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CHAP. XXIV. Chrif foretells the Destruction of Jerusalem, and the End of the Vorld; and warns all Men to watch.

CHAP. XXV. The Parable of the wife and foolish Virgins, ver. 1. The Pa

rable of the Talents, ver. 14. A Description of the Last Judgment, ver. 31.

CHA P. XXVI. The Jews Conspiracy againf Christ, ver. 1. Christ's Feet

anointed, ver. 6. Judas bribed to betray Chrift, ver. 14. Christ's Passover-Supper, ver. 17. The Institution of the Lord's-Supper, ver. 26. Christ foretells his Disciples flight, and Peter's denial, ver. 31. Christ's Prayer and Pasion, ver. 36. Chrift betrayed by Judas, and apprehended, ver. 47. Christ's Trial: before Caiaphas, ver. 57. Peter's denial, ver. 69.

CHAP. XXVII. Christ carried before Pilate, ver. 1. Judas's Death, ver. 3.

Chriff's Tryal before Pilate, ver. 11. Pilate endeavours to release him, but cannot, ver. 15. Christ mocked by the Soldiers, and crucified, ver. 27. The three hours Darkness, ver. 45. Christ's Death, and the following Signs, ver. 50.

His Burial, ver. 57. His Sepulchre watched, ver. 62.

CHA P. XXVIII, Christ's Resurrection, ver. 1. His Appearance to Mary Mag

dalene, ver. 8. The Report of his Body being stolen, ver. II. Christ's Appearance and last Instructions to his Dif ciples, ver. 16.





Gospel of St. Matthew.

CH A P. I. Christ's Genealogy, ver. 1. The History of Christ's Concep

tion and Birth, ver. 18.

I. THE Descent of Jesus Chrift by ' THE Book of

Birth, was according to the Prophesies that went before concerning

of Jesus Christ, the him,) from Abraham, to whom God fon of David, the

son of Abraham. had exprefly promised, that in his Seed mould all the Nations of the Earth be blefed ; and from David, of whose Family the Meffiah was by the whole Jewish Nation without Controversy expected to arise.

2. And his Genealogy from Abraham, down to his reputed Father Jo

seph, is this.

1. Abraham. 2. Isaac. 3. Jacob. 4. Judas,

2 Abraham begat Isaac, and Isaac begat Jacob, and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren.

5. Phares. 6. Efrom. 7. Aram.

8. Aminadab. 9. Naasson. 10. Salmon.

3 And Judas begat Phares and Zara of Thamar, and Phares begat Efrom, and Efrom begat Aram.

4 And Aram begat Aminadab, and Aminadab begat Naaffon, and Naafson begat Salmon. 5

And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab, and Booz begat O. bed of Ruth, and Obed begat Jesse.

6 And Jeffe begat David the king, and David the king begat Solomon of her that had been the wife of Urias.

7 And Solomon begat Roboam, and Roboam begat Abia, and Abia begat Afa.

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8 And Afa begat Josaphat, and Josaphat begat Joram, and Joram begat Ozias.

9 And Ozias be. gat Joatham, and Joatham begat Achaz, and Achaz begat Ezekias.

10 And Ezekias begat Manasses, and Manasses begat Amon, and Amon begat Josias.

9. Achaz. 10. Ezekias.

II. Manasses. 12. Aman. 13. Jolas.

14. Techonias

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9. Eliud.

14. Jechonias, or Jehoiakim ; 11 And Josias be-
about the time of the Capti- gat Jechonias and his

brethren, about the
time they were care
ried away to Baby-

12 And after they
1. Jechonias, or Jehoiachin,

were brought to Ba

bylon, Jechonias be2 Kings, xxiv, 6.

gat Salathiel, and Sa. 2. Salathiel.

lathiel begat Zoro-
3. Zorobabel.


And Zoroba-
4. Abiud.

bel begat Abiud, and 5. Eliakim.

Abiud begat Elia-
6. Azor.

kim, and Eliakim be-
gat Azor.

.14 And Azor be-
7. Sadoc.

gat Sadoc, and Sadoc
8. Achim.

begat Achim, and A-
chim begat Eliud.

15 And Eliud be-
10. Eleazar.

gat Eleazar, and EleII. Matthan..

azar begat Matthan,
12. Jacob.

and Matthan begat

16 And Jacob be-
13. Joseph,

gat Joseph the hut-
14. Jesus.

band of Mary, of
whom was born Je-
sus who was called

17. Thus from Abraham to David, 17 So all the ge-
are reckoned fourteen Generations;

nerations from Abralikewise from David to the Babylonish ham to David, are

fourteen generations: Captivity, fourteen Generations; and

and from David unfrom thence again to Chrift, fourteen til the carrying away Generations.

into Babylon, are
fourteen generations:
and from the carry-
ing away into Baby-
lon unto Christ, are

fourteen generations. 18. Now the Birth of Christ was 18 f Now the not after the manner of the rest of birth of Jesus Christ Mankind, in the ordinary and natural

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peared unto him in Yoseph do

on this wise : way. But when his Mother Mary was When as his mother contracted to Joseph, before they came Mary was espoused to together, she was found to be with Jofeph, before they Child by the extraordinary and miracucame together, the was found with child lous Operation of the Holy Ghoft. of the Holy Ghoft. 19. Joseph perceiving her to be with

19 Then Jofeph Child without his Knowledge, was her husband, being much troubled and disturbed at it, bea juft man, and not ing yet wholly ignorant of the Divine willing to make her Mystery. Nevertheless, being a good a publick example, and compassionate Man, he was • So the was minded to put unwilling to expose her to publick word 275 her away privily,

Shame, but resolved to put her away in the old privately.

Teftament 20 But while he

20. But while he was musing in his fignifies, thought on thefe Mind upon these Things, an Angel ap- thenced things

, behold, the peared to him in a Dream, and said was in angel of the Lord not entertain any evil

, a dream, saying, Jo- Thoughts concerning Mary your Wife; and in this feph, thou son of for she is not only innocent of what you New Text. David, fear not to wrongfully suspect her, but is also chosen take unto thee Mary of God to be the Instrument of a great thy wife: for that and miraculous Work. For the Child which is conceived that is now conceived in her, is by the in her, is of the holy wonderful and immediate Power of the Ghost. bring forth a son, and

21. And she shall be delivered of a thouthalt call his Son : and his Name shall be called Yesus, name Jesus : for he that is, The Saviour: For he shall be shall save his people that long-expected Messiah, who by from their fins.

giving himself a Sacrifice for all past 22 (Now all this Sins, and by publishing for the future was done that it

the gracious Terms of Faith and Remight be fulfilled whịch was spoken pentance, shall deliver his People from of the Lord by the the dominion and punishment of Sin, prophet, saying, and bring them to everlasting Life.

23 Behold, a vir- 22. And hereby shall be most emi. gin shall be with nently fulfilled that remarkable Prophechild, and shall bring cy of Isaiah, (Isa. vii. 14.) forth a fon, and they shall call his name

23. Behold, a Virgin jhall conceive Emmanuel, (which and bring forth a Son, and he fhall be being interpreted, is, called In:manuel, that is, God with us. God with us)

21 And the shall Holy Ghost.

24. When

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