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ple: Nay, we have no more amongst us in all, than five Loaves of Bread and two fmall Fishes.

18. Jefus wondring at the flowness of their Understanding, that they fhould not yet call to mind his former Miracles, and confider what he was able to do; bad them bring to him what Victuals they had, how little foever it might be.

19. Then commanding the people to fit down in feveral Companies upon the Ground, he took the Bread and Fifh in his Hands; and when he had given Thanks to God and bleffed them, he brake and gave them to his Difciples, and the Difciples diftributed them to the Multitude.

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24. During which time, the Difciples were gotten into the midst of the Lake; where, the Wind coming contrary, and a Storm arifing, they were toffed up and down by the Waves, not without fear of being loft; Jefus fuffering them to be alone in this Danger, that he might inure them to Hardships, and teach them to rely without distrust in the greatest Extremities upon the Providence of God.

25. However, when they had toiled the greateft part of the Night, Jefus took pity on them; and knowing in his Wisdom when they had been sufficiently tried by this Danger, he came to them towards Morning, walking upon the Lake.

26. But when the Difciples faw him walking upon the Water, and had not yet Light enough to know who he was, they were affrighted, thinking him to be a Spirit or Apparition; and not knowing what to do, they cried out for fear.

27. But Jefus, not willing to keep them any longer in a Fright, fpoke to them, and told them who he was, and bad them take Courage, and not be afraid.

28. Then, knowing his Voice, they began to come to themselves: And Peter, who was forwardeft upon all Occafions to make proof of his Faith, faid; Lord, if it be you, give me leave to come out, and walk upon the Water with you.

29. Jefus, knowing the Infirmity of his too forward Confidence, and being willing to take occafion at the fame time to reprove his Weakness and to confirm his Faith, bad him come down out of the Boat; and he came down and


and walked upon the Water towards Jefus.

30. But when he felt the Wind ftrong, and faw the Waves rage and beat about him, his Faith failed, and he was afraid; and beginning to fink, he cried out, Lord, help me, I perish. 31. Then Jefus took him by the Hand, and helped him up, and reproved his Diffidence, faying; Wherefore were you fo weak, that after you had not only feen me walk upon the Water, but had alfo experimented my Power in doing the fame your felf; yet at the boisteroufnefs of the Winds and Waves you should let your Faith fail, and fuffer Diftruft to arife in your Mind?

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touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole.


The Pharifees Hypocrify and vain Traditions reproved, and the true Notion of Cleanness ftated, ver. 1. The Woman of Canaan's Daughter healed, ver. 21. Many others cured in Galilee, and four thousand fed with feven Loaves and a few Fishes, ver. 29.

I THen came to

Jefus Scribes and Pharifees, which were of Jerufalem, faying,

2 Why do thy difciples tranfgrefs the tradition of the elders? for they wash

not their hands when they eat bread.

touched him, with a firm Trust and Belief of his Power, were perfectly healed.

3. But he anfwered and faid unto them, Why do you allo tranfgrefs the


BOUT this time certain few.. Aish Doctors, Scribes and Pharifees, Inhabitants of Jerufalem, ftrict Obfervers of the traditional Precepts of the Elders, came to Jefus; and because they could not find any means to accuse him of tranfgreffing the Law of God, they charged him with neglecting their Humane Traditions, faying:


2. If you pretend to be a Teacher of greater Holiness than ordinary, why do you fuffer your Difciples to tranfgrefs thofe Precepts and Traditions, which our wife Ancestors have commanded to be observed as Fences of the Law? For Example: Whereas our Elders have ordained, that for fear of any defilement that may have happened to them, Men fhould always wash their Hands before Meat; your Difciples wholly neglect this Tradition, and make no fcruple to eat with unwashed Hands.

3. Jefus anfwered: Ye are moft unreasonably and malicioufly partial. For, who are moft juftly to be blamed? My Difciples, who neglect indeed your trifling

trifling and tedious Superftitions, but
ftrictly obferve the Law of God? Or ye
your felves, who, that ye may fuperfti-
tioufly obferve the vain and fometimes
directly wicked Traditions of Men, stick
not at all at tranfgreffing the eternal
Commands of God?

4. For Inftance: 'Tis an eternal and unchangeable Law of God, that Men fhould Honour and Refpect their Parents; that they fhould Obey and Submit to them; and that, when need requires, they fhould Relieve and Afft die the death. them. And this Law God hath moreover confirmed, by pofitively annexing a capital Punishment to the breach of it; that whoever Difhonours, Reviles, Difobeys, or Rebels against his Parents, Deut. fhould Die without Mercy.

xxi. 21.

5 6. But ye on the contrary say:
If a Man binds himself by an Oath,

that he will not relieve the Neceffities
of his Parents; or vows to give to
fome pious Ufe, what fhould otherwife
have been laid out for their Relief and
Affiftance; the Man is by this means
freed from all Obligation of Duty to
his Parents. Thus in obferving your
vain and fuperftitious Precepts or Tra-
ditions, ye openly violate the plain
Commandments of God.

7. Ye Hypocrites; moft juftly may I now fay of you, what Efaias in old time faid of your Fathers; (Ifai. xxix. 13.)

mandment of God by your tradition ?

8. This People talks of Religion, and makes an outward fhow of Holinefs and Devotion; but their Hearts are far from being honest and fincere. 9. In vain therefore are all their pretences to Piety, and of no esteem in the fight of God; whilst instead of Obe

4 For God commanded, faying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He

that curfeth father or mother, let him

But ye fay; Whofoever fhall fay

to his father or his mother, It is a gift mighteft be profited by whatsoever thou by me.

6 And honour not, his father or his mother, he fhall be free. Thus have ye made

the commandment

of God of none effectby your tradition. 7 Ye hypocrites, well did Efaias prophefie of you, faying, 8 This People draweth nigh unto

me with

their mouth, and honour

eth me with their lips: but their heart

far from me.

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