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Man, and, if he continues fo, designed

of God to destruction. 20 Wherefore by 20. By these Fruits therefore of good their fruits ye shall and evil Dispositions and Actions, may know them:

ye certainly distinguish the Preachers of true Religion, from Deceivers and false

Prophets. 21 S Not every 21. And according to these fruits one that faith unto of good and evil Lives, will God him

Lord, Lord, self judge and reward or punish Men. shall enter into the kingdom of heaven:

For not every one that makes an outbut he that doth the ward profesfion of Religion, and bewill of my Father lieves and calls upon my Name; but which is in heaven. they only, who in their Lives obey

the Commandments of God, shall enter

into the Kingdom of Heaven. 22 Many will say

22. Many will say unto me in the to me in that day, Day of Judgment; Lord, have we not Lord, Lord, have believed and embraced thy true Re

not prophesied in thy name and ligion, and taught and preached it to in thy name have cast others? And have we not had so great out devils ? and in Faith, as even to cast out Devils and thy name done many work Miracles in thy Name? Wilt wonderful works? thou not therefore now receive us, and

acknowledge us for thy true Disci

ples? 23 And then will

23. But I shall reject them, saying; I profess unto them, Notwithstanding you have indeed done I never knew you, all these things, yet fince in your depart from me ye Lives and Conversations ye did not that work iniquity.

obey my Commandments, but were proud or covetous, or sensual, or contentious, therefore I never * looked upon you as my true Disciples ; neither do I now approve or acknowledge you:


* The words SETOTE Čyvau, I never knew you, fignifie in Scrip; tnre Phrase, I never approved you. Thus Psalm i. 6, The Lord knoweth, that is, approveth the way of the righteous. So Rom. vii. 15, That which I do, šyovcoxw, I know not, that is I allow not. Só i Cor. viii. 3, If any man love God, he is known, that is; asproved of him.



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upon a rock:

Depart from me, all ye that have lived wickedly.

24. Wherefore he that shall not 24 S Therefore, only hear and receive these my In- whosoever heareth

these structions, but also remember, and con

sayings of

mine, sider and practise, and live according them, I will liken

and doth to them; such a Man may be compared him unto a wise man to one that builds his House upon a which built his house Kock.

25. For as a House founded upon a 25 And the rain Rock, stands unshaken and firm, against descended, and the all the assaults of Rains and Floods,

floods came, and the and Storms: So the Man who in his winds blew, and Life and Conversation actually prac- and it fell not, for it

beat upon that house: tises and obeys my Instructions, will was founded upon a firmly resist all the temptations of the rock. Devil, the allurements of Pleasure, and the terrors of Persecution ; and shall be able to stand in the final Judgment, and be rewarded of God. 26. But he that shall hear and re

26 And every one ceive my Instructions, and yet not that heareth these obey them in his Life and Actions his Life and Actions ; and doth them not,

sayings of mine, may fitly be compared to a foolish fhall be likened unto Man, who builds his House


a foolish man, which Sand.

built his house upon a House without foun- the sand : dation, built upon the loose Sand, is not 27 And the rain able to resist the assaults of Winds and descended, and the

and Floods, but is easily overturned and winds blew,

that house, ruined by them: So the Man who

and it fell, and great hears, and believes, and makes profef

was the fall of it. fion of true Religion, but lives not fuitably to the Precepts thereof; cannot resist the violence of Temptation, and will not be able to stand before God in Judgment, but shall perish for

27. For as

beat upon


28 And it came 28. 9 Thus Jesus ended his Sermon : And the People which heard him were had ended these" fay.

to pass when Jesus furprized with admiration at the Ex- ings, the people were cellency of his Discourse.

altonished at his doEtrine.

29 For he taught

29. For his Doctrine was not like them as one having the Preachings of the Jewish Doctors, authority, and not formal and trifing, full of vain Tradias the scribes.

tions, and depending on the groundless Authority of Rabbies and Heads of Sects. But the things which he spake, were Great and Noble; and he delivered them with a Voice of Majesty and Authority, of Gravity and Truth.


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CHAP. VIII. A Leprous Person healed, ver. 1. A Centurion's Servant

healed, ver. 5. Peter's Mother-in-law healed, ver. 14. The Poverty of Christ, ver. 18. Of Perseverance, ver.

