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Page 89, for “Savoralona" read “Savonarola.”

90, for “succession of the ageread successions of the race." 112, for “Salmatius" read Salmasias.” 228, for “otherwise than in kineread otherwise than in kind.” 620, in note, for “skilful a debate” read debater.” 637, for “however ancient” read however eminent."

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I. History of the Colonization of the United Staes. Ву

George Bancroft.


II. The Ideal of a Christian Church considered in comparison

with Existing Practice; containing a Defence of Certain

Articles in the British Critic, in Reply to Remarks on

them, in Mr. Palmer's · Narrative.' By the Rev. W. G.

Ward, M.A.


III. Essays on Christian Union.


IV. 1. Debates on the Bill for Regulating Factory Labour,

Session of 1844. Hansard's Parliamentary Debates.

2. Factories and the Factory System. By W. Cooke

Taylor, LL.D. 1844.

3. The Factory Question, considered in relation to its

effects on the health and morals of those employed in

Factories. And the Ten Hours' Bill,' in relation to its

effects upon the Manufactures of England, and those

of Foreign Countries. By R. Hyde Greg, Esq. 1837.

4. Inventions and Hours of Labour. A Letter to Master

Cotton Spinners, Manufacturers, and Mill Owners in

General. By William Kenworthy. 1842.

5. On the Employment of Children, in Factories and other

Works in the United Kingdom, and in some Fo-

reign Countries. By Leonard Horner, F.R.S., In-

spector of Factories. 1840.

6. Reports of the Inspectors of Factories to her Majesty's

Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department.

1834 to 1844.

7. Facts and Observations relative to the Influence of

Manufactures upon Health and Life. By Daniel

Noble, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in

London, &c. 1843.

8. A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir James Graham, Bart.

M.P., on the bearing of the proposed Amended

Factory Bill on Education, in the Manufacturing

Districts. By a Magistrate of Lancashire. 1844.


9. Factories Inquiry. Supplementary Report from Com-

missioners. 1834.


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