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put to death.

20 For it is not 20. So that it shall not be so much ye that speak, but you your felves that shall plead your the spirit of your own Cause, as the Spirit of God that Father which speak- shall plead for you. eth in you. 21 And the bro

21. Only expect, that the Perfecution ther shall deliver up which shall be raised against you for the brother to death, preaching the Gospel, will be very great and the father the and unnatural. For the Purity and Hochild: and the chil- liness of your Doctrine being utterly indren shall rise up a- consistent with the Covetousness, and gainst their parents, contrary to the Passions and Lufts of and cause them to be Men, will provoke Men incorrigibly en

flaved to these Vices, to break through all the Bonds not only of Virtue and Humanity, but even of Relation and natural Affection, to perfecute and destroy you: so that even Fathers and Sons and Brethren shall kill one ano..

ther, in fierceness against the Truth, 22 And ye shall 22. Nay, and the generality of Men be hated of all men will become your Enemies; the whole for my names fake : Stream of the World will run against but he that endureth you and discourage you. But he who to the end, shall be notwithstanding all this Opposition shall faved,

persevere in his Faith and his Obedience to the End, and shall not be moved by these Difficulties and Persecutions to forsake his Religion and Integrity sa long as he lives; shall receive the Re.

ward of everlasting Life. 23 But when they 23. Nevertheless, though ye ought persecute you in this to bear Perfecutions chearfully, and city, flee ye into ao nother: for verily I never to be overcome by them, when

the Providence of God brings them unsay unto you, ye

shall not have gone over avoidably upon you; yet, if ye have the cities of Israel Opportunity, when ye are persecuted in till the son of man be one City, ye may fee unto another, come,

For assuredly I tell you, ye shall not have preached through all the Cities of the Jews, before the Kingdom of Christ shall be gloriously manifested in the final deftruction of that Nation.

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24. And



24. And be not discontented, that 24 The disciple is ye must needs suffer Perfecutions and not above his master, Aflictions. For if I my self endure all

nor the servant amanner of Reproaches, and Persecutions bove his lord. and Amictions ; you have no manner of reason to expect or hope to escape better. The Disciple is not greater than his · Master, nor the Servant above his Lord.

25. Ought not ye to be well satisfied, 25 It is enough if ye meet with no worse Treatment for the disciple that than I have done? If they have not

he be as his master, spared to call me Beelzebub, and com

and the servant as his

lord : pare the Son of God to the chief of

: if they have

called the master of Devils ; what reason can ye have to ex

the house Beelzebub, pect, that they should not deal as ill how

much with you?

shall they call them .26. However, he not afraid of them. of his houshold ? The Doctrine which you are to preach,

26 Fear them not is not such as that ye need through Fear therefore: for there to diffemble or conceal it. All things that shall not be reMall in time be openly and publickly vealed ; and hid, that made known ; and then your Innocence shall not be known. Dhall be fully vindicated, and the Goodness of your Cause sufficiently made to appear. .

27. Whatever therefore I tell you se- 27 What I tell cretly, do you openly declare, and what you in darkness, that I teach you in private, That preach ye speak ye in light: couragiously in the most publick Places, and what ye hear in and proclaim openly to all the World.

the ear, that preach 28. And be not afraid of Men; the ye upon the house

tops. : utmost Power of whose Malice can ex- 28 And fear not

tend only to the killing of the Body, them which kill the but your Soul they cannot hurt : But be body, but are not careful above all things to obey the Will able to kill the soul: of God, who, if he be displeased, can

but rather fear him destroy both Soul and Body in Hell.

which is able to de29. If ye be constant in your Obe- ftroy both foul and

body in hell." dience to God, his Providence will

29 Are not two watch over you in a peculiar' manner; sparrows sold for and Men Thall never be able to afflict farthing? and you any farther, than He shall see ex- one of them shall pedient either for your present Advan


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not fall on the ground tage or your future Happiness. There without your Fa- is not one of the smallest and meanest ther.

Creatures upon Earth, that ever dies without the Providence and Disposal of God: How much less can ye perish, without his Knowledge and Per

miflion ? 30 But the very 30. Nay, fo far from that, there hairs of your head is not fo much as

à Hair of your are all numbred.