A Tempest miraculously stilled, ver. 23. Devils cast out of a Man, and entring into Swine, ver. 28. · WHEN he was Esus having finished his Discourse, come down

and coming down from the Mounfrom the mountain, tain; a great multitude of People gagreat multitudes fol

thered themselves together about him, lowed him.

and followed him, 2 And behold , 2. And there met him a Man that there came a leper was Leprous, and fell down before and worshipped him, him, and intreated him to take pity saying, Lord, thou wilt, thou canft on him and heal him ; saying, Lord, make me clean. I firmly believe, that, if you please,


have Power to make me clean from

this Disease. 3 And Jesus put 3. Jesus being pleased at the Man's forth his hand and Faith, touched him with his Hand, touched him, say- and said, I will do what you desire; ing, I will, be thou Be clean from your Disease. And his clean. And immediately his leprofie Leprofie was immediately cured. was cleansed.

4. But Jesus, not being willing to 4

And Jesus give any unnecessary Offence or Scandal faith unto him, to the Jews, charged the Man, saying; Do not go immediately and publish

every he doeth it.

D 3


Lord ,

my servant

every where, that you have been healed See thou tell no man, by me;

but and shew

self re-

go thy way, shew gularly to the Priest, who is to judge thy felf to the priest


and offer the gift of your being clean; and offer the

that Moses Sacrifice which the Law requires for manded, for a testiyour Purification ; * that we may con

mony unto them. vince them of the reality of the Cure, and yet not give them any occasion of Calumny.

5 8 6. After this, Jesus went 5 And when to Capernaum; and as he was entring Jesus was entred ininto the City, there met him Meffen- to Capernaum, there

unto him a gers from a Centurion, or Captain of came

centurion, befeechthe Roman Soldiers, to entreat him for a Servant in his House, lying very

ing him, dan

6 And saying, gerously ill of a Palsie.

7. Jefus knowing the Man's Faith lieth at home fick of and Humility, and intending by ma- the palfie, grievoufking the Virtues of this Stranger more ly tormented. conspicuous, to take an occasion of re

7 And Jesus faith buking the Pride and Infidelity of the

unto him, I will

come and heal him. Jews ; faith, I will go down to the

8 The Centurion House and heal him.

answered and fald, 8, The Man fent again other Friends, Lord, I am not worand answered ; Lord, I am originally thy that thou shoulde ạ Gentile, and have been long à Sin- est come

under my ner, and am not worthy that

roof: but speak the you

should honour my House with your Presence: word only, and my

servant shall be healI know, that if you do but fay the Word, ed. my Servant shall be healed.

9 For I am a man 9. For if I, who am but an inferi- under authority, haour Officer in an Army, can give the ving soldiers under word of Command, and be immediate- me: and I say to this ly obeyed by my Servants: How much man, Go, and he go

eth : and to another, more may you, to whom God hath committed such Power and Authority, eth: and to my fer

Come, and he comfay but a Word, and what you say shalt vant, Do this, and be effected?

*Among the various Senses, which Expositors give of these words, in, usap Tuptor autose this seems the most probable.

10. When

10 When Jesus 10. At this Answer Jefus was sura heard it, he marvel- prized, and said to his Disciples, and to led, and said unto

the People that followed him; Verily them that followed,

I have not found so great Faith among Verily I say unto you, l' have not found the Jews themselves, who have lived lo great faith, no not always under a Revelation of the Will in Israel.

of God, and have had the constant Use of the Scriptures and the Prophets, as

this Stranger has now discovered. 11 And I say unto II. They esteem themselves indeed you, that many shall the Children of Abraham and the Pacome from the east, triarchs, the peculiar People of God, and west, and shall

to whom the Promises of Salvation are sit down with Abraham, and Ifaac, and made : But assuredly I tell you, that Jacob, in the king- many Strangers out of the Heathen dom of heaven. World, shall come from all Parts, and

join themselves to the true Church of God here on Earth; and shall hereafter be received with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, into the Kingdon of God

in Heaven: 12 But the chil- 12. While the Jews, to whom the dren of the king- Promises did originally belong, exclude dom shall be cast out themselves out of the true Church of into outer darkness: God here, and shall hereafter be thrust there shall be weeping and gnashing of the Darkness which is without, where

out of the Kingdom of Heaven into teeth.

shall be fruitless Repentance and end

less Woe. 13 And Jesus said

13. Then sending back the Messenunto the centurion, gers to the Centurion, he bad them Go thy way, and as say thus to him: As you have believed, thou haft believed, so fo is it done to you. And his Servant be it done unto thee. And his servant was

was found to be healed at that very healed in the self

instant, fame hour.

14. After this, Jesus retired from 14 S And when the multitude, and went into Peter's Jesus was come into House ;

House; and there he found Peter's Peters house, he Wifes Mother lying upon the Bed, fick saw his wives mo

of a Fever. ther laid, and sick of

15. And he took her by the Hand a fever.

15 And he touch- and helped her up; and the Fever was Ad her hand, and immediately cured sa entirely, that her



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