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fwered; He that faid he would not go, but repented and went. Even fo, reply'd Jefus, the Publicans and Harlots and Heathens, who have formerly indeed been great Sinners, but Repent now and Obey the Gofpel, are accepted and rewarded of God; while ye, Priefts and Elders and Teachers of the Jews, who pretend to be the peculiar People of God, and make a great external fhow of Religion, do really difobey his Commandments, and reject his Gofpel, and fhall be utterly and finally rejected by him.

ther? They fay unto him, The first. Jefus faith unto them, Verily I fay unto you, that the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you.

32 For John came unto you in the way of righteousness, and ye believed him not: but the publicans and the harlots believwhen ye had feen it, ed him. And ye repented not afterward, that ye might

believe him.

32. For John the Baptift was fent to you from God, to preach to you the neceffity of Repentance and Obedience. And the Publicans indeed, and Harlots, believed him and Repented. But ye, to whom he was primarily fent, neither believed him at firft; neither, after the Example of thefe Penitent Sinners, did ye afterwards Repent.

33. Again, Another Parable fpake Jefus unto them, to the fame import, faying; A certain Man planted a Vineyard, and furnished it with all things neceffary for its Fruitfulness, Ornament, and Defense; and then travelling himself into a far Country, he let it out to Husbandmen: Thus God delivered the Law to his peculiar People the Jews, with great prefent Advantages, and Promises of future Bleffings. 34 & 35. Now when the time of Vintage drew nigh, the Owner fent time of the fruit Servants to the Husbandmen, to receive the Fruit of the Vineyard; but the Husbandmen abused his Servants, and beat fome of them, and flew others: Thus God expecting from the Jews, to whom he had given his Law, the

34 And when the

drew near, he fent his fervants to the husbandmen, that they might receive the fruits of it.

35 And the hufbandmen took his


33 Hear another parable: There was a certain houfholder

round about,and dig

which planted a vineyard, and hedged it ged a wine-prefs in it, and built a tower,and let it out to busbandmen, and went into a far country.

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Fruits of Holinefs and Obedience to his Commands, fent to them his Prophets to remind them of their Duty, and to encourage them to Obedience; but they mifus'd the Prophets, and perfecuted and flew them.

36. Again, the Mafter fent other and more Servants, to receive the Fruits of his Vineyard; but the Husbandmen Rebelled, and flew Them also: So God continued to fend more Prophets to the Jews, to endeavour to reclaim them, and exhort them to Repentance; but Them alfo they perfecuted and killed.

37. Laft of all he fent unto them his own Son, thinking that furely they would reverence his Son: Thus at laft God fent his Son into the World, that if there were any means left of reducing the Jews to Repentance, they might be convinced, at leaft by the Miracles and Authority of Christ.

38 & 39. But the Husbandmen, thinking that if they deftroyed this Son and Heir of their Mafter, they should be disturbed no more in their unjust detaining the Poffeffion; rose up against Him alfo, and flew him: Thus the Jews after all the Indignities which they had offer'd to God's Meffengers the Prophets, were to add this at laft, to fill up the measure of their Iniquity, that they should also put to Death the Son of God; cafting Him out of the Church, who was the Foundation of it, and the Author of all God's Bleffings to it.

40. When therefore, faid Jefus, the Master of the Vineyard returns, what do you think will he do to thefe wicked Husbandmen? That is, when the time of God's executing Judgment fhall come, what Punishment will he inflict upon thefe incorrigible Jews?

41. The

41. The Chief Priefts and Elders, not yet understanding that this was the true intent of the Question, anfwered; He will deftroy without Mercy thofe wicked Husbandment, and let out his Vineyard to others, who will ferve him more faithfully. By which Anfwer they unawares gave Jndgment against themselves with their own Mouths; that it was just for God to destroy the Jews, and reveal his Will to another People, who would obey it more fincerely.


42. Jefus replied; Ye have judged rightly; Even thus will God deal with you. And when the Chief of the Jews, perceiving now whereunto the Parable tended, would have recall'd + Luke xx. their words, and faid, t God forbid; Jefus added and faid, Nay, thus it muft certainly be; For doth not the Scripture fay, (Pfal. cxviii, 22.) The Stone which the builders refufed, is become the head ftone of the Corner? That is; Chrift, the Meffiah, whom the Jews rejected, fhall receive and unite the Gentiles to his Church, as a principal Corner-ftone unites and links the two fides of a Building together.

43. Affuredly therefore it fhall come to pafs, that you Jews fhall be no longer the peculiar People of God; but he will entrust the Gentiles with the Revelation of his Will, and make fuch other Nations partakers of his Covenant

41 They fay unto him, He will miferably destroy those will let out his vinewicked men, and yard unto other hufbandmen, which fhall render him the fruits in their seasons,

42 Jefus faith unto them, Did ye never read in the fcriptures, The ftone which the builders

rejected, the fame is become the head of the corner: this is the Lords doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?

43 Therefore fay I unto you, the kingdom of God fhall be taken from you, and given to a nation

*That Chrift's being the Chief Corner-fione, fignifies not only his being Head of the Church, to which Senfe it seems to be applied, Acts iv, 11. but that it alfo fignifies his Uniting the Gentiles to the Church; is evident from Eph. ii. zo. compared with the foregoing and following Verfes. And That Sense feems to fit much better in this place.


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and Promises, as will make a better use of them than you have done; bringing forth the Fruits of Holinefs, Righteoufnefs, and Peace.

44. And this great and general Re velation of the Will of God by the Meffiah, being the laft Difcovery that he will ever make to Mankind; whoever fhall ftumble and be offended at any part of it, or behave himself in any wife unworthily of it, fhall be feverely punished: But he that fhall utterly and finally reject it, or behave himself so as to deferve the utmost effect of the Wrath which it reveals and brings along with it, fhall be miferably and utterly deftroyed. 45.

All thefe Sayings, the Chief Priefts and Pharifees at length perceived plainly to be directed against them.

46. And falling into a great rage, they were even ready to apprehend efus; but they were afraid the People would refcue him, who all look'd upon him to be a great Prophet, fent from God; and therefore for that time they forbore.




The Parable of the Marriage of the King's Son, ver. 1. The Calling of the Gentiles, ver. 9. The Punishment of wicked Chriftians, ver. 12. Of paying Tribute to Cæfar, ver. 15. The Sadducees confuted, and the Refurrection proved, ver. 23. Which is the greatest Commandment, ver. 34. The Pharifees filenced with a Question about Christ's being David's Son, ver. 41.

PON another occafion Jefus
fpake again in Parables, repre-
fenting the State of the Gofpel by way
of Comparison or Similitude, faying:
2. A certain King made a great Feaft
at the Marriage of his Son: Thus God
at the fending his Son into the World,
revealed the gracious Terms of the Gof-
pel, and invited Men to embrace the
advantagious Conditions of that New

3. And when the Feast was ready, the King fent his Servants, to call those that had been invited; but they refused to come: Thus Chrift, during his Continuance here upon Earth, fent forth his Apoftles to preach the Gofpel to the Jews, who were the peculiar People of God, and who had before been admonished of the Coming of the Meffiah, by the Prophets, by John the Baptift, and by Jefus himself: But they rejected this gracious Offer of the Gofpel.

4. Again, he fent other Servants, faying; Tell thofe that are invited, that my Feaft is now ready, and that all things are prepared, and bid them haften hither: Thus Chrift, after his

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