Head, or any the smallest thing about you, which is not taken notice of and

observed by Providence, 31 Féar ye not 31. Be not therefore afraid what therefore, ye äre of Men can do unto you. Ye are of much more value than ma

more worth than the other Creatures ny sparrows.

upon Earth. And if nothing can happen even to the meanest of those Creatures, without the Providence and Di

rection of God; how much less to you? 32

Whosoever 32. Here then is a certain trial of therefore shall con- Mens Faith and Obedience. He who fess me before men, notwithstanding all the Terrors and him will I confefs al- Threatnings of Persecution, shall still so before

my which is in heaven. fincerely persevere in his Obedience to

God, and without Fear continue stedfast in the Profession of true Religion ; shall be owned by me before God and Angels, as a worthy Disciple, and shall

receive the Reward of eternal Life. 33 But whosoever

33. But he that for fear of Mens Thali deny me before Hatred and Persecution, shall renounce men, him will I also and be ashamed of the Profession of deny before my Father which is in hea.

true Religion, or act contrary to the Precepts of it; shall be denied by me before God and Angels, as an unwor. thy Disciple, and shall lose the Reward

of everlasting Life.

not 34. And do not persuade your felves that I am come to that ye may avoid this Trial. Do not send pešce on earth; think, that the World will entertain I came not to send the Christian Religion in the Love and peace, but a sword. Peaceableness of it.

I tell you, nay,


34 Think


am come

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but wicked Men will make it an occa-
fion of Hatred and Quarrels.
35. Nay, to such a heighth will these 35

For I
Contentions upon the account of Reli-

to set a man at varigion arise, that a Man's nearest Friends ance against his faand Relations shall become his bitterelt ther, and the daughand most cruel Enemies.

ter against her mo

ther, and the daugh36. And even those of a Man's own ter-in-law against Family, shall hate and persecute him her mother-in-law. to destroy him.

36 And a mans 37. This is indeed a hard and fe- foes shall be they of vere Trial. But when things do come

his own houshold. to this extremity, that a Man must ei

37 He that loveth

mother ther lose the friendship of his deareft father or

more then me, is not Relations, or forsake his Religion ; all worthy of me: and earthly and temporal Confiderations he that loveth son or must yield to the one thing necessary, daughter more then of securing an eternal Interest. For me, is not worthy whoever shall prefer the Love of a Fa- of mc. ther, or Mother, or Brother, or Sifter, before true Religion and Virtue ; cannot be a sincere Disciple of Christ, nor be accounted worthy to be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven.

38. And he that cannot follow me 38 And he that in bearing Sufferings, Amictions, and taketh not his cross,

and followeth after Death ; cannot be thought worthy to partake with me in my Glory.

me, is not worthy 39. So that the Case plainly comes

39 He that findeth to this.

He who to save his Life in his life Thall lose it ; this present time, basely complies with and he that loseth wicked Men by forsaking his Religion ; his life for my fake, does most truly lose it by incurring eter

shall find it. nal Death. But he that constantly perfeveres, and loses his Life in this present time, to preserve his Religion and his Virtue ; does most truly fuve it unto eternal Happiness. 40. With these Instructions, Go

He that ye, and preach the Gospel through all receiveth you, rethe Cities of the Jews. He that en


and tertains you, and hears and obeys your

he that receiveth Words, shall be esteemed as if he re


of me.


me ;




receiveth him ceived me: And he that receives me, that sent me. shall be accepted as if he had heard and

obeyed the Words of God himself. 41 He that recei

41. He that receives a Preacher of veth a prophet in the Righteousness, merely upon the acname of a prophet, count of his bearing that Character; shall receive a pro, without any temporal Consideration; phets reward ; and

and shall entertain, and encourage, and he that receiveth righteous man,

in affist him; shall be look'd upon to have the name of a righ- an Interest both in his Work and in teous man, shall re- his Reward. And he that shall enterceive a righteous tain a righteous Man, merely upon mans reward.

the account of his being a righteous

Man, without any other Confideration ; 42 And whoso- shall be entitled to a Share of his Reever shall give to ward. drink unto one of 42. And whosoever shall do any the these little ones, a smallest Kindness, or give any the least cup of cold water Affistance, to the meanest of my

Dironly, in the name of a disciple,verily I fay ciples, merely upon account of his beunto you, he shall in ing a Disciple, without any worldly no wise lose his re- Considerations; Assuredly I tell you, ward.

he shall by no means go unrewarded.

C H A P. XI.

Christ's Answer to John the Baptift's Question, who he was,

ver. 1. Christ's Testimony of John the Baptist, ver. 7. The Jews perverseness in judging of John and Christ, ver. 16. Christ's upbraiding the Jewish Cities for their Impe. nitence, ver. 20. The Wisdom of God in revealing the Gofpel to the Simple, ver. 25. Christ's Invitation of Sinners

to embrace the Gospel, ver. 27. 1 AND it came 1. WHEN Jefus had thus inftructed to pass when

his Apostles, and sent them Jesus had made an

forth to preach the Gospel; he departend of comanding ed, and travelled himself through many his twelve disciples,



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