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&!!. As you are now fixed, I believe your mon activity camet accomPati alvtling weithwhile, whereas if you weren & Band simewhere and I believe 1. You can git there now you could do something

Triating that you will make every possible efort to get a job somewhere, ***?ring you that there is hardly a doubt that the llogner bill will stand any better than the X. R. A. and the Ellenbegen bill is a long ways from piased and it has some very questionable features, and lihening when it is ponerat if ever VO)" will hardly knot it and certainly at present ro ene on earth can tell what it will do proept this, it cannot by anr stretch of the imagination be made to apply to your cave and stand the constitutional test and that's where your case would have to go before this mill would pay a dime

Trusting that you will give this matter its deserved consideration and the first day that you can get out, get out and try and find some place to go and close that possible wrecking of your case. Yours truly,

J. L. HAMME. P. 8.- The company has changed charters since the national strike, or some way as Glenn got in on this mill.

The list gives the State, the town, the name of the firm, and the amount of authorized loan. Brewton, Ala., Brenton Silk Mills Corporation...

$35, 000 Morrilton, Ark., Morrilton Cotton Mills Co-

23, 000 Middletown, Conn., The Frissell Fabric Co...

13,000 Westhaven, Conn., The American Mills Co...

00, 000 Wilmington, Del., Wilmington Hosiery Mills, Inc.

3,000 Acworth, Ga., Elizabeth Bartlett Mills.

20 000 Atlanta, Ga., Southern Mills, Inc.

30, 000 Barnesville, Ga., Rgal Textile Co., Inc

3.), 000 Columbus, Ga., Georgia Webolig & Tape (

23, 300 Eastman, Ga., Eastman Cotton Mills

110,000 Forsyth, Ga., Ensign Cotton Mills

7), 000 Fort Valley, Ga., Glenmore Green

10, 200 Lavonia, Ga., Lavonia Manufacturing ('o

30,000 Aurora, III., Aurora Cotton Mills

2,30, 000 Rockford, II., Burson knitting Co

223, 000 Des Moines, Iowa, Sheuerman Bros, Inc..

2199, 000

Paducah, Ky., Paducah Hosiery Mills.

$50,000 Baltimore, Md., James S. Gary & Son, Inc.

150,000 Hagerstown, Md., J. C. Roulette & Sons., Inc.

80,000 Blackinton, Mass., Blackinton Co...

200,000 Holyoke, Mass., Holyoke Silk Hosiery Co.

30. 000 Holyoke, Mass., Holyoke Worsted Mills, Inc.

20,000 Holyoke, Mass., The D. Mackintosh & Sons Co.

85, 000 Leominster, Mass., Leominster Mills, Inc.

.30, 000 Lowell, Mass., Lowell Hosiery Mills, Inc.

8, 500 North Oxford, Mass., Thayer Woolen Co.

50, 000 Rochdale, Mass., Carleton Woolen Mills, Inc.

40,000 Uxbridge, Mass., Waucantuck Mills.

150,000 St. Paul, Minn., Harry Kuller, trading as Minnesota Knitting Mills- 15 000 Clifton, N. J., Henry Doherty Silk Co.

430, 002) Passaic, N. J., Botany Worsted Mills.

800,000 Paterson, N. J., Arcola Silk Co.

30, 000 West New York, N. J., Meadox Weaving Co., Inc.

10. 000 Brooklyn, N. Y., Herman Knitting Mills (a copartnership)

4. 000 Jamestown, N. Y., Empire Worsted Mills, Inc.

100,000 New York City, N. Y., Edwin & Louis Bry, Inc.

100, 000 New York City, N. Y., C. K. Eagle & Co., Inc. (Pennsylvania corporation)

500.000 New York City, N. Y., Fulton Silk Mills, Inc.

100, 000 New York City, N. Y., H. R. Mallinson & Co., Inc.

45, 000 New York City, N. Y., Nalven & Son, Inc.

13,000 New York City, N. Y., Rockledge Mills, Inc.

7. 500 New York City, N. Y., Wilson Textiles (a copartnership)

6. 00 New York City, N. Y., Zollinger & Schroth, Inc.

1:50. (0) Waterford, N. Y., Ford Manufacturing Co.

10. 000 Waterloo, N. Y., Waterloo Mills, Inc.

250, 000 Whitehall, N. Y., The Champlain Spinners, Inc.

73, 000 Albermarle, N. C., Lillian Knitting Mills, Co.-

50, 000 Fayetteville, N. C., Faytex Mills, Inc..

73, 000 Greensboro, N. C., Southern Silk Mills, Inc.

75, 000 Higl: Point, N. C., Huntley-Jackson Co..

50, 000 High Point, N. C., Pickett Cotton Mills, Inc.

150, 000) High Point, N. C., Terry Hosiery Mills, Inc.

5, 000 Lincolnton, N. C., Carter Mills Co., Inc.

