pass, TX Llano, TX Rocksprings, TX San Angelo, TX Uvalde, TX

SECTOR NO. 18_LAREDO, TEXAS Cotulla, TX Dallas, TX Freer, TX Hebbronville, TX Laredo North, TX Laredo South, TX San Antonio, TX Zapata, TX

(f) Asylum offices—(1) Newark, New Jersey. The Asylum Office in Lyndhurst has jurisdiction over the State of New York within the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx in the City of New York; the Albany Suboffice; jurisdiction of the Buffalo District Office; the State of Pennsylvania, excluding the jurisdiction of the Pittsburgh Suboffice; and the States of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

(2) New York City, New York. The Asylum Office in New York has jurisdiction over the State of New York excluding the jurisdiction of the Albany Suboffice, the Buffalo District Office and the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.

(3) Arlington, Virginia. The Asylum Office in Arlington has jurisdiction over the District of Columbia, the western portion of the State of Pennsylvania currently within the jurisdiction of the Pittsburgh Suboffice, and the States of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

(4) Miami, Florida. The Asylum Office in Miami has jurisdiction over the State of Florida, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.

(5) Houston, Texas. The Asylum Office in Houston has jurisdiction over the States of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

(6) Chicago, Illinois. The Asylum Office in Chicago has jurisdiction over the States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, and Kentucky.

SECTOR NO. 19-MCALLEN, TEXAS Brownsville, TX Corpus Christi, TX Falfurrias, TX Harlingen, TX Kingsville, TX McAllen, TX Mercedes, TX Port Isabel, TX Rio Grande City, TX

SECTOR NO. 20—NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Baton Rouge, LA Gulfport, MS Lake Charles, LA Little Rock, AR Miami, OK Mobile, AL New Orleans, LA

SECTOR NO. 21-MIAMI, FLORIDA Jacksonville, FL Orlando, FL

(7) Los Angeles, California. The Asylum Office in Los Angeles has jurisdiction over the States of Arizona, the southern portion of California as listed in 8 CFR 100.4(b)(16) and 100.4(b)(39), and that southern portion of the State of Nevada currently within the jurisdiction of the Las Vegas Suboffice.

(8) San Francisco, California. The Asylum Office in San Francisco has jurisdiction over the northern part of California as listed in 8 CFR 100.4(b)(13), the portion of Nevada currently under the jurisdiction of the Reno Suboffice, and the States of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii and the Territory of Guam. [60 FR 57166, Nov. 14, 1995, as amended at 61 FR 25778, May 23, 1996; 63 FR 70315, Dec. 21, 1998]

Administrative Committee of the Federal Register) as well as the provisions of section 553 of title 5 of the United States Code governing the issuance of regulations are observed. $ 100.7 OMB control numbers assigned

to information collections. This section collects and displays the control numbers assigned to information collection requirements of the Immigration and Naturalization Service by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980, Public Law 96511. The Service intends that this section comply with the requirements of section 3507(f) of the Paperwork Reduction Act, which requires that agencies display a current control number assigned by the Director of the Office of Management and Budget for each agency information collection requirement.

[blocks in formation]

$ 100.5 Regulations.

The regulations of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, published as chapter I of title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations, contain information which under the provisions of section 552 of title 5 of the United States Code, is required to be published and is subdivided into subchapter A (General Provisions, parts 1 through 3, inclusive), subchapter B (Immigration Regulations, parts 100 through 299, inclusive), and subchapter C (Nationality Regulations, parts 306 through 499, inclusive). Any person desiring information with respect to a particular procedure (other than rule making) under the Immigration and Nationality Act should examine the part or section in chapter I of title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations dealing with such procedures as well as the section of the Act implemented by such part or section.

103.2(b)(1) 103.6 103.6(c) 103.10(a)(2) 103.10(1) 204.1(a) 204.1(b) 204.1(c) Part 207 207.2 207.2(d) 207.3(b) Part 208 211.1(b)(3) 211.2 212.1(f) 212.2 212.3 212.4(b) 212.4(g) 212.6 212.6 212.7 212.7(c) 212.8(b) 214.1 214.1(c) 214.2(e) 214.2(0) 214.2(1) 214.2(g) 214.2(h) 214.2(k) 214.2(1) 214.2(m) 214.2(m) 214.3 214.3(g) Part 223 Part 223a 223.1 Part 231

1115-0062 1115-0085 1115-0046 1115-0087 1115-0088 1115-0054 1115-0049 1115-0061 1115-0057 1115-0066 1115-0056 1115-0098 1115-0086 1115-0042 1115-0042 1115-0042 1115-0106 1115-0032 1115-0028 1115-0040 1115-0019 1115-0047 1115-0048 1115-0059 1115-0081 1115-0051 1115-0093 1115-0023 1115-0060 1115-0051 1115-0090 1115-0038 1115-0071 1115-0038 1115-0060 1115-0051 1115-0070 1115-0051 1115-0005 1115-0084 1115-0037 1115-0083

8 100.6 Rule making.

Section 103(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires the Attorney General to establish such regulations as he deems necessary for carrying out his authority under the provisions of that Act. The Attorney General has delegated certain rule making authority to the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization. The provisions of the FEDERAL REGISTER Act (49 Stat. 500; 44 U.S.C. 301-314), as amended, and of the regulations thereunder (1 CFR

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