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Ken S. Mitchell DDSFP

Minister of the United Secession Church? Wellington Breet, Glasgow.









THE summing up of the labours of the Editor of a periodical publication, by a few prefatory remarks, is a custom almost universally adopted, and is one, moreover, neither without its uses nor advantages. It affords him an excellent opportunity for having a little familiar converse with his readers, to talk over his past experience, and to tell them what he has prepared for them in future. We gladly avail ourselves of the termination of our Second Volume to address our numerous friends through this favourite medium.

The very flattering reception which they have been pleased to bestow on our endeavours to collect a body of doctrinal and practical theology, calls forth from us our most sincere gratitude. At no period since we commenced the SCOTTISH PULPIT, has our success been so great, our pros•perity so auspicious, or the perpetuity of our work rendered more secure. For this we certainly ought to be, and are, grateful to the religious public of every denomination, who have been so kind as to bestow upon us their patronage. For ourselves we can conscientiously say, we have been unremitting in our exertions to deserve what we have obtained, and shall continue to spare neither labour nor expense to retain it. We may mention here that we have made the most extensive arrangements for giving variety to our work, and expect very shortly to commence simultaneously with the sermons of the most eminent divines in the north and south of Scotland. The difficulty of keeping up the spirit and interest

of a periodical like this, in which, of necessity, there must, to a certain extent, be a sameness throughout, will be greatly relieved by this. We have hitherto succeeded in this respect much better than we could reasonably have expected, and we are happy to have it in our power to promise a still greater variety than we have hitherto given.

To the numerous clergymen who have aided us in our labours we feel under very deep obligation; for, without their support we must admit that our work would have wanted much of the freshness and vigour which have characterized it. We shall still be happy to be favoured with their countenance, and will at all times be ready to insert in the SCOTTISH PULPIT any sermon sent us from whatever denomination or sect it may come, provided the author be a Christian, and agree with us in having Jesus Christ for his Lord and Master, making it the chief object of his existence to forward the cause of His Church and people.

One great object the projectors of this work had in view was to supply a periodical suitable for Sunday Reading, for, while every other class of readers was supplied with a Weekly Magazine exclusively its own; it was matter of regret, that no one had stepped into the field to furnish the christian and devotional reader with one that might be called exclusively his. This they have all along kept steadily in view, and it has been their constant aim to publish none but sermons of superior excellence, and, particularly, none that were not strictly orthodox, pious, and devout.

Exhibiting, as our work does, the great truths of Christianity in a scriptural light, it can scarcely fail, by the blessing of an all-wise Providence, to afford instruction and edification to the devout reader. This is our aim and our wish. The numerous eloquent discourses it contains, which "reprove, rebuke, and exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine," will, we fondly anticipate, be productive of this grand object, and, by a rich supply of spiritual food, be instrumental in saving many souls from perishing.

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