70. 000 Marion, N. C., Marion Knitting Mills, Inc.

20, 000 Mooresville, N. C., Mooresville Cotton Mills.

800,000 Shelby, N. C., Byrum Hosiery Mills, Inc.

20. 000 Taylorsville, N. C., Liledoun Mills, Inc.

20, 000 Tryon, N. C., Southern Mercerizing Co.

45, 000 Cincinnati, Ohio, the Union Thread Co.

25. 000 Cleveland, Ohio, the Colonial Woolen Mills, Co.

125, 000 Nazareth, Pa., Kraemer Hosiery Co...

175, 000 Pittsburgh, Pa., the P. McGraw Wool Co.

400.000 West Philadelphia, Pa., Whiteley & Collier, Inc.

10, 000 Willow Grove, Pa., Society Maid Hosiery Mills, Inc.

35, 000 Pawtucket, R. I., Hemphill Co..

200.000 Woonsocket, R. I., Arthur I. Darman, Inc.

250, 000 Woonsocket, R. I., Avec Knitting Mills, Inc.

6, 000 Woonsocket, R. I., River Mills, Inc.

60, 000 Woonsocket, R. I., Sydney Worsted Co.

85, 000 Orangeburg, S. C., Santee Mills.

150, 000 Spartanburg, S. C., Chesnee Mills.

275, 000 Westminster, S. C., Oconee Testiles, Inc.

35,000 Elizabethton, Tenn., Tennessee Line & Twine Co

25. 000 Englewood, Tenn., Eureka Cotton Mills, Inc.

45, 000 Nashville, Tenn., Seling Hosiery Mills, Inc.

250, 000 Bristol, Va., Bristol Knitting Mills, Inc.

110, 000 Charlottesville, Va., Albemarle Weaving Co., Inc.

50, 000 Total loans.

8, 930, 700 Purchase of participations and agçeements to purchase brings the grand total of loans authorized to $10,781,550.

PARTICIPATIONS Puress of participation and agreements to purchase participation fellow, The iisi, ci sibed according to the State in which the burnwer is located, includes the town of the borrower, the name of the borrower, the nanue and location of the participating bank or trist company, and the amount of the Reconstruction Firarc Cirporation participation. Agista, Ga., Globe Cotton Mills, Georgia Railway Bank of Trust Co.-

SAS 730 Ceriartown, Ga., Standard Cotton Mills, the Liberty National Bank of Cartown.

69. 600 Daras, Ga., Dallas Hosiery Mills, the First National Bank of Dallas.

$ 000 Roine, Ga., Primros2 Tapestry Co. of Georgia, First National Bank of Rome..

30, 000 Tennille, Ga., Washington Manufacturing Co., the Geo. D. Warthen National Bank of Sandersville.

31, 500 Alpha, X. J., Vulcan Silk Co., First National Bank & Trust Co. of Easton, Pa..

15, 000 Bownton, S. J., Boonton Full Fashion Hosiery Mills, Boonton Trust Co...

5, 000 Paterson, S. J., Berkley Silk Hosiery Co., Inc., the Citizens Trust Co. 20, 000 New York, N. Y., Concord Chenille Co., Inc., the Manufacturers Trust Co.

10, 000 New York, X. Y., Foster & Stewart Co., Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

50, 000 Charlotte, X. C., Hudson Silk Hosiery Co., American Trust Co.

320, 000 Kinston, V. C., Saswell Mills, Ine., First Citizens Bank & Trust Co., Sunithfield.

65, 000 Statesville, V. C., Crescent Knitting Co., Merchants & Farmers Bank. 14,000 knoxville, Tenn., Cherokee Spinning Co., the Hamilton National Bank of Knoxville.

400, 000 Springfield, Tenn., the Springfield Woolen Mills Co., Inc., Springfield

Bank Branch, Springfield, Tenn., a branch of the Nashville Trust
Co., Nashville...

80, 000

1, 226, 850


Total purchases of participations

Thomaston, Ga., Griffin Mills, the Citizens & Southern National

Bank, Atlanta.
Lawrence, Jass., E. Frank Lewis Co., the Andover National Bank,

Thomasville, N. C., Maurice Mills Co., the First National Bank
Thomasville, V, C., Ragan Knitting Co., the First National Bank
Knoxville, Tenn., Holston Manufacturing Co., Park National Bank,
Parsons, W. Va., Dorman Mills, the Tucker County Bank of Par-

Total agreements to purchase participations.
Grand total..

32, 000 45, 000 55, 000 175, 000


37, 000

624, 000 10, 781, 550


(Source: Scheuer & Co., tertile brokers and consultants, New York City] I. Print cloth, 80/80, 39 inches 1.00: 1932, January to July, period 1933, increase in price per yard. 1932, July to December, period 1933, increase in price per vard. January to June, July to December, period 1933, increase in price per

vard 1932–33, increase in price per yard. 1933-34, increase in price per yard 1934–35, decrease in price per yard. 1932-35, increase in price per yard.


32 88

41 60 17 5



II. Sheeting, 48/48, 37 inches, 4.00: 1932, January to June 1933, increase in price per yard. 1932, July to December 1933, increase price per yard. 1932–33, increase in price per yard. 1933–34, increase in price per yard. 1934–35, decrease in price per yard. 1932-35, increase in price per yard.


38 94 66 13

2 96


(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. S. Department of Labor. Turn to p. 98, Chart XI, Cabinet Com

mittee Report for Price Indexes of Various Textiles and All Textiles) March to August 1933, Munroe's wage period:

Percent 80/80, 39 inches, 4.00, increase.

102 68/72, 39 inches, 4.75, increase.

475 64/60, 38% inches, 53.5, increase

115 Sheet, 48/48, 37 inches, 4.00, increase.




Lincolnton, N. C., February 5, 1936. FRANCIS J. GORMAN,

Washington, D. C. DEAR SIR AND BROTHER: The Lincoln Thread Spinners have started again their eviction policr as C. E. Baxter and mysolf have begum trying to organize the workers here. You will find encl sed a copy of the paper which has already been served. This mill village's houses are in very bad condition, as the other mills' villages connected with t'e office of W. W. Glenn. To my opinion, and some little news I have overheard, they are tr ing to get a loan through from the Government. This company is very crue to its workers. As you know, there is only one charter in this county. It is now in the house in which I live, in one of the mill villages. Of course, the aforesaid company has found it out. They are moving me out Saturday morning. In reading the letter enclosed you may see the situation I am now in. Fraternally yours,

Tom L. LAY, Secretary.



Thread Spinners, Inc., plaintiff v. Tom Lay, defendant The plaintiff maketh oath that the defendant entered into the possession of s piece of land in said county, adjoining the lands of being a house located in the village of Thread Spinners Inc., containing acres, as a lessee of the plaintiff

.-; that the term of the defendant expired on the 18th day of November, 1935; that the plaintiff has demanded the possession of the defend. ant, who refuses to surrender it, but holds over; that the estate of the plaintiff is still subsisting, and the plaintiff asks to be put in possession of the premises. The plaintiff claims

dollars for rent of the premises from the --day of

193 to the.-- day of. 193.-; and also...

dollars for occupation of the premises since the day of

193.- to the date hereof, and for the cost of this action.

R. N. AYCOCK, V. P., Plaintiff Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 16th day of January, 1936.


Justice of the Peace.



LINCOLN COUNTY--JUSTICE's Court. Thread Spinners, I nc., plaintiff v. Tom Lay, defendant R. V. Aveock, vice president, having made and subscribed before me the oath, a copy of which is above set forth, you are required to appear before me, a justice of the peae- of said county, on the 22d day of January, 1936, at 10:30 a. m., then and toer to answer the complaint; otherwise judgment will be given that you be removed from the possession of the premises.

Witness my hand and seal, this 16th day of January, 1936.


Justice of the Peace. T Tom Lay, defendant.

COUNTY-Jrstice's COURT. .-plaintiff, v.

defendant THE STATE OF North CAROLINA,

To any Lawful Officer of said County-Greeting: You are hereby commanded to remove.

from, and to put in the possession of a certain piece of land, adjoining the lands of

.containing You shall also make out of the goods and chattels, lands and tenements of said defendant, -dollars, with interest from the

day of 193 to the day of payment, which the plaintiff lately recovered of the defendant as rent and damages; and the further sum of

-dollars as costs in said action. Return this writ, together with a statement of your proceedings thereon, before me at

within -days. Witness my hand and seal, this

day of..

193... (SEAL

Justice of the Peace. (Endorsement) PROCEEDINGS TO RECOVER PossessION OF LAND Thread Spinners, Inc., v. Tom Lay, before J. Robt. McNeely, Justice of the Peace,

Lincoln County

OFFICER'S RETURN On this day I served the within summons on the defendant, Tom Lay, by delivering a copy thereof, with a copy of the oath of the plaintiff, to said defendant, Tom Lay, this -day of



LANCASTER, S. C. DEAR MR. GORMAX: I am writing to inform you about the condition of this mill since the X. R. A. has been killed. They are working the help 10, 11, and 12 hours without any dinner hour, and with not much more pay than we were getting for 8 hours.

We are not organized here but, I think most of the people would be if they would come in and try to organize it. They have stretched the work out so until the people can hardly do it like they are required to.

We are looking forward ior Congress to do something and hope that this place is organized soon. Yours truly,

Employed by Springs Cotton Vill.


York, Pa., January 31, 1936. FRANCIS J. GORMAN Vice Presirene e'nited Textile Workers,

Washington, D. ('. DEAR SIR AND BROTHER: I am herewith giving you the contents of a ***paper clipping went to a friend of mine who was employed before the strike that is now on at the Hanover Broad Silk ('0., Hanover, P'a. This companked

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