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God will miraculously preserve you: the Son of God, cast
For if

you be indeed the Son of God, thy self down : for you have a promise in Scripture it is written, He (Psalm xci. 11.) that he shall give his shall give his angels Angels charge concerning thee, and in thee, and in their

charge concerning their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at hands they shall bear any

time thou dash thy foot against a stone. thee up, left at any 7. But Jesus answered ; Again the time thou dash thy Scripture faith, (Deut. vi. 16.) Thou foot against a stone. salt not tempt the Lord thy God. In pre

7 Jesus said unto Tent Dangers we are to rely upon


him, It is written but we must not wilfully throw our again, Thou phalt felves into Danger, on purpose to tempt thy God.

not tempt the Lord his Power or Goodness to work a Miracle to preserve us.

8. This Temptation likewise failing; 8 Again, the dethe Devil resolves to make one tryal vil taketh him up

inmore ; and carrying him up into an

to an exceeding high

mountain, and thew. exceeding high Mountain, he at once made to him a representation of all the doms of the world,

eth hiin all the kingKingdoms of the World, in their great- and the glory of est Splendour and Glory.

them. 9. And faith, All these things will 9 And faith unto I give you ; you shall have all the him, All these things Riches, and Honour, and Pleasure, that will I give thee, if the whole world can afford; if you and worship me.

thou wilt fall down will but pay me an Acknowledgment, and worship me.

10. But Jesus answered with Indig- 10 Then faith Jenation ; Depart from me, Satan ; Forfus unto him, Get the Scripture faith (Deut. vi. 13.) Thou thee hence, Satan :

for it is written, fhalt worship the Lord thy God, and Thou shalt worship him only shalt thou serve.

the Lord thy God,
and him only shalt

thou serve,
11. The Devil being thus thrice dif- 11 Then the de-
appointed and baffled, and despairing vil leaveth him, and
to fucceed in any other Temptations, and miniftred unta

behold, angels came departed from Jesus: And good An- him. gels came and ministred unto him, rejoycing at his Victory, comforting him after his Trial, refreshing him after his long Fait.

12 S


12 S Now when 12. I After these things, Jesus hearJesus had heard that ing that John the Baptist was cast inJohn was cast into

to Prison by Herod, retired into Gaprison, he departed lilee. into Galilee. 13 And leaving


And leaving Nazareth, he came Nazareth, he came

and dwelt in Capernaum, a City of and dwelt in caper- great resort near the Lake of Tiberias

which is on the Borders of Zabulon and Nephupon the sea coast, thali. in the borders of

14. Where, by his gracious Presence Zabulon and Neph- and Continuance among them, was rethalim : 14 'That it might

markably fulfilled that Prophecy of be fulfilled which Ifaiah, (Ifa. ix. 1.) was spoken by Efai- 15. The dimness fall be no more, as the Prophet, say- as in the time of her vexation. But ing,

as at the first he + made contemptible 15 The land of the Land of Zebulon, and the Land of Zabulon, and the Napthali: So afterwards he shall make land of Nephtha- them * glorious ; even by the way of the lim, by the way

of the sea beyond Jor

Sea beyond Jordan, Galilee of the Gendan, Gallilee of the tiles. Gentiles :

16. The People which sat in Dark16 The people ness, saw a great Light; and to them which fat in dark- which fat in the Region and Shadow of ness, saw great light: Death, Light is sprung up. and to them which fat in the region and Ministry, preaching to the People that

17. From this time Jesus began his shadow of death, light is sprung up.

they should repent and reform their 17 From that Lives ; for that now God was about time Jesus began to

to establish the Kingdom of the Meffiah, preach, and to say, and to make his last difpenfation or Repent, for the king- Discovery of his Will to Mankind; dom of heaven is at wherein no external or ceremoniai Per-, hand.

formances, but only Faith and true Repentance, and sincerely renewed Obedience, should be accepted to the Salvation of Sinners.

7. *. So Mr. Mede most truly renders the Words you and 72207. I have added also the first Words of the Verse, which perhaps he needed not to have rejected to the foregoing Chapter.

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18. Being therefore about to enter 18 J And Jesus upon his publick Preaching, he began walking by the sea to choose to himself certain Disciples, of Galilee, faw two who should be Witnesses of his Miracles

brethren ; Simon and of his Preaching while he lived, drew his brother,

called Peter, and Anand should publish both his Works and casting a net into the Doctrine through the World after his fea: (for they were death. And firit, as he was walking by fishers.) the Lake of Genasereth, he saw two Fishermen that were Brethren, Simon, (who is also called Peter) and Andrew, fishing in the Lake.

19 And he faith 19. And he said unto them ; follow

unto them, Follow · me, and I will teach you a more no- and I will ble and excellent Calling. From hence- make you fishers of forth ye shall catch Men; that is, ye shall gain and convert them from Sin

And they and Misery, to Righteousness and Hap

straightway left their

nets, and followed piness.

him, 20. Upon this Invitation, they pre- And going sently left their Nets, and followed him; on from thence, he being very willing to forsake their for- saw two other breiner Employment, to be sent upon a thren, James the Work that should more immediately fan

of Zebedee, tend to the Glory of God, and to the and John his broGood of Men.

ther, in a ship with

Zebedee their Fa21. A little after, he saw two other ther, mending their Brethren, James and John, the Sons nets: and he called of Zebedee, in a Boat with their Fa- them. ther, mending their Nets; and he cal- 22 And they imled them likewise.

mediately left the 22. And these also, without delay, thip and their fafollowed him; quitting the Profit of ther

, and followed

him. their Trade, and their dearest Relati

23 ŞAnd Jesus ons, to be employed in so excellent and

went about all ĞaliDivine a Work.

lee, teaching in their 23. With these Men Jefus travelled Synagogues, and over all Galilee, preaching, not only pri- preaching the gofVately, but also openly in all their Pla- pel of the kingdom, ces of publick Worship; teaching them and healing all manhis true Religion; and proving the Au- all manner of disease thority and the Goodness of his Doct

among the people. rine, by the beneficial Miracles of

24 And his Doctrine, drew near and food about i. him. I


24 And his fame healing all manner.of Diseases and Inwent throughout all firmities. Syria: and they brought unto him

24. By this means his Fame present

ly spread over Syria : So that all forts all fick people that were taken with di- of diseased Persons, and Lunaticks,

diseases, and and Men possessed with Devils, were torments, and those brought to him from all Parts; and which were possef- he healed them with a Word. sed with devils, and those which lunatick, and those that had the palsie ; and he healed them. 25 And there fol

25. And a great multitude of the lowed him great People followed him from all Parts of multitudes of peo- the Country; from Galilee, and Decaple, from Galilee, polis, and Jerusalem, and Judea, and and from Decapolis, and from Jerusalem, from beyond Jordan. and from Judea, and from beyond Jordan.


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Christ's Sermon on the Mount, beginning with the Beatitudes,

ver. 1. Christ's Disciples to be Examples to the World, ver. 13. The Gospel fulfils and improves the Law, ver. 17. In the Case of Murder and Anger, ver. 21. In the Case of Adultery and Luft, ver. 27. In the Case of Divorces, ver. 31. In the Case of Swearing, ver. 33. In the Case of Revenge, ver, 38. Of loving our Enemies, ver. 43.




ND feeing 1. YESU S being pressed with the

the multitudes, he went up in- from them to the top of a Hill; and

great multitude of People, retired to a mountain : and when he was set, his

when he was sat down, his Disciples, Disciples came unto

and t as many as were desirous to hear + Luk. viia him.

2. And

mourn :

2. And he taught them in short the Do- 2 And he opened ctrine of the Christian Religion, saying ;

his mouth, and 3. Blessed are those that are poor and taught them, saying, humble, modeft and contented; who

3 Blessed are the fet not their Hearts upon this present theirs is the king

poor in spirit : for World, nor too eagerly seek the Riches dom of Heaven. and Splendour of it ; who prefer Righteoufness before Wealth and Honour, and can readily despise and contentedly part with these Things for the take of Religion : Blessed, I say, are these Men; for they are fitly prepared to be Members of the true Church of God here, and shall be rewarded with eternal happiness hereafter. 4. Blefied are those who live not in 4 Blessed are they

for Voluptuousness, but seriously lament that the Sins and Follies, and patiently en- they shall be com

forted. dure the Hardships and Afflictions of this present Life: For they shall be comforted with the present Peace and Joy of the Holy Ghost, and with the Happiness of the World to come.

5. Blessed are those, who are of a 5 Blessed are the meek and gentle, a quiet and harmlefs meek: for they shall Spirit; free from Paffion and Violence, inherit the earth. from Haughtiness and Turbulency: For such Men shall generally be secured in the quiet poffeffion of their Rights in this World by the peculiar Providence of God; or however, shall have an Inheritance in that new Earth, (2 Pet. iii. 13.) wherein Peace and Righteousness are for ever to dwell. 6. Blessed are those who earnestly

6 Blessed are they desire to become truly Virtuous and Re- which do hunger

and thirst after righligious: For the Grace of God will never fail to direct such Men in the right thall be filled.

teousness : for they way, and to assist them with fufficient means, to attain the Fruition of true Virtue, both in the Satisfaction of the present practice of it, and in the fulness of its future Reward.

7 Blessed

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