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7 Bleffed are the merciful for they fhall obtain mercy.

8 Bleffed are the pure in heart for they fhall fee God.

9 Bleffed are the peace-makers : for they fhall be called the children of God.

10 Bleffed are they which are perfecuted for righteousness fake: for theirs is the kingdom of hea





ye when men fhall revile you, and perfecute you, and

7. Bleffed are those who are merciful and compaffionate, ready to relieve the Neceffities of thofe that want, and to forgive the Faults of those who have offended them: For to fuch Men God will be proportionably compaffionate, in the more ready forgiveness of their Sins, and in beftowing on them the greater abundance of his Mercy.

8. Bleffed are thofe who are truly pure and holy, free from Hypocrific, and Uncleannefs; from all Filthinefs both of Flesh and Spirit: For to fuch Men, God will make greater and clearer Manifeftations of himfelf in this Life; and in that which is to come, they shall have a nearer and more immediate Accefs to his Prefence and Glory.

9. Bleffed are thofe, who make it their Business to promote the Peace and Welfare of Mankind; to do to all Men all the Good they can, at all times; and to endeavour to fettle the World in univerfal Quiet and Love: For thefe Men, being made like to God in the imitation of his moft Excellent Attributes, his Goodnefs and Love; fhall be owned and received by him as his peculiar Children, and fhall be made like him alfo in the participation of his Happiness.

10. Laftly, Bleffed are thofe, who undauntedly fuffer for the fake of Virtue and true Religion: For thefe Men, having given the greateft poffible proof of their Sincerity and Conftancy, fhall receive an extraordinary Crown, and a particular degree of Reward in Heaven.

II. When therefore Men fhall revile reproach and perfecute you, and all manner of evil things of you falfely,




falfely, and do all manner of Injuries to you unjustly, only for the fake of Virtue and the profeffion of the Truth; then efteem your felves doubly happy.

12. Then rejoyce, triumph, and leap for Joy; for exceeding great shall be your Reward in Heaven. For thus in old Time were the Prophets and the best of Men perfecuted; with whom. if ye patiently indure Sufferings, ye fhall alfo partake of their extraordinary Reward.

13. Be courageous therefore, and conftant, and patient. Ye are to be Teachers and Examples to the World. If by your found Doctrine and unblameable Lives, ye propagate true Religion and Virtue, ye shall preferve the World from Corruption: But if ye, who are to be the Instruments of reforming Mankind, fhail your felves degenerate into Softnefs and Vice; wherewithal fhall ye be corrected and amended? Ye will become the moft ufelefs, and incureable, and contemptible of Men.

14. Ye are to be fet up as a Light in the World; to lead Men by your Doctrine from Error to Truth; and to convert them by your Example from Wickednefs to Virtue. Ye are to be the Standard of true Religion, fet up in the Sight of all Men, like a City built upon a Hill.

15. As therefore a City upon a Hill, cannot be hid from the Sight of those that pafs by: And as a Candle ufeth not to be put under a Bufhel, but to be fet in a Candlestick to give Light to the whole Houfe:

16. Even fo ought ye to be careful to make the Example of your good Lives

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men, that they may fee your good works, and glorifie your Father which is in hea


17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy,

but to fulfil.

18 For verily I fay unto you, Till heaven and earth pafs, one jot or one tittle fhall in no wife pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.


Whofoever therefore fhall break one of these least commandments, and fhall teach men fo, he fhall be called the

leaft in the Kingdom

of heaven: but whofoever fhall do, and teach them, the fame fhall be called great in the kingdom of


20 For I fay unto you, That except your righteoufnefs fhall exceed the righteouf nefs of the Scribes

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19. Whofoever therefore fhall break any one of the leaft of these moral Precepts, not ignorantly or by furprize, but willfully and prefumptuoufly, fo as to perfift deliberately in the Breach of it, and to teach or incourage others to do fo likewife; he can be no good Chriftian, nor fhall have any Place in the Kingdom of Heaven. But on the contrary, he that practifes all these moral Precepts, and teaches others the neceffity of doing the fame; fuch a one is the best Christian, and shall be sure of the greatest Reward.

20. So that unless your Righteoufnefs be more univerfal and more fincere than that of the Jewish Doctors, Scribes and Pharifees, who frequently preferred outward Ceremonies before moral DuVOL I.



ties; ye cannot be good Chriftians, nor
enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

and Pharifees, ye
fhall in no case enter


21. Thus the Chriftian Religion into the kingdom of is not defigned to abolifh the Moral Law, but to perfect and exalt it in many Inftances. As for Example: The *Exod. Law forbad Murder, under the pain xxi. 12. of Death. Lev. xxiv.


22. But I fay unto you, Whofoever fhall fo much as indulge rash and caufelefs Anger or Paffion; fhall be liable to be punished by God in another Life, with a Punishment proportionable to the feverity of that capital one inflicted by the Jews on Murderers. But he that fhall fuffer his Paffion to rife higher, and ufe himself to mock and deride others; fhall be further punished by God with a feverity proportionable to the greater Punishments which used to be inflicted by the higher Council of the Jews upon the boldeft Offenders. But he that fhall yet further indulge his Paffion, and accuftom himself to rail, flander, and revile others; fhall be punished by God with the feverest of all the Degrees of Punishment, anfwering to that extraordinary one amongst Men, of being burnt alive.

23. If therefore, when you are about to pay any Act of Worfhip to God, you remember that there is any Offence or Difference between you and another; which may thus provoke God's Anger against you:

24. Go immediately, and be firft reconciled to your Adverfary, and then come and worship God.

25. Above all things, be fure to put a timely End to all Contentions that may arife; before things come to extremity, and it prove too late.

21 Ye have heard, that it was faid by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill: and whosoever fhall kill, fhall be in danger of the judg



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26. For as when one is going before the Magiftrate with his Adverfary, he may eafily agree with him in the Way, put an end to the Difference; but when once Sentence is paft, and he is put in Prifon, there is no more hope: So while God gracioufly affords you time and fpace, you may eafily put an end to all unchriftian Contentions; but if you be flow and delay till Judgement overtake you, the Time will be past, and there will remain nothing but endlefs Punishment.

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