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Spiritual Magazine.

JANUARY, 1868.


So sings our noble Tennyson, apostrophising the midnight bells that toll out the dying, ring in the advent of the new-born, Year. As we listen to their wild music, borne to the wild sky, they recall the history of the wild, stormy, changeful Old Year dying in the night, whose life is even now fast ebbing as we write these lines; and as we again listen with attent ear our spirits drink in the rejoicing music which speaks of hope and promise with the Coming Year. For this Old Year has been specially busy, beyond its predecessors, in ringing out the changes of Time and Destiny. In Political Government we have seen it

Ring out the old, ring in the new; Sounding the note of passage from the Past, to what we trust will prove the better Future;-a Future in which the young shall be educated, and the aged cared for; in which the poor shall not need to beg for bread, nor the erring to lead a hopeless life of shame, nor the criminal to be swung from the gallows; -a Future that shall

Ring in the nobler modes of life,

With sweeter manners, purer laws, and a higher Christian civilization.

This Old Year, too, has been ringing the Church bells :they have indeed pealed but little with the sweet music for which they were cast—the gentle notes of " Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men;" on the contrary, they have been harsh and jangled and out of tune; telling of sectarian bitterness and party strife; sounding the alarm of danger—but in reality of



danger only to withered trees of barren formula, bearing neither fruit nor leaves, cumbering the ground, and to vested interests in the perpetuation of mental slavery and conventional pretence. The Church bells have rung out their summons to Bishops to assemble from all the ends of the earth, as if to shew by an example of utter impotence how effete are Ecclesiastical Synods, how incompetent to deal with, or even to apprehend, the life and thought and movement of the age.

And what mean those notes the midnight bells ring outwhich sound faint and feeble indeed, but gathering in volume and in power as they say—“ Free Christian Union ;” “ New Catholic Church?” Ah! is not that what we need Union more free and Christian ;-Churches more Catholic? The attempts at their realization may at present be abortive, but however crude in themselves, they indicate the growing conviction that the wine of the New Age needs other keeping than the old bottles of Ecclesiasticism. Christendom however, while it sadly needs deliverance from the bondage and spiritual deadness of systems and sects; wants no New Christless ChurchChurch only in name—in pursuit of a futile Catholicity emptying. itself of alí distinctive truth,-a new sect with a genesis of yesterday; but while holding to its rich inheritance of Christian thought and pious memories, and claiming freedom from all shackles that would fetter the conscience or the intellect, it needs a new outpouring of the Divine Spirit; the Christ-spirit

-Christ within, ruling the heart, outworking in the life, regnant in all the institutions of Society. It needs in fuller measure the new and higher—the divinely spiritual life, -the life of Love and Reverence and Trust; for there can be no outgrowth where there is no life, and the character of the outward growth will be in close correspondence to the character of the inward life. If the Christspirit—the spirit of self-sacrifice and disinterested love is born in us it must as surely outwork itself in forms and institutions, in individual and social action, as the tree developes leaves and fruit corresponding to the seed from which it springs. Dig and water the soil as you may unless the seed is first planted you will gather no fruit; you may as well grind the air.

But how can we look for even the beginning of a higher spiritual life, while men, as far as it is possible to them, close up the channels through which the Divine life flows into the soul; living a merely external life, denying all present inspiration and communion, and even affirming it to be impossible ;-shutting out God and the Spirit-world from view—denying their existence, or acknowledging them only with lip-confession which springs not from the heart? We confess that observation and experience do not warrant us to hope much from merely verbal argument

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