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34. But when the Pharifees heard that the Sadducees were put to filence, they gathered together again to difpute with Jefus.


xii. 28.

35. And one of them, being a Scribe *See Mar. or Interpreter of the Law, and obferving that Jefus gave wife and prudent Anfwers, defired to try him further, and put this Question to him, saying: 36. Mafter, Which is the chief and +See Mar. principal part of the Law? The † Cexii. 33. remonial, or the Moral?

37. Jefus anfwered: To love God fincerely, entirely and conftantly?

38. This is the first and greatest Commandment, which ought above all things to be religiously obferved.

39. And the next is like to it in Excellence and Dignity; namely, to love your Neighbour as your felf, and to do to all Men as you would they should do

to you.

40. Thefe are the two great Rules which contain the whole Sum of true Religion and Righteoufnefs: Thefe are what Nature and the Reafon of Things teach: And thefe are what all God's Revelations to Mankind in the Law and the Prophets, are defigned to explain and inforce.

41. And while the Pharifees continued to be gathered together about Jefus, difputing with him, and putting Questions to him, to tempt and infnare him; Jefus on the other fide put a Queftion to Them, saying;

34 But when the Pharifees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to

42. What think you of the Meffias whom ye expect according to the Promifes made by God in the Prophets? Of what Family, and whofe Son do ye find in Scripture that he ought to be? The Pharifees anfwered, He must be the Son of David.

filence, they were gathered together.

35 Then one of them which was a lawyer, asked him a quetion, tempting him, and faying, 36 Matter, which is the great commandment in the


37 Jefus faid unto him, Thou fhalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy foul, and with all thy


38 This is the first and great com


39 And the fecond is like unto it, Thou fhalt love thy neighbour as thy felf.

40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

41 While the Pharifees were ga

thered together, Jefus asked them,

42 Saying, What think ye of Chrift? whofe fon is he? The fan of David? they fay unto him, Son

43 Hc

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43. Jefus replied: How then comes it to pafs, that David, writing prophetically and by the Infpiration of the Spirit of God, acknowledges the Meffiah as his Superior, and calls him Lord, faying; (Pfal. 110. I.)

44. God faid unto my Lord the Meffiah; Take thou all Power, Dominion, and Authority, untill all thy Enemies be made fubject unto thee.

45. If the Meffiah be David's Son, why doth David thus call him his Lord, and acknowledge him as his Superior?

THEN fpake Jefus to the multitude, and to his difciples,

46. The Pharifees not knowing that he who fprung from the Family of David according to the Flefb, was infinitely fuperior to David in his Divine Original; were not able to return Jefus any Anfwer to this Queftion. And finding that they were far inferior to him in Wifdom and Knowledge, and that they could not ftand against the Strength and Clearnefs of his Difcourfes, they retired from him, and ventured no tempt him with enfnaring Queftions.

more to


Christ openly reproveth the Hypocrifie, and vain Traditions and falfe Doctrines of the Pharifees, ver. 1. Lamenteth over Jerufalem, and foretelleth its Destruction, ver. 37.


Α' FTER this, Jefus fpake to the People that were gathered together about him, and to his Difciples, concerning the Pharifees, faying;

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2. The

2. The Jewish Doctors and Pharifees, though they be Hypocrites, and Covetous, and Vain-glorious Men; yet fince they fucceed Mofes and the Prophets in being Teachers and Expounders of the Law of God, ye ought to hearken and attend to their Teaching.

3. What therefore they Teach you out of the Law of God, and agreeable to it; That hear ye, and obey. But imitate not their Example; because their Lives are difagreeable and contrary to their Doctrine.

4. For they expound the Law in the ftricteft and fevereft Senfe, and impofe upon other Men the utmoft rigour of its Precepts; But they themselves will not take the leaft pains in practising thofe great and Moral Duties, which are of the higheft importance and of eternal obligation.

5. All the Works that they do, are only that they may be obferved and applauded by Men; and neglecting all other things, they take care to chufe to be always doing fuch Works, as are moft apt to be feen publickly, and may best ferve this vain-glorious purpose. To obey the Moral Law of God in their Lives, they are little follicitous: But pieces of Parchment with Sentences of the Law written upon them, and See Numb. † Fringes for an external Show of Rexv. 38. ligion, they will be fure to wear larger than other Men.

6. If they be invited any whither to a Feaft, they foolishly ftrive to have the upper Hand; and in the Churches place themfelves ambitioufly in the higheft Seats, that they may look greater, and feem to have fome preheminence over other Men.

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7 And greetings the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.

8 But be ye not called Rabbi: for one is your Mafter, even Chrift, and all ye

are brethren.

9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your father which is in heaven.

7. In the open Streets, they love to receive the Praifes and Compliments of Men; and are wonderfully proud to hear the People with Reverence and Refpect, call them Mafters and Fathers, Heads of Sects and Authors of Doctrines.

10 Neither be ye called mafters: for one is your master, even Chrift.

8. But let it not be fo among you my Difciples. Let no man among you contend for Superiority or Precedence. For ye have one Supreme Head, which is Chrift; and ye, as Brethren, ought to condefcend to one another with mutual Charity and Refpect in all things. 9. Let no Man among you * be call'd Father, or Head of a Sect, as the chief Teachers among the Jews love to affume to themselves the name of Rabbi or Fathers. For ye have † one Father and Supreme Teacher, which is God; and ye as Children ought to ftrive to exceed one another in nothing but Humility and Love.

10. Neither let any one among you arrogate to himself the Title of Mafter, or Author of a Doctrine. For ye have one Supreme Mafter, which is Chrift; and all ye, as Fellow-Servants, ought to affift one another without envy, contention, or pride.

11 But he that is

shall be

II. Even he that for order fake fhall greatest among you, have a higher Office or greater Dignity in your fervant. the Church than another, let him not be proud and imperious upon that account; but let him be fo much the more hum


ὑμῶν ἐπὶ τῆς γῆς.

Call no one among

Πατέρα μὴ καλέσητε u, Father upon Earth. So the Words feem moft naturally to


37 and 8 the Principal of a School, or Author of a Do



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13. Then Jefus turning himself to the Jewish Doctors, and Pharifees, added and faid: Wo unto you hypocritical Teachers and Pharifees; For ye, who profefs to be Interpreters of the Law, and ought to inftruct Men in the Knowledge and Practice of true Religion, do on the contrary, by your vain Traditions and wicked Lives, hinder and pervert them. Ye neither follow true Virtue and Piety your felves; nor fuffer others, who are willing, so to do.

14. Wo unto you, hypocritical Teachers and Pharifees: For ye break the Moral and Eternal Law of God by your Rapine and Extortion, oppreffing the Widows and Fatherlefs, whom God has commanded you to fupport; and think to hide your Covetoufnefs under the fpecious formality of long Prayers and great strictnefs in the external Parts of Religion: Therefore ye fhall be doubly punifhed of God.

15. Wo unto you, hypocritical Teachers and Pharifees: For ye pretend great Zeal, and fpare no pains or coft, and leave no means unattempted, to convert a Stranger to your Religion: But when you have fo done, ye are fo far from inftructing him in true Virtue and Piety, that you corrupt his natural Notions of Good and Evil, with falfe

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14 Wo unto you feribes and pharifees, hypocrites, for ye devour widows houses,

and for a pretence

make long prayers;
therefore ye
ceive the

fhall re-

15 Wo unto you fcribes and pharifees, hypocrites; for ye compafs fea and land to make one profelyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than your felves.

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