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20 Wherefore by their fruits ye fhall

know them:

21 Not every one that faith unto me, Lord, Lord,

fhall enter into the kingdom of heaven : but he that doth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

22 Many will fay to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophefied in thy name? and in thy name have caft out devils and in thy name done many

wonderful works?

23 And then will I profefs unto them, I never knew you, depart from me ye that work iniquity.

Man, and, if he continues fo, defigned of God to deftruction.

20. By thefe Fruits therefore of good and evil Difpofitions and Actions, may ye certainly distinguish the Preachers of true Religion, from Deceivers and falfe Prophets.

21. And according to thefe fruits of good and evil Lives, will God himfelf judge and reward or punifh Men. For not every one that makes an outward profeffion of Religion, and believes and calls upon my Name; but they only, who in their Lives obey the Commandments of God, fhall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

22. Many will fay unto me in the Day of Judgment; Lord, have we not believed and embraced thy true Religion, and taught and preached it to others? And have we not had fo great Faith, as even to caft out Devils and work Miracles in thy Name? Wilt thou not therefore now receive us, and acknowledge us for thy true Difciples?

23. But I fhall reject them, faying; Notwithstanding you have indeed done all these things, yet fince in your Lives and Conversations did not ye obey my Commandments, but were proud or covetous, or fenfual, or contentious, therefore I never looked upon you as my true Difciples; neither do I now approve or acknowledge you:


*The words tote kyvwv, I never knew you, fignifie in Scripture Phrase, I never approved you. Thus Pfalm i. 6, The Lord knoweth, that is, approveth the way of the righteous. So Rom. vii. 15, That which I do, ywσxw, I know not, that is I allow not. So I Cor. viii. 3, If any man love God, he is known, that is, approved of him.

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29 For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the fcribes.


A Leprous Perfon healed, ver. 1. A Centurion's Servant healed, ver. 5. Peter's Mother-in-law healed, ver. 14. The Poverty of Chrift, ver. 18. Of Perfeverance, ver. A Tempeft miraculously ftilled, ver. 23. Devils caft out of a Man, and entring into Swine, ver. 28.


I WHEN he was

come down

from the mountain, great multitudes followed him.

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29. For his Doctrine was not like the Preachings of the Jewish Doctors, formal and trifling, full of vain Traditions, and depending on the groundless Authority of Rabbies and Heads of Sects. But the things which he fpake, were Great and Noble; and he delivered them with a Voice of Majesty and Authority, of Gravity and Truth.

4 faith

2 And behold, 2. And there met him a Man that

there came a leper was Leprous, and fell down before and worshipped him, him, and intreated him to take pity faying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canft on him and heal him; faying, Lord, I firmly believe, that, if you please, you have Power to make me clean from this Disease.

make me clean.

3 And Jefus put forth his hand and touched him, faying, I will, be thou clean. And imme

diately his leprofie

was cleansed.

And unto



1. Efus having finished his Difcourse, and coming down from the Mountain; a great multitude of People gathered themfelves together about him, and followed him.

3. Jefus being pleased at the Man's Faith, touched him with his Hand, and faid, I will do what you defire; Be clean from your Disease. And his Leprofie was immediately cured.


4. But Jefus, not being willing to give any unneceffary Offence or Scandal him, to the Jews, charged the Man, saying; Do not go immediately and publish D 3 every

every where, that you have been healed
by me; but go and fhew your felf re-
gularly to the Prieft, who is to judge
of your being clean; and offer the
Sacrifice which the Law requires for
your Purification ; * that we may con-
vince them of the reality of the Cure,
and yet not give them any occafion of
56. After this, Jefus went
to Capernaum; and as he was entring
into the City, there met him Meffen-
gers from a Centurion, or Captain of
the Roman Soldiers, to entreat him for
a Servant in his Houfe, lying very dan-
geroufly ill of a Palfie.

7. Jefus knowing the Man's Faith and Humility, and intending by making the Virtues of this Stranger more confpicuous, to take an occafion of rebuking the Pride and Infidelity of the Jews; faith, I will go down to the House and heal him.

8, The Man fent again other Friends, and answered; Lord, I am originally a Gentile, and have been long a Sinner, and am not worthy that you should honour my Houfe with your Prefence: I know, that if you do but fay the Word, my Servant fhall be healed.

9. For if I, who am but an inferiour Officer in an Army, can give the word of Command, and be immediately obeyed by my Servants: How much more may you, to whom God hath committed fuch Power and Authority, fay but a Word, and what you say shalk be effected?

See thou tell no man,
but go thy way, shew
thy felf to the priest,
and offer the gift
that Mofes com-
manded, for a tefti-

mony unto them.

5 And when
Jefus was entred in-
to Capernaum, there
came unto him a
centurion, befeech-
ing him,

6 And faying,
my fervant
lieth at home fick of
the palfie, grievous-
ly tormented.

7 And Jefus faith
unto him, I will
come and heal him.

8 The Centurion answered and fald, Lord, I am not worthy that thou fhouldeft come under my roof; but fpeak the word only, and my fervant fhall be healed.

9 For I am a man under authority, having foldiers under me: and I fay to this man, Go, and he goeth : and to another, eth: and to my ferCome, and he comvant, Do this, and

he doeth it.

Among the various Senfes, which Expofitors give of thefe verds, ἐν; μαρτύριον αυτοῖς this feems the mott probable.

10. When